RoboHero Mobile is gearing up for an epic open beta launch, and publisher RoboHero is offering exclusive access codes to test the game before its official release. Dive into a futuristic world filled with exhilarating battles and high-tech weaponry as you command your very own RoboHero. Get ready to experience the thrill of combat like never before.

Latest of RoboHero Mobile – NFT Redeem Codes

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Unlock exclusive RoboHero skins, powerful in-game weapons, rare artifacts, and a personalized virtual assistant for continuous gaming support.


“Unlock the Dragonblade weapon, gain 1000 in-game currency, and receive a rare pet companion in RoboHero Mobile – Open Beta!”

How to Redeem Code for RoboHero Mobile - Open Beta

To redeem a gift code in RoboHero Mobile - Open Beta, launch the game and navigate to the settings menu. Locate the "Redeem Code" section and enter the gift code to claim your rewards.

List of RoboHero Mobile - Open Beta Codes

1. Code: RHMB-GBF3-KJ9E-WX4D
2. Code: J7R2-LK6N-YTQV-D81H
3. Code: Z92P-5BMF-3GHN-7LJK
4. Code: FQ8D-WN6A-RYXZ-J2S4
5. Code: 9PHR-V5F7-M3BK-TLQJ
6. Code: 6A2N-KRFD-1XW9-YV7C
7. Code: SQ4M-THYV-8PJD-LR5N
8. Code: G6CL-943D-FVK2-PXWZ

RoboHero Mobile - Open Beta is an action-packed game where players control futuristic robots in intense battles. These gift codes provide players with exclusive in-game rewards, such as special weapons, power-ups, or character skins. Use these codes to enhance your gameplay experience and gain an edge over your opponents. Hurry and redeem them quickly before they expire! Join the RoboHero Mobile community and prepare to dominate the battlefield with your customized robot warrior. See you in the arena, and may the best robot emerge victorious!