NamePanda Gamepad Pro
ReleasePanda Gaming Studio

Have you ever wished to play your cellular sport with your sport console controller? Effectively, now you could have a reasonable likelihood to do that! Introduction – Panda Gamepad Pro, This software lets you join your cellular machine to a sport controller and play any sport or software. Sadly, PPanda Gamepad Pro is challenging to make use of. You will have a PC to combine the gamepad with your cellular sport. We perceive it will be much easier; sadly, there aren’t different means to do that.

Panda Gamepad Pro MOD

I have a one handed gamepad which this app detect but when using trying to calibrate. Inputs are not registering. Please help.. Until last year, you will need to activate this app once in a while, but now you need to activate everytime you play a game. This is so annoying. You are paying for an app for a smooth user interface and hassle free. But it's doing complete opposite. Such a mess. Pls rectify it soon.. Be careful everyone, after I download this app my phone started heating up so much it felt like it was burning, I deleted it, but it was still the same, my gamingphone is RedMagic 6pro, it has 3 fans and it still was the same, but It has a function I used, called "Cleanup storage", so I fixed the problem, which means the app had left files in my phone, probably for coin mining or some sort of mining using my phone to run it in the background. My phone never heated up this much before.. beast app!! You need a little toogling with your pc and factory access comands but afterwards, its just awsome!! Tottaly worth the work.. believe me, if you already understand how to activate it without needed of external device such as pc.. you guys who had problem could try to search in review section there some people who could do it including me sorry cant give detailed explanation because im afraid the devs would do something about that (you know what i mean).. believe me there is a hint in the review section this apps is good better than any other mapping apps.. keep it up the good work.. dont make me change my mind.

Panda Gamepad Pro APK

Please fix the bug of activation for once or permanently. once its activated and unplugged, it gets deactivated again !! Then we need repeat the process and its no use in the end. Please fix this issue and I think overall its a good app with great potential ahead.. The left joystick bug is still present. It doesn't work properly & it often gets randomly disconnected while I'm playing the game, there by shutting down my Bluetooth controller. It's so irritating. Grrh FIX IT ASAP PLEASE . Don't work. I paid almost 5 euro for what? Gamepad activator need Ladb shell. Another Don't work. Like panda gamepad. What is that?. Bought the app didn't say anything about the activation now my problem is I don't have an option in developer mode where I have to activate abd wireless debugging I have only USB and wireless but doesn't do anything.... don't have time to lookup any fix .

Panda Gamepad Pro APK

Works very well, however when you change something the activation gets removed and you have to go back to your laptop to activate the gameplay again, very annoying. Also the activation gets removed everytime you o out of the app to and come back in again or close the app, the activation should be a once off thing, please fix this and it will be a 5 star app.. Worked fine on my note 10 plus but after upgrading to s23 ultra the first thing I found out is the activation tool doesn't work anymore. I was able to activate with a computer but controller is not recognized at all. Hope this starts working soon because it is the best mapper when it works. not working in pubg and bgmi! i have realme 6i and nokia 7.1 ...and ps4 controller.....i did thr key mapping...but when i open the PUBG and BGMI game... buttons don't function.. This app does not work. Just use Mantis it's better and the team actively works to improve it unlike this on who have pretty much abandoned the app.

Panda Gamepad Pro APK

The activation is always getting deactivated even after doing everything properly and couldn't use the app for which I have purchased it. Total waste of money... Give me the refund, I don't want your useless app . The worst waste of money, after install needs to be activated using another proprietary device that you should buy separately from them. Absolutely useless. Actually once you've got the hang of this app it is absolutely brilliant! I found a way to activate it without needing root and without using a PC OR an Activator tool! You need LADB from the Play Store and a WiFi connection to run a command but that's it, once you know how it's easy. Look it up online. There's some instructions on a post on Reddit.... I cant remove my device from app. App shows the controller no matter whether it's connected or not. So I can't connect again.

Need to make it to where we can connect without having to hook to a pc. Need to do it from the phone.. I rate 3 star because of the right analog stick issue when playing mini militia when i try to move the right analog stick to right direction it keeps rolling back to its original position,,,i hope you fix that and theres a solution to fix that ,theres an app called mantis gamepad pro in there right analog stick has a settings called camera mode when i turned it off the problem was gone hope you fix it in the next update. Not a fan, you have to hook your phone up to the computer every time sk you can activate the app.. Had to change my review unfortunately. App causes total phone crash while in the middle of games. Controls randomly get stuck on and then your entire phone screen becomes unresponsive. Hopefully as the app is still in beta mode that it can be fixed promptly, as this issue is a major deal breaker, this app definitely isn't worth the money as it is right now. Without that one bug however, the app is amazing and once fixed I would highly recommend..

