NameParanormal Files 7
ReleaseElephant Games AR LLC

Paranormal Files 7: Ghost Tale – Try to reveal all the secrets and find your old friend. Today, it’s been 30 years since your friend Rick disappeared. Our main character Rachel does not lose hope of finding him. At the same time, she received a good lead that led her to the PF agency team. It was a completely abandoned estate, around the forest, with strange rumors and something unusual.

Will our heroine with her new team be able to reveal all the secrets and find her old friend? They can become victims of terrifying ghosts at any time, be trapped, and try to survive in any situation. Solve the mystery of your friend’s disappearance, go through all the difficulties of the game and try to find out what happened at all. A large number of secrets, secret places, ghosts, and everything that is locked inside this estate. Beautiful graphics, mesmerizing music, and an interesting story to go through.

Paranormal Files 7 MOD

I paid for this game. I played the game once and finished the game. I tried to replay the game and wouldn't work. I have installed and reinstalled. The game goes a black screen and nothing else from that point. I really enjoy playing the Elephant Games. I'm very disappointed about this game. Where did my glass go? I was in the crypt and looking for the last uncommon rune with the glass and it just disappeared! I can't pinpoint the last rune now and the hint just points to somewhere outside of the close-up scene where the tree heart is. Up to that point I was enjoying it, very strange.. This is the 2nd game by this developer I've paid for and can't play in the past few weeks. The other one at least turned on and let me play a little before it didn't work - this one won't even start. I try to open it and get nothing but a blank screen. I've tried to uninstall/reinstall and it does nothing. Support basically ignored me about the last game not working so now I'll never give this company another cent - and it's too bad cause they were one of my favorites.. I liked this game until I got to the part where I got the glass of secrets. I went to use it and it disappeared!! I reset the game and played all the way to that part and again the glass of secrets went away when I tried to use it again! I PAID for this game too. Refund please. Ither than that most of the games are usually very fun and enjoyable, highly recommend. This doesn't usually happen to me while playing thier games. Paid for the app and now it's not working. Screen is blank everytime I open it. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

Paranormal Files 7 APK

Outstanding!! Just beautiful. Everything. It played incredibly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8inch tablet. I love all these games. Well worth the modest price. I highly recommend. Thank you!. Now you lost me. I don't want to play as Rachel. I enjoy Rick's adventures. And what's with the 13 year jump? The teaser at the end about Mr. Rogers is the only reason I would consider playing PF8 if it gets released. This story was not worth the price increase or the time.. Enjoyed this one. Good storyline. Was annoyed that it cost more...don't see the reason, it wasn't better than the lesser priced Paranormal Files games. I didn't like that there was no way to restart the minigames/puzzles, so if you mess up and can't figure it you end up having to skip it. I find it helpful to restart and rethink things. Also, the puzzle in the secret room, I had all the pieces, but none of them would stick when I tried to assemble it.. Okay this one was a huge disappointment. I thought they were suppose to be finding Rick Rogers. The game just abruptly ended in the bonus chapter, she said she needed a break, WHAT!!!! Very few collectibles in each site and when I was done, I couldn't do the puzzle because the pieces would not stick. I miss you Rick:-(.

Paranormal Files 7 APK

I gave you 5 stars for game play BUT I am NOT happy that Rick Rogers wasn't found at the end of the game. He's one of my favorite characters, please bring him back!!. You guys shouldnt have let big fish take over your company....... Just like them to over charge and shorten the games.......disappointed in you guys. I like the continuation of the story, and the HOPs and mini-games were decently challenging. But the eyes were really hard to find, especially if you're playing in a phone. Over half the time I just looked in the strategy guide. I also wish there was more bonus content, especially given the price of the game.. This game brought back some of my enjoyment from Elephant games. It was worth the money and the bonus chapter was great..

Paranormal Files 7 APK

Storyline, graphics, controls and gameplay are well done. Has a fast travel map, but no real journal. The length is adequate, as is the bonus chapter. No issues... other than still being confused about what happened to and where Rick is, especially with that little cut scene after the main chapter... he's talking to Rick!? What!? No offense to Rachel, but I want Rick back.. Fantastic game as always! Great graphics, sound & storyline & the mini games & Bonus chapter are a lot of fun to play. Can't wait for the next new game!!!!! Great work!. Very good game with a good storyline. A good length that includes a bonus chapter. I'm so happy they made it longer, then previous games. I enjoyed the mini games, HOPs, and the collectibles. The graphics were nicely done. Heads up, the puzzle in the hallway where you have to place the name plates with the picture wouldnt work right for me. It wouldn't place the nameplate where I was trying to place it. Had to skip the puzzle. But I really liked this one.. Spent the whole game finding puzzle pieces for the secret room, and couldn't even put the puzzle together! Also the game that you had to put the name plaque to the picture wouldn't do what it was supposed to, so I had to skip it. Very disappointing big fish!!!!.

More like a 3.5 but alas no half stars. Always glad to see a new HOPA but I mainly play them for the puzzles & this one was just meh when it came to that aspect. I cant imagine how hard it is to keep these games fresh especially the puzzles but these were pretty mediocre so wasn't my favorite ok overall.. I love this series but the extra characters in the story seem to serve no purpose. Also Rick is missing for 13 years and the story doesn't deal with that or explain how Rachael ended up with everything. What happened?.

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