NameNETFLIX Dragon Up
Size124.16 Mb
ReleaseNetflix, Inc.

A colorful animated adventure arcade game with puzzle elements. NETFLIX Dragon Up is a bright, lively adventure arcade game with puzzle elements for Android mobile devices. In this arcade game, you will meet many dragons who need your help. The fact is that one evil wizard wants to drive the dragons out of the kingdom. And he almost succeeded, but there was one more egg left, from which the dragon did not have time to hatch and about which the wizard does not know. With the dragon Billy, you will go on a dangerous adventure through the game universe, during which you will hatch the eggs of other dragons, collect an army of minions, fight various monsters, complete tasks, complete levels and enjoy exciting gameplay.


Fun idle game, could be more fun, but very buggy. The timers for the 2x bonus and free boxes are not accurate, but sometimes they are. I can't get any more bonuses in the current event on one of my dragons, the heart is full, numbers just climb. It started out fun, but the bugs are starting to be more and more annoying.. Lovely little game, but the events regularly stop producing any coins. I'm stuck on the current event because none of my nests are giving me anything anymore.. Very annoying when game freezes for events, and you don't gain anymore coins thus freezing your progress.. Fun, problem is in events if you upgrade nests and dragons sometimes it'll freeze so you don't earn coins. I currently upgraded a nest but am earning no currency, which socks because now I can't climb the leaderboard after spending diamonds to get the upgrades. :/. F2P game design with no way to buy currency. Please add a cheat or something. Waiting around forever sucks.. Fun tap and time/harvest game with cute art. It does have an incomplete story and a long standing "more days soon!" banner. May not be actively supported anymore or something- maybe just half developed? Still has updated minigames.. Very disappointed. The game always freeze!! Keep trying to delete data, uninstall and reinstall, or use another device to play. Still freeze and frustrate me.. Game has many glitches. Some of the game mechanics stop working after a while, like the earning cycles. They stop generating coins. Especially for events.. Cute game, but it has happened a few times where you are not making money. Usually if you close the app and open it will fix the issue. Today I got a new issue where 2 of the nest were generating coin but the other 3 nothing. Just annoying.. This game is glitchy constantly and I've been stuck on "? day" for a while with no progression in site.. Demanding time-waster tapper. Dopamine fuel for some? Cute, but confuses images and text sometimes (coding bug). Designed to offer just less than what you need in-game. The game is like a casino; it always beats the player. In the same way, it is addictive!.


Fun little clicker game, but the bug that stops you generating coins, especially in events, is infuriating. I reported it to Netflix and was told it was a known issue that they're working on, judging by some of the reviews here, it certainly doesn't look like it a major priority for them. They did give me a small bonus in compensation for the glitch, but when it keeps happening over and over it means little in the long run. If the bug wasn't happening, then I'd up the star rating.. Love this game. No ads or in app purchases meaning everyone is on the same playing field. I have an issue where (in a dream event) Huggles cards are stuck at 0 or -1. I cannot earn more no matter how many trades or cards I earn. If there is a fix for this I would love to hear it. Otherwise it's a fun time waster!. The game was good at the start, but now, for EVERY event, the game glitches multiple times and does not count the currency earned. Therefore, it's a waste of time and energy saving up or playing in events.. Mindless tapping to progress. Standard type mobile game, no issues this far. Just a small economy game. I love how Netflix dosen't have the micro transactions you can just enjoy the collecting dragons.. It's so glitchy. Everything just stops working and you're unable to earn money. It happens on a daily basis, it starts to work again for a few hours then stops for another day or so. Not worth the time.. Doesn't often glitch, but when I bought a pack for 500 gems it took my gems but didn't give me the pack, am a little upset, but otherwise great. The dragons remind me of my little dogs.. IAP game with IAP removed. No way you earn much premium currency so it gets very slow. Still has the bug of if you close the app your resetting the booster clock doesn't stay reset. Missed the tutorial as I was zooming through it to turn off the sound. So now I don't know what's going on. There needs to be a way to turn off the sound immediately as soon as you first start the game..


