NameNinja Battle: Random Defense
CategoryNew Game
Size111 MB

Ninja Battle: Random Defense is an exciting game that combines strategy and action. In this game, players take on the role of a ninja and must defend their village from waves of enemy attacks. The gameplay is fast-paced and unpredictable, with random enemy spawns keeping players on their toes.

Players have access to a wide range of ninja skills and weapons, including shurikens, swords, and powerful ninja magic. These abilities can be upgraded and customized to suit different playstyles. As players progress through the game, they can unlock new ninjas with unique abilities and strengths.

The game features multiple levels and game modes, providing a variety of challenges. Players can compete for high scores in endless mode or follow the main story campaign, battling through different environments such as forests, mountains, and deserts.

To succeed in Ninja Battle: Random Defense, players need to carefully plan their defense strategies, positioning their ninjas strategically to withstand enemy attacks and defeat them efficiently. Timing and coordination are key as players must react quickly to unexpected enemy movements and boss battles.

Overall, Ninja Battle: Random Defense offers an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience, combining the thrill of action-packed battles with strategic decision-making. With its random enemy spawns and diverse ninja abilities, this game guarantees hours of fun and excitement for all fans of the genre.

Ninja Battle: Random Defense MOD

I can't pass from the tutorial, it doesn't work don't let me fuse the cards. I drag the card to each other and the card returns to the usual position I can't play at all if the cards don't fuse even in the tutorial . What a pity I liked the Japanese folklore style.. I actually really like the game itself, not crazy complicated but fun to try and merge before sending out. 1 star because there is no way to earn gold outside of stages or waiting for the over time gain. This game seems like you need to pull many copies to make character stronger but it's so hard to get Resources to make pulls. At a minimum to keep playing I'd like to see seperate stages to farm for gold and other resources, and more ways to earn pulls, and an increase in a reason to farm demon.. Boring as hell.... As usual.... Enemies way too strong.... Doesn't even have event or log in bonus.... Nothing great... Can't even progress when mobs is freaking strong... Bye... Game is p2p and p2w, you hit a massive paywall by stage 30. You literally cant do anything unless you pay and buy upgrading materials and coins or you will have to wait a very long time for the idle rewards which gives a very miniscule amount of rewards. Not very free to play friendly game. Game has no stamina so you can play all you want but you cant grind coz you cant play completed stages. So basically you will fight a losing battle without getting anything. Uninstalling, not worth the time.. Edit! - now at one star!! - its just stupid how they don't give you any resources to level up. Maybe enough to lvl up 1 character once or twice a day! No way to farm etc - progess is super slow. Not worth downloading or playing in its current state!!.

Ninja Battle: Random Defense APK

Don't really like the fact the enemy can summon people to my side of the board but I can't do it to them.. It's fun but after a set period you can't progress further. If the game had ways for player to get stronger and clear the stages its will be a good game can't wait for future updates and how the game will improve.. The data was not encrypted. Please fix instead of downloading that data, while some evil demons of the game are disappointed. However, the evil dark sky was being used by Elikhartas. Not bad. Extremely braindead difficulr jump aftwr chapter one for cash grab. What a waste of time. Very repetitive and boring. Thank you. :).

Ninja Battle: Random Defense APK

Fun! But also lacking. The walls to progress are HARD and nothing you can do. PVP & boss battle never refesh. I'm out of tickets for both and can only pay real money for more. You cannot replay any stages to get more resources to level up with and run out fast. The only way to get more is a slow idle mechanic that requires using tokens to claim it that you can only get from logging in during certain hours. A random daily reward also provides only one of the three required resources.. Its good but constantly stuck at login. Had to reinstall couple of times. Edit. I cannot login. Uninstalled couple of times. Final Edit: Uninstalled and not playing anymore. You just cannot login. This should not be release without testing. You need to make a separate mode that lets people fight a match against a random AI. It's for down time or when people get stuck and can't progress any further. You can put small amounts of resources as reward for winning. Call it "Skirmish" or something. Point is, you need to have this mode so players have something to do during downtime. Also, don't lock it behind an energy/ticket system. It should be free so players can come back whenever they want.. Still not ready for a release, i encounter lot of freeze issues when i watch an ad, the interface will bug and i can go anywhere which makes me rage quit without getting rewards. And the arena is too random, full of the same "dummy"..? Seriously?.

Ninja Battle: Random Defense APK

Really good game and I like gameplay but nothing you can do if you can't beat level and greater demon I hope added mini games. That good for early realase game . Game won't open after installing . I will give stars when this problem is solved . Hopefully it is solved very quickly. Amazing game please add online mode when fight other player and leaderbored and the clans so people can compete. For now I'm top 1 on server. Could be a good game. Bugs made it impossible for me. Got stuck at Shangri La 7, enemy building got to 0, my heroes just stood there, nothing happened, scene would not move on. Sad..

Worst balance ever, I've pulled everything I can and have upgraded my units as much as I can and it's impossible to be the last Shangri la stage as the boss melts everyone. Only way to progress is to log in once a day so my 3 stages and come back the next day..

Download ( V1.2.55 )

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