NamePumpkin Shooter Halloween
ReleaseMojiro Games

The real Halloween is about to begin. It would be best if you got ready to go through a new and tremendous adventure, Pumpkin Shooter – Halloween. You will have to become lifesavers, shoot pumpkins, and be terrifying ghosts in the local cemetery.

These creepy ghosts are everywhere, so you need to deal with them quickly. It is also worth getting to their prominent leader, who is very dangerous and ready to destroy all the city inhabitants. Now you have a chance to prove to everyone that you are the best at shooting. Shoot from a bow, take out more pumpkins, terrifying ghosts, zombies, and other creatures to the graveyard. Click on a particular place to aim and hit the target exactly. Collect more arrows, and seek accurately to destroy any opponent. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the timer and the main objectives to be ahead of the enemy on any of the levels.

Pumpkin Shooter Halloween MOD

again.the price of admission has won over doubt.. Cant see to shoot stuff bc of advertisment in the way on top part of screen ! Bummer bc it looks fun.. This app is ridiculous. On the 3rd level one of the pumpkins is impossible to shoot and the game has terrible graphics..

Download ( V1.1 )

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