Bad app, waste of time it doesn't provide enough information that this app must require a hardware usb to activate, on ads picture and video provided no usb hardware demonstrated, it make misleading to the costumers, must not purchase without usb hardware its useless. Incomplete ads.. Refund my money, the program is not working in my tablet, it freeze my tablet, the screen started mix bihaving. works exactly as you would hope, the only downside is running the activator every time you reset your phone which isn't a big deal. Although I have figured out a way to activate the app with just my phone and no computer using adb command line along with the path to Windows activator file. Makes my life easier lol. I have everything installed and activated and the key mapper doesn't work on any of the binds and the calibration isn't working on 3 of my controllers.

The only gamepad that can detect both controller and touch at the same time, connects well with mocute061 and i can play wildrift. Only issue is having to validate via pc every time i close the program, so please, correct this issue.. Bought the activator and it works, also I tried the root activation method and it works as well which is a lot easier to do. does not stay activated. tried every activation method, but nothing seems to work. if i could, i would not even give 1 star, as long as that problem remains. They taken your money this app is banned please don't let them Rob u how they Rob me and my son no refund everything has a refund like did Google say this really so u have a app in the Google store that doesn't aloud u to get a refund it's the same day and all that asking for a refund my son hit this thinking it would work after I told him no but whatever hope u happy to know your your people r getting robbed for 5 dollars at a time from apps like this never seen nothing not have a refund.

I am fed upI had to do something else I am buy panda pro mouse it it was mistake buy panda gamepad so can you help me please. Me and my friend controller no working he uses the exact same controller in ur pics (xbox one)why not working on his ipad i use a ps 4 controller on my samsung 23 a android 13 but not even working but mine did work before and now i made my friend spend 70 rand for some update that broke it u gotta fix it or refund my friend i trusted this app told him it the best.Now i got backstabbed .So if u fix the bug,i will take it back to 5 stars ,and I know u still in beta. That why i still give u chance. - Delay left joystick - Cant calibrate with gamepad blackshark 2 1.6.0 version pls fix - And add 120hz screen refresh rate support... Please see my review thanks.... How can I put this in a nice way... I got my money back that`s the positive thing! confusing, need a pc to activate app, need to do a lot of things and it didn`t work. need to change your phone to developer mode... and so on... I rather get a job than do all this work..

The analogue sticks are screwed after calibration. Left, Right, Top, Down, everything goes in different directions altogether. Please fix this on priority. The app will be of no use if there are such bugs.. Gamepad calibration doesn't work properly. It isn't able to properly calibrate the analog sticks. The top down and left right are getting swapped during calibration. My gamepad was working almost fine before calibration but it's screwed now. Please fix.. Can you optimized this, for new released phone like my Poco X3? I can't use this app on my gamepad. Game get lagging and got stuck on startup.. Work fine on my poco f1 android 11(pixel experience) but really bad on my realme gt neo 2 android 13 (evoX), really pain in the a*s to activated this app, this app keep deactivate on my gt neo 2, for some reason blackshark left gamepad not detected in game on gt neo 2 and mocute gamepad have bug on analog, hopefully update can fix this issue & give user wireless activator option, until this app work fine will still stick to flydigi app & gamepad instead.

My phone won't stay activated. It activates while plugged into the computer but after I unplug and launch the game it deactivates. Bought it . Activated using Mac. Then..... Freezed at gamepad calibration. Freezed when open the game . I'm using Redmi note 11 pro. I think it's all old reviews but it seems fine I did have a problem where for some reason when I tried to move forward it moved left when I tried moving left it when forward and right and back was mixed up too I thought my controller was messed up but worked fine on other games so I Uninstalled the app and reinstall it worked just fine after that I only use this for COD so can't say for other game's. (10/29/19).. Una aplicacin muy mala, promete un funcionamiento en call of duty adecuado y en realidad no funciona. ------------------------------------ (06/01/23).. Me dio la curiosidad de ver si haban cambiado algo en la app. Me sorprende que ahora veo que tiene mejor sunfionamiento que muchas apps de mapeo. La verdad no esperaba decir esto pero por tantos problemas que tube con esta app y puedo decir que LA RECOMIENDO A DA DE HOY. Discleimer: 4 estrellas por los problemas que me dio en 2019.

after start game my phone screen is not working until i reboot my phone and open panda gamepad pro it shows me need to activate but before reboot i activated my app hmmm, sorry for my bad english.. Works okay but controls are wrong. Despite calibrating, the directions on my joysticks are inverted along the x-axis (left is up, etc.). This app would be perfect if the settings included an 'Invert X-Axis' option, along with the current invert Y..

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