NameRide with the Frog
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High-quality timekiller with an old-new frog in the title role. Here is a dynamic arcade game with colored frogs, explicitly designed for Android devices. In this game, you have to get acquainted with a group of frogs, but you will manage only one of them. The rest are in captivity, and you must free them. You must download Ride With the Frog for Android and install the game on your device. The game will find high-quality design, excellent animation, and funny sound. The gameplay is made in the format of a runner. Our frog moves around the level on a segway and can jump at the same time.

You will have to jump very often because, without it, you are unlikely to be able to go even a couple of meters. This is because there is practically no road at the levels. You will move around the islands. At the same time, collecting coins and bonuses along the way is essential and free your friends. The game has one annoying feature. The fact is that at each level, there is a time limit. Initially, you will be given only a couple of seconds. Clocks are scattered around the locations, which you can pick up to extend the time. The frog is immortal, so you don’t have to worry about the heroine falling into the abyss. Download Ride With the Frog for Android and start playing.

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Very fun, hard on the eyes though when you have vertigo can only play for a little while at a time.. This is really a fun game!! Im such a noob thougg!! Haters gonna hate on this game because it is just what they do!! Dont look at the negative to see what is wrong with the game! Nothing is perfect! Venture into this addictive and very enjoyable game now!!. Another great 'frog'game, Cohn they make a bad one? Just go as far as you can as fast as you can and enjoy the ride and free the frogs!. There wasn't enough time and the seconds were too fast and I think there shouldn't be time to finish that . :-). I don't know why but this frog irritates me and frog's face, it's damn irritating. Plz replace it with another creator instead of this dumb looking frog. .

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