The game is entirely geared towards frustrating you into buying gems. Since it is free, you keep your money and your frustration.. It's a decent little time wasting idle game, and the upgrade currency is pretty generous so you never really feel blocked out from progressing. My big issue is there are only 25 levels in the main game, and it starts off with a decent little plot that ends up going no where. I feel like I've hit the end of the gameplay with "more coming soon!" messages, but I don't really feel like waiting around. But I was having fun until I beat it, so that's something good.. Fun, but incomplete. I hit the end of what was available to play months ago, so now there's no progression and it just feels pointless.. Very cool game but not properly playable due to bugs. Every second day this game stops working making any advancements in the rankings obsolete. Its just too frustrating.. Cute idle game. Wish there was more info regarding the "points" for leveling up the islands are using the coins the dragons harvest. Also no way to save the game if you change phones/devices, nor if you cancel your Netflix account.. Almost a great casual past time but very buggy. Dragons not earning gold during timed events.. Decent idle game. Even though it's all free it really starts to show that it wasn't initially planned to be in the late game with it taking many days to do upgrades due to the trickle feed of premium currency (Especially potions). Also very annoying bug with using the 2x coins button in that it just doesn't work half the time Good but could be better. Just stopped working, the dragons timer that releases the coins stopped spinning and now none of my dragons are generating coins. The game is pointless now. Customer service responded and then left me on read with no solution. Sucks. Don't bother.. Is there going to be an update? Mine has said more dragons coming for over a week now. Other than the events, this game has become repetitive.. Classic idle type game. 0n some of the levels when when you upgrade it doesn't increase stats; especially frustrating during a competition. I took screenshots too. No real plot to speak of, but I'm not particularly worried about that. Occasionally the boost will stop working after you close out of the game..


Literally can't even open the game now. I redownloaded the game a week or so ago, it let me play for a couple days, now it repeatedly tells me I can't connect to the magic. I tried to uninstall and reinstall it and it worked until i shut the app and tried to reopen it. Fix it because it's worse now than it was before Netflix owned it. If I could give it less than 1 star I would. And don't bother contacting support. They just direct you to the faq page on Netflix's website. Absolutely useless.. Its fun, but still has a lot of bugs. Mostly for the events but sometimes the event bugs roll over to the main game (which im progressed as far as i can at the moment so that doesnt bother me too much) but the game stops producing currency, plays sound when i have my sounds all turned off, and now this weeks event is just broke, cant get the chests or automate or progress in the event at all. I need gems. Netflix give me gems. Be Oprah give us ALL gems. I like the dragons, make a little dude pop up and give random amounts of gems 50-500 with really good odds or make us watch previews of Netflix series... granted, I know we already subscribe, but come on... we need gems and potions. We're drowning out here.. Meh? It's buggy. It's free with Netflix. It requires almost no thought, and as long as you don't mind it crashing and being almost ridiculously hard to try to win or advantace at a reasonable rate, it's fine. Oh, and the "plot" dies about 10 levels in. Awesome game love it, just wish their were more days. It's said coming soon for ages.. The whole point of these idle clickers is that it just keeps accumulating the games currency. Instead it freezes constantly for hours on the timed events preventing the purchase of upgrades and causing you to fall out of contention for the better prizes. The prizes are necessary to level up and progress within the core game. It's playable and the design is cute it's just too frustrating to get repeatedly kneecapped.. Would be 5/5, but there are two huge issues. One made me ultimately uninstall it out of frustration. Issue #1 - It fails to save some times, which makes the x2 multiplier reset to 0, even though you should still have hours left. Issue #2 - During events, you will randomly stop getting coins for some reason. It is rare, but when it makes the thousands of gems you saved up and spent to get a top spot completely useless. After a few times of it happening, I rage quit and uninstalled it.. Seriously, at least once a day the counters just stop working and you don't earn anything anymore. There's no way to fix it and I stg every developer must have died because Netflix or Eastside games don't even respond.. Way to slow to get potions. And it costs way to much gems to buy potions. Not worth the time investment.. Devs have clearly given up on the game! There are critical gameplay bugs that have been reported for months that are not being fixed. I've invested 120hrs into this game because it was originally fun. But for a time-based strategy game to be unable to count 8 hours: amateur. When you have to spend-to-win (in-game currency) to be competitive in the weekly events & then have your progress FROZEN for hours when you reach the leaderboard: unacceptable. Don't bother downloading. Shame..

