NameSave the Puppies Premium
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Try to start playing right now with the best strategy! Save the Puppies Premium from imprisonment. They need your help, and without additional equipment, they cannot leave the impenetrable shelter. Find them the right way out and try to take them into your care. In general, the dogs ended up in cages, but this story began very differently.

You used to have an angry neighbor who didn’t like you very much and always spit in your garden, and also did various nasty things to plants by pouring chemicals into the soil. It infuriated you wildly, and you finally dared to confront him. Fighting was not an option because he was twice your height and still fought with a bang.

He went to boxing and tennis services, so it was impossible to win here. You came up with another clever plan. Now you’re using real puppies. The shelter gladly gave them to you because they are very playful and love to do dirty tricks. You didn’t care, as long as they barked when the neighbor started pouring the chemical.

Recently this happened, and the dogs began barking furiously at the damn neighbor. He got scared and ran into his house, and the puppies followed him. You liked how he fled from fearless puppies, but that’s bad luck. The neighbor specially prepared the cages, and now they need to be saved. Use convenient controls and open-closed puppies.

Save the Puppies Premium MOD

Looks easy, but is not a game that you can play without using full concentration. If you want to get 3 stars even the amount of steps counts. Your 3 main goals, rescue the puppies, get the golden bone and do it with the minimum steps possible. Nice game... You can adjust the board size and move it, that helps a lot to see it better. Is a very original game and 150 levels with take you a few days to complete them for sure.. Have LOVED this game for a VERY long time! Just the right amount of challenge. The puppies are simply adorable! There's not another game like this anywhere! ONE of the first games I add to any of my new tablets. Hope it stays around forever! Excellent job Developers!. Is a nice puzzle game. I like the new mechanics and the well explained those are. 150 levels, and has clues. I would like a little more if the points were more explained, I get it but after some no-perfect levels. Well done, really hope you make more levels The graphics are very cute. The game insealf is like the snake but with puzzles. Nice aprouch.. It seems like it would be fun but Im just not a fan of these types of games. That said, I can't give it fewer stars just because I don't like this type of game. Such a cute game!! Simple and easy. Wiener dogs skiing puppies and growing in length by eating hot dogs. I've been loving it and playing for years! Thank you so much!!! .

Save the Puppies Premium APK

Look it's a pretty good game, and I would rate it higher except for the fact that it constantly nags me to like it on FB! Also annoying that I have to choose not to share data with the developer EVERY time it starts. I've already elected not to do this, quit bugging me about it!. Amazing, amazing game! It's been awhile since I've downloaded a strategy game that kept me coming back. I played all levels, never encountered a glitch. Graphics are nice, game runs smooth, music is cute without being annoying, and the later levels are challenging without being impossible. I LOVE THIS GAME! I hope more levels are being developed.. The like us on Facebook popup shows up all the time. It's the only bad thing about this game. Get rid of it and it will improve the experience.. I love dogs, and I even more love dogs because of this game. Thanks HandyGames, your games is handy indeed..

Save the Puppies Premium APK

Love the music and the game. Makes me smile and I love playing it!!! Got to go though, back to play the game! :). Free version was great so I paid for the full version. It worked fine the first time I played now it closes right after I select play as a guest. I have restated my phone, reinstalled but still doesn't work. T-Mobile g2x. Fun game, enjoying playing it, though would like to be able to get keys a bit easier to help with solving levels. I downloaded this with my nexus seven as part of the free play dollars and i love it. Its confusing at first but i love puzzles and this is a good one..

Save the Puppies Premium APK

Tried the freebie first and loved it. Had to buy full version. I am having a ball. My grandkids will love it..

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