Pirate Sails: Tempest War is an action-packed game that allows players to experience the thrill of pirate life on the open seas. Players can customize their ships, recruit a crew, and engage in intense naval battles against other players. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Pirate Sails: Tempest War offers a captivating adventure filled with treasure hunting, ship upgrades, and strategic combat. Set sail and become the most feared pirate captain in this thrilling game.

Latest of Pirate Sails: Tempest War Promo Codes


Embark on a grand adventure with our random fantasy gift reward! Slay beasts, discover hidden treasures, and seize victory in Pirate Sails: Tempest War. This extravagant gift includes mighty weapons, enchanted armor, legendary mounts, and a magnificent ship to rule the high seas!

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“Ye be a lucky matey! Redeem this coupon for Pirate Sails: Tempest War and avail a treasure-hunting parrot, a powerful enchanted cutlass, and an exclusive ship customization to rule the high seas!”

How to Redeem Code for Pirate Sails: Tempest War

To redeem a gift code in Pirate Sails: Tempest War, follow these steps:

1. Launch the game on your device.
2. Locate and tap on the "Settings" icon, usually found in the top right corner.
3. Look for a section called "Gift Code" or "Redeem Code," then tap on it.
4. Enter the gift code provided to you, making sure to input it correctly.
5. Hit the "Redeem" button and wait for a confirmation message.
6. The rewards from the gift code should now be added to your account. Enjoy!

List of Pirate Sails: Tempest War Codes

1. Code: PS001TSW - Unlock the "Plunderer's Fortune" pack, filled with rare treasures, gold, and exclusive cosmetic items to help you dominate the high seas.

2. Code: PS002TSW - Sail in style with the "Captain's Regalia" outfit set, featuring a luxurious captain's hat, elegant coat, and sturdy boots for a commanding presence on the tempestuous waters.

3. Code: PS003TSW - Gain the upper hand in battle with the "Cannonmaster's Arsenal" package, providing powerful cannon upgrades, explosive ammunition, and tactical gadgets to propel your ship to victory.

4. Code: PS004TSW - Embark on a legendary adventure with the "Mythical Map" treasure quest, leading you to hidden islands, legendary artifacts, and untold riches beyond imagination.

5. Code: PS005TSW - Experience the thrill of pirate duels with the "Cutlass Clasher's Kit," offering a special dueling sword, deadly throwing knives, and the ability to perform devastating combo attacks.

6. Code: PS006TSW - Steal the spotlight on the seas with the "Siren's Song" musical pack, granting you a mystical sea shanty, enchanting melodies, and an ethereal voice that captures the hearts of sailors.

7. Code: PS007TSW - Unleash chaos upon your enemies with the "Stormcaller's Fury" ability set, giving your ship the power to summon powerful thunderstorms, unleash deadly lightning strikes, and control the very winds themselves.

8. Code: PS008TSW - Become a feared pirate lord with the "Dreadnought" ship upgrade, transforming your vessel into a massive warship, armed with extra cannons, reinforced hull, and an intimidating figurehead that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies.


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