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Exciting offline strategy game. You open up new opportunities in the game Offline Random Dices. You do not need to be connected to the Internet, so you can play anywhere and get into a great mood. You just need to collect certain cubes, choose the best strategy, and then defeat opponents offline.

Play with other AIs, roll the dice correctly, and move forward. Will you be able to defeat all the bosses on your way? Find all random offers to collect the most cubes. Great strategy game, completely free and simple. Unlock new and very interesting levels where you can show all your perfection in front of other opponents. High-quality graphics, and many interesting features to have a great time.

Offline Random Dices MOD

the hacks are great all i do is not use legendary and your good and maybe that one music die dies the enamys soo good. untill you yun into the unicorn stinkin uicorn destroys my hacks.. I can only get 40/63 dices. I have opened 1k+ chests via co-op and only got repeats which is sad because some of the best dice are unobtainable pls fix this. After the first battle I pressed the button but the button did not work and it did not have a image. Great potential. Doesn't feel done or full tho I've opened hundreds of chests and for some reason there are 10-15 legendary dice that just don't show up in chests plusses a open 10 would be great I spend more time opening chests than actually playing. Will edit later. App is very bugged. Does not keep track of the # of dice on the board, therefore the ones "missed" will not be upgraded..

Offline Random Dices APK

Very basic game. Generous with accumulating dice of all sorts. Problem is, I'm not sure in coop mode that the players are real. Also, was on level 451 in coop mode, and my game closed.. took 40mins to get that far. Needless to say, I'm uninstalling this game because of that reason. Wasn't rewarded with keys when I went back on game. Better games out there. Update 19.06.22.. Still no different. No real players, got pretty boring so deleted. Sorry. You need to move it higher than 10,000 for the season pass because I'm already at 10,000 and it's not letting me collect anymore Stars and make the CPUs even more harder because they are ridiculously easy I have 145 wins and 30 losses or is it I get to $8,989 stars and it goes to a new tier? If so that's outrageous because I'm not getting any more Rewards for my wins the game is outrageously easy offline. When I was done with the tutorial when it said go to the store it didin`t let me in and I was stuck forever. It's a great game after all, but there's 1 issues for me, cause it keeps giving me the same dices all the time, not just for legendary dices but even for unique dices, hoping that the issue would be fixed, for a better game play with more variety of choices for the dice decks.

Offline Random Dices APK

Check my edit history!!! If you play other TD, Random Dice games, download this!! It needs help to be updated and it's a good game! Need more players so please try it out! . Kicked out at level 103.Needs updating or something.Other than that, I mastered this game and enjoyed it while it lasted. I've hit level 103 2 time and both times has kick me out the game I am 2 billion damage and I would hit lv 200 at gam rate why the boot new day same thing booted ill see if fixed. I've been playing for a bit now and ive collected only and handful of the dice that are listed in the game. I keep opening the most expensive chest but the only ones you can get are like the 5 same legendaries..

Offline Random Dices APK

It's fun and all and has the exact same elements as most random merging tower defense like rush royale and random dice and all that, but you guys need to put the other dice in there that you have on display!!! Literally no one will take you seriously or play this game until you add those. I'm done playing till you guys put them in the game like you were SUPPOSED to and made it LOOK like. It's been a bit and still no updates. They seem to really not care enough about the game cause' no updates... For some reason I can't play the game but it's probably good so that's why I'm giving you a 3-star rating. Giving 5 stars cause I wanna see this game do good. but it definitely has a few bugs as of today, nothing to bad. I'd like to Google save my progress though. I downloaded the other day, got 5 legendarys, had to make room for text app, lost my progress when I reinstalled, I got it all in one day So I'm not mad. I will update my review as time passes :) hope to see some unique cubes ideas added. Decent game as a whole. PVP is all AI. Every opponent played the same way. I never lost against an opponent, which sounds good, but it looses its appeal quickly when there in not a challenge. Im sad to have to uninstall it. There is another version of random dice, you actually play PVP against real people. It is just too big of a file and is very slow to load. I tried this because it looked to be the same. Bummer.

If I could. I would rate zero. There is no way to actually fight someone else. All I have done is fight level 1 people. No one else. My win loss is great. 60 something wins to zero losses. Like. Actually make it a challenge. The ONLY challenging thing is the co-op. The higher you go the harder the enemies. Which is the only reason why I still play. Fix this please..

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