5 stars because its easy to learn and you wanna know your next dragon. it is a good game to play and its easy to get coins and it being called dragon up it matches the name so if you like the name get it ! It really deserves a 5 stars and a 500 letter rating . The nests are so fun to get and you don't know what is next and me i haven't opened the door yet but its fun to try and do because you never know whats behind it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cool right now I'm close to 500 letter review bye and yw. So I enjoy the game... it is not without its flaws but I want new days... I am concerned as there has not been an update since July and the game only has 31 days. When are new days coming out?. Was working great for 48 hours or so. Dragon doners froze when I was highest in event. Dunno if I will win now.. You can't just take a game that was designed to be for-profit (I assume, based on gameplay mechanics), take away the paid mechanisms, and call it an all-inclusive game. Clearly when it was for-profit, you could increase your gems by watching ads or paying for them. Now, there's just no way to get more beyond the sparse and low in-game reward amounts. You can't move forward, and often can't even automate things, without potions. And it takes forever to get enough, when you can't buy more w/gems.. Surprisingly fun. No monetization, but the levels halting progress for no apparent reason really sucks.. Wikszo gier pod kuratel Netflixa cierpi na te dwie choroby - lejsza: port z freemium, co mniej lub bardziej, ale negatywnie wpywa na rozgrywk. Cisza - kompletny brak supportu i atania gier, bdy (nieraz krytyczne) powoduj kompletne zniechcenie do dalszego korzystania z gier. Wyglda na to, e kto w centrali postanowi, e "hej a moe zainwestujmy w gry" zapominajc o tym, e trzeba je na bieco ulepsza.. In addition to being ugly as all get out in an attempt to be inoffensively "cute", Dragon Up! is one of the most egregious examples I've seen of a freemium economy begging you to give them tons of money or not play the game, and the acquisition by Netflix has entirely removed the *ability* to give them more money to keep playing the game, so now it's just an ugly game that begs you not to play it. Ripping out microtransactions from an exploitative game still leaves a broken experience.. You can upgrade your dragon too and you can install it when your a Netflix user. It was great until it stopped working. Suddenly all the nest stopped collecting in the event. Unable to progress. Netflix isn't making any money off it, so I guess they don't care to fix it. It puts a bad taste in my mouth for Netflix, they would be better off not offering a product than offering one they refuse to support.. Minimal gameplay, such an odd choice for Netflix. Seems to be a game design around pushing micro transaction, but without the transactions? As in, make the game very slow and make you feel like you are missing out unless you spend gems, but then they are a very limited resource. Main frustration is that my game has bugged nearly every time I've spent gems, with dragons not earning money for hours at a time during the week events and then dropping down the league table.

It doesn't have that many levels and recently had a glitch and didn't continue earning dream coins. When are you guys going to add more days? It says more days coming soon from past 10 days, it feels like we are playing tgis game for nothing.PS : ome dragon has stopped earning money in the event. Slow moving and tedious. Seems designed as a whaler for which cash acquisition of base currencies. It ends up kind of boring and repetitive.. Fun but extremely glitchy. Nests often stop producing during events. It's happened often over only a week of playing. I even reached out to technical support.. I have to give 1/5. The game is unplayable lately. Netflix tech support tries to help, but this game has major issues. Old review: Puggles! It's an interesting limitation, the pay to win game that you can't pay to win? Invest in the green dragons, they pay out gems per day, so investments in leveling these will pay off. The dragons in this game are an interesting artistic choice. The dragons are mutant dog dragon things. But, they're kind of adorable and it actually works. Puggles..... I hope they update this game soon. I'm at the end of the days and it's boring not having goals.. The stylised art is just as cute as the original game that came out on iPhone maybe 10 years ago, but the game play is different. I like it but th original game was better.. Now, I have to reinstall the game twice a day to be able to play. Uninstalling till issues solved.. The game was alright. The event became glitched and no progress was being made (nothing accumulating). Reached out to customer service, the steps provided didn't help. Otherwise it's just a waiting game. I'll just go outside and touch grass or something.. Would be great but.. it's loses connection alot, the dragons fail to register their earning money, their green circle thing stops working, fix those n I'll score it better.

