NameSherlock Mysteries
ReleaseIlya Platonov

Adventure text quest with a fascinating plot. Sherlock Mysteries is an entertaining text quest for mobile devices with a fascinating story in which you have to transform into a famous detective and try to unravel several serious crimes.

The game is made in the format of a text quest. No on-site investigations, no search for hidden objects, no face-to-face communication with potential criminals. Everything happens in text form. Reading the stories of eyewitnesses, the author’s conjectures, the testimony of witnesses, you must draw up a complete picture of the crime and unravel it, finding the true culprit. A feature of the game is that everything written can be listened to in the form of a voice message. This is very convenient, especially if you are on the road. All actions in the game are carried out by pressing.

Sherlock Mysteries MOD

This is so much fun!! I love Sherlock Holmes stuff, so it's very interesting to play as one of his info collectors. My only complaint is that if I forget to investigate something and I go to answer the questions, I can't go back to a checkpoint or something once I find a name in the questions I don't recognize. But that's not a critique, I'm just a savescummer.. Very favorite of mine... The science of deduction never let me rest for a night....just solving my case...very great game.... I am so happy I came across this game! It is just like this board game called "Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective", (which if you like this app then you simply MUST play). I solved every one of those mysteries and I've always wanted more of those. And now I have found this!!! Hurray!. This game is good, i hope you give option to change to the other languages specially indonesia. It will help me a lot. i don't know what to say. i just LOVED IT. please add more cases to be solved. will be waiting for case update ;).

Sherlock Mysteries APK

This is probably the most realistic detective game you will find. It doesn't have any of the I spy games where you try to find objects in a picture. Just has all the details to solve the case. Only problem is that there is only 4 free cases. The rest you have to pay money.. This is one of the best mobile games I've ever played. Each case comes with a wonderfully detailed storyline, the cases actually offer up a good challenge, the conclusions wrap up neatly, and the narration really makes the game exceptional. There are 4 free cases, which is honestly generous considering there's never any ads, and the other cases I was more than happy to pay $3 for considering how much work is put into each one. I'm genuinly sad to have finished them all.. Yeah I bought the full app I hope it works offline and is a app that will work with out internet ,but the game it self is great. This game just has the whole book adventure experience locked on. It actually lets you pick out the little details that in a case that Sherlock Holmes will, I really enjoyed the chapters I played. Any adventure game book fans out there give this a shot..

Sherlock Mysteries APK

One of the best or one of the best of it's kind or the only one of it's kind, I really don't know what suits the best, but yes I will surely call this a real mystery solving game rather than that clue finding stupid games, like what the hell makes that clue finding games a mystery solving game, I really like this game I haven't met with any flaws till now. And I think that a bit expensive for other case but I think they are trying to cover ad revenue too props to you makers Wroth trying . It's a really good game, But you need to buy cases for you to solve. I know it may be worth it, But for me, If it means to spend money for nothing but a measly little game, It's not worth it.. This one of the best game I have ever played. And I bought all 5 new adventures and please do add new adventures. Big salute to the guys who developed it. Do add new adventures.. So I just finished the beginner case, I absolutely LOOVED it! Very engaging, it's basically an interactive book, no ads or running out of energy like other games. It was amazing. Aaaaaand then I found out that in order to play the other cases I have to pay THREE DOLLARS A CASE! come on! The case itself I would give a 5 star, I only gave 4 stars for the price of the other cases..

Sherlock Mysteries APK

This is one of the best games in Play Store. Many interesting stories to explore and really has the Sherlock holmes vibes in it.. Intuitive interface, passionate voice acting, chilling art, and great mysteries! Great execution! A game that can be learned quickly and played with a friend by the fireplace. The mysteries are the perfect length. I'm looking forward to more in the future and even feel inspired to write my own... BTW go ahead and turn on True Detective... No point in playing with that off..... Great cases and characters and investigafing options,however my game crashes so very often and after finishing the first case it got says that the game has stoped and i do not know what to do.. It might not be what you were looking for, but I assure you that this game deserves more recognition, it completely specifies the lifestyle of Sherlock Holmes. I would really recommend downloading it..

BEST MURDER INVESTIGATION