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Experience all the mysterious stories for yourself. Photographs – Puzzle Stories the authors were able to do a project entirely different from others. Fascinating puzzles and an excellent plot are completely intertwined here. You may get lost in a mystery at one point, but eventually, solve it and move on. You need to look at the game screens, solve numerous puzzles, and your story will develop rapidly. You will come across gorgeous pixel graphics and an enjoyable soundtrack. Don’t forget about the plot itself, because everything goes to a new level with the pictures and lovely music.

It is a pity that the toy is short, a maximum of three hours. The developers did not complicate it with unnecessary details so that you can spend your free time well. All puzzles are perfectly woven into the story so that in any chapter, everything works just perfectly. You will get a lot of pleasant emotions, and you can easily break away from all the problems and get all fun. It remains only to tune in to this game, think carefully and decide everything that this game project gives you.

Photographs – Puzzle Stories MOD

I've enjoyed the puzzles and story. The only thing preventing me from giving it 5 stars is the annoyance of having to replay the Preventer story over and over to get all the endings.. I think it is a very good game, the stories are short but well written and believable. Puzzles not so much, some of them are better than the others, but sometimes it is just pure trial and error. I "liked" the depressing tone and all pixel art, but it is a shame you cannot see all the endings without going through all the stories again... But like I said, very good. Thanks!. Hm I played this a while ago, and remember it was pretty good... After a replay I know why I liked it... Now I'm depressed. Neat idea but the puzzles have bad conveyance. You get stuck on puzzles that make zero sense and if you can't get it they just skip it for you. Super frustrating. My recommendation is to add an indicator if a certain step is correct. Don't just let us skip. If you have to use a skip because people can't solve your puzzle then that should indicate that the puzzle is poorly designed.. I got sucked into the stories in this game. The bleeding of puzzle and story is unique to the genre. The stories are depressing but pull you in throughout and hit you hard at the end. Love the pixel graphics and music..

Photographs – Puzzle Stories APK

This game is great at telling a story through it's mechanics. That, along with the music and graphics is excellent. The stories themselves, however, are a liitle hit or miss in my opinion. They are really dark and I kept waiting for some kind of pay off at the end, but it never really came for me. SPOILER (kind of, don't read further if you haven't played it to the end) without saying too much I'll just say that it's also a shame that we only get one choice at the end.. Halfway decent puzzles. Overall, not much there to redeem this game or make it worth the money. Especially the third story, with the whole "white man bad" plot, was offputting and unnecessary.. I can see why this is a 3$ game it's has a good storyline a good puzzler and a nice touch to it. 10 out of 10!!!!!!!. I usually love puzzle games with a deep narrative and experimental gameplay. This was a bait and switch. The narrative is a real downer and the game itself has almost nothing to do with photos. It's a bunch of mini games loosely related to the plot. I felt like it was false advertising..

Photographs – Puzzle Stories APK

Not bad. Not good. Interesting. Different. All those stories of regrets are a little depressing but the game isn't bad even though the puzzles graphics isn't the greatest.. I quite enjoyed this the first time round, even if the narrative was a bit clunky and some of the puzzles just required pure trial and error. Unfortunately it's just not fun enough to repeat multiple times to see all the endings.. I originally rated this game 3 stars, but having now played 3 chapters, I have to admit I'm not enjoying the game at all. The puzzles are either too simple or too obscure. They're supposed to be part of the narrative, but because the writing is so clumsy, it just doesn't work. It's a shame, because I love Luca's previous games.. A fairly tedious grind through stories whose characters you aren't invested in, and mini puzzles which are mostly banal. The messages of the stories: "drugs are bad; the treatment of native Americans by European settlers was bad" are so clearly spelled out that you feel like you're being lectured to. It's got some nice ideas in it, but it's not a game..

Photographs – Puzzle Stories APK

This game is generally sad. Essentially you have 5 stories where you initially use a zoom to find a Hotspot in a picture and take a photo. Then you do a mini game. Each story uses a different type of mini game. One is puzzle pieces fitting, another is making a path, one is physics based and another is similar to match 3. The stories are all good, especially the ones based on historical events. Definitely worth playing.. Stories are dark and emotional. I got quite attached to every character in the stories. I sympathise with them and eager to know how it could end. I really love the writing. I like that the puzzles are metaphors that goes with the stories. Some things could be improved though. The gameplay can be a bit more challenging, like the puzzle difficulties, especially clues for photographs are too obvious.. a lot of fun, puzzles can be quite challenging. I loved that all of the stories were so touching and emotional, although I didn't really get the lesbian Harry Potter Minority Report story.. Absolutely wonderful. A fantastic example of how games can transcend the medium into art and provide an evocative and emotional experience. Definitely left me wanting more. Please consider a sequel in the future!.

