NamePixel Shrine JINJA
Size81.82 Mb

An interesting simulator for the passage. A fun and pretty addictive game called Pixel Shrine JINJA. Here you will have to use all your communication functions, visit other players, give them gifts, and make friends with some of them.

The main shrine was connected to the main road, so more believers would come here. From all parishioners, you will receive resources to develop further. You will have to strengthen your buildings, prepare for enemy attacks and try to survive in any battle. At the very moment when you destroy enemies, the level of your temple will noticeably increase. In addition, you will receive exciting tasks and plants. The number of buildings will gradually increase, and your shrine is growing before our eyes. Accumulate more resources, place blocks on the ground, and open water sources.

Pixel Shrine JINJA MOD

Very nice game simple yet fun. I've been wondering what other buildings I still not acquired and I look in some sites in the internet for guides but there isn't. I hope you can add something like a gallery for it and also if there will be new events in the game..

Download ( V2.32.2 )

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