NamePoison Rush 2d Platformer
ReleaseBasement Creations

Poison Rush 2d Platformer – An exciting action game for passing. In this entertaining story called Poison Rush, you will have to try to overcome all the obstacles on numerous levels.

Try with all your might not to end up in a terrifying sea where you can die at one point in time. Crazy levels that require the most precise movements and incredible speed from you. In addition, there are many monsters that will constantly get you. An exciting and completely dynamic 2D platformer, where you will find 10 crazy levels, as well as many other interesting obstacles. Make the right decisions, move forward, overcome difficulties and complete each level on a positive note. Unlock new characters, set a record, and compete with your friends and other players from all over the world.

Poison Rush 2d Platformer MOD

Controls are not working properly. The left and right bar doesn't always move. Loved the game! Super fun and challenging levels with simple and intuitive controls. Engaging and exciting to play. Great job !. Fun and challenging experience!. Hello from Twitter. Nice game.. Hard game to play. Really fun game and all the level are hard makes it a really good challenge to finish the game.

Poison Rush 2d Platformer APK

Very challenging game ! Fun for everyone. I loved the game... its a thrilling adventure to clear the level with the rush which keeps coming at you...the music & level design is good.. loved the character too.

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