Am I Missing Something? I'm part way through the third story. I'm finding this game uninteresting and not challenging. Not to mention a couple puzzles actually solved themselves. The whole time I've been playing, I've felt like there had to be another layer that I'm just not seeing.. Puzzles felt unbalanced at times and were disappointingly not related to the stories. That took me out of the narrative which is what this game is about. Speaking of the stories, most were hamfisted moral tales that didn't always make much sense. A bit of subtlety would be helped. I would have like some choice or had my performance affect the outcomes.. This is an excellent experience... and if I were to compare it to the average Play Store game it would be 5 stars for sure. The problem I have with it stems from the fact that the developer has made two brilliant games - and this one (despite it's excellent story telling and focus on emotion, bonds , and consequence) is boring in comparison. Here's hoping the next one isn't an artistic but depressing slog.. Fun, relaxing puzzle game. Gameplay is fun but not enough to justify five play throughs. Would be nice to be able to see all endings without the repeated playthroughs. Narratives are hit and miss: last story in particular is pretty crappo. Definitely worth the $6 experience though..

I found this game very underwhelming and did not end up enjoying it. It has a lot of potential, but the different mechanics just don't come together properly, and it feels like 3 completely separate game plays mashed into one. The stories themselves also have very bizzare and unsatisfying twists. Overall it started feeling like a chore, going through the paces.. Well written story driven puzzle game. Music is great, voice acting was a nice surprise and adds so much depth. Multiple endings. Worth the money.. Love all the games this developer has released and encourage anyone else to play this and You Must Build A Boat.. I am very happy to have given this game a spin. The whole thing is quite an accomplishment, and the developers can be proud. I want to make particular mention of how good looking this game is..

fun game. not as addictive as ymbab, but I really like the variety of puzzles and the stories. love this developer!. Game deleted my save file. One day everything is fine, next day I open it and there are no save files. What an unusual game! Photographs contains 5 individual stories which delve into mistakes and regret. Alongside each story is a different type of puzzle which has been very cleverly integrated within each story in such a way you feel the protagonist's plight even more. I was hooked from the first story and absolutely loved the ending, the art and music are wonderful, and the puzzles can be tough at times but can always be worked out - definitely one to pick up!. I have enjoyed Luca's past games but this falls severly flat. The stories are just relentlessly depressing. The puzzles waffle between insanely easy and wildly obtuse, requiring too much trial-&-error. The voice acting (which is unnecessary) is monotone and drab. The artwork is weird and this probably comes down to personal taste, but I found it unpleasant to look at. I'm giving a pity 3 Stars because it's clear a lot of work and passion went it, but I have enjoyed none of my time in this game..

Fantastic game, just like everything else this studio has made. The stories were beautifly told and the puzzles were fun. The third story in particular got me. Totally worth the price, and I'm really looking forward to the next game!. Luca Redwood has made nothing but fantastic games, and this is no exception! I'll gladly buy anything he makes. This game is much different than his previous ones, but I love the journey this game took me on. If you really want to know what's up just read his description for the game; he tells it to you straight. Glad I bought one! Side note: the 5th chapter's music is hauntingly wonderful!. A morally ambiguous, hateful, and surprisingly gory game. These five pitch black stories are well written and paced properly with borrowed game ideas to break them up. However, the sixth dark story is you attempting to decipher any message the game aims to deliver. There is some religious stuff in here, some politics, some wanton violence. The lack of through-line is disappointing. I guess it exists just to be a bummer. That's a bummer. What is not a bummer is the soundtrack though. The music is SO GOOD. It's worth playing just to listen to and look at.. Great game, real gem, needs to be promoted though, I stumbled across this quite by accident when looking at puzzle rpgs, perhaps the developer could have a sale on their other games to celebrate and put the lens on this game?.

New game from Eighty Eight Games (ymbab, 10000000)? Instant buy. No regrets, my favorite mobile game developer no contest. Only played a couple minutes so far looks and feels great.. If there is one rule you should follow, it's this: when eightyeight games puts out a game, you buy it. You will never be disappointed. Photographs is fantastic.. Simple to understand with challenging puzzles. What sets this apart from most games in the puzzle genre is how touching the stories are. The graphics are simple pixel art but the scenes are overflowing with detail. This little game has a lot of heart and well worth its price point. A must play.. This is a beautiful game. It has depth and drama. I enjoyed the simple interface and how everything worked so well in the game. The puzzles are more challenging than I expected, too..

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