Game is fun, until suddenly it stops your dragons' progress for no reason. Irritating when you've been saving for an event to hit 1st place, and then see everyone passing you after 24h+ hours where your progress is blocked. Less infuriating since no $$$ transaction, but still annoying. It was okay at first but now it's glitching and not letting me earn gold. It also started to get boring after a few days.. This game is very cute and fun to play. It would be 5 stars, except... The counters stopped running for me a couple of times and restarting the app and the phone did not fix it. I took it to mean I was playing too much and needed to uninstall.. Cute characters, fun storyline. Not a big fan of starting over each "day" but overall it's a fun game to waste time.... It says no in-app purchases, but the game relies heavily on having gems to progress, which is just disabled to buy in this version of the game, but the game design itself is still the same, hence it's even worse since now you can't even progress, not even if you are ready to pay money for it.. It is a really fun game and I cannot find a glitch or a bug. The game was fun at first but there are progress blocker bugs. Most of my nests in the event are just completely broken now and not producing anything so I'm blocked from completing an objective that the game itself says should take "1s" to complete with my current production.. Fix your game! Counters freeze every event multiple times!!!!! Who manages this game... Brutal. As my Grandson says...Good Job! He's 41/2, so this is just the right level for him. There are some saving issues that need to be resolved. The 2x bonus doesn't stay active after closing the game (just one example). The clicking mechanic to feed the dragons is poorly thought out. Nothing particularly standout ish about this idle. Update: my game is now broken. Beat a level but it did not reset. No way to progress. 1 star..

Game sucks overall. Aside from the glitches and bugs all other reviews have said, the events have either cheaters or bots that knock you out of 1st place at the last few minutes even if you're several thousand points ahead of everyone. Rigged af and probably part of the original money grabbing bs coded into the game so ppl buy more gems. Waste of time and storage space on your phone. Move on to another app.. Fix your event counters! This game is great besides the fact that EVERY event I've played the counters stop working. Like every other review here.. why has this not been addressed? Oh, because it's a Netflix game and they don't really profit from it. Don't download this game. Just don't. Unstable game sometimes you make so much progress then come back to play it and it's all gone. At first this game is fun and enjoyable. However, this was originally a game that required you to buy gems to progress and it no longer is a pay to play game. So around day 15 or so it becomes impossible to really progress because you earn gems and potions too slowly to really upgrade the dragons. Plus the game glitches a lot and doesn't save progress, resets chest counters, etc. Overall a big waste of time. You'd think if Netflix really wanted to get into mobile gaming they'd do better.. Gameplay is great! But ... Can't see how to skip dialogue or restart the game. These would be an extra notch for replayability! Otherwise no bugs, smooth transition from main game to events, alles gut!. It's a good game but apart of problems. Spending diamonds and card only for it to reset back but not get them back is a BIG problem. The 8hr double gold to go off randomly too.. lowering this to 1 star as its developers are clearly as over this game as i am by now; it's the worst case of admin neglect i've ever encountered tbh.. Unusable, requires constant connection. For a game that you'd mostly play during commuting on public transport where you often don't have connection, the developers went with the nonsensical decision to require a constant connection. So, basically making this game totally useles. Not really worth it.. It would be a fun idle game if the coins didn't just stop collecting and there is nothing you can do to bump them into restarting them. The game is cute but it's so full of bugs that it's unplayable. The timed events where you compete against other players freeze up for hours at a time making it pointless..

This game desperately needs rebalancing without a way to buy gems. I really appreciate the lack of micro transactions, but you really hit a ceiling on playability since it still appears to be designed around micro transactions. Lowering the cost of items and scaling higher amounts to the random gifts based on level, along with random gems to keep you engaged later game would help.. So far it seen great and doesn't feel play to win :). This game was fun for about a week, but the constant buggy/rigged events, the inability to purchase additional diamonds if you want to and just repetitive gameplay mean I'm giving this game an uninstall.. It's a fun game but undoubtedly the buggiest game ever. Progress freezes for an indefinite amount of time, then starts up again. No updates coming to the game to fix the bugs.. So far not the BEST game out there, but far feom the worst. It's a little repetitive, but the hilarious dragons are amazing! Fun little thing to waste some time with. There is this recurrent bug where the coins stopped auto collecting. Coin collection circle empty and green circle not moving. Really spoils the fun for events where time is of essence. Nothing changed even after uninstall/install or restart. The bug just fix itself randomly after a day or two. Sae that many Update: The coin bugs doesnt happen as often now but I recently had an event rewards entirely not regconized and disappeared. Wasted 5 days of effort to hit the top few tiers.. This is the second time where the game freezes upon entering a shorter event. It opens up, but immediately freezes. I have resarted my device, deleted then reinstalled the game, but nothing seems to work.. Cute app been playing it while on the job no issues encountered yet. I really like the game especially the events, but every event I've played has frozen for multiple hours. Events is the main reason people play so I'm sure it is making people quit. This issue needs to be fixed and I'll change my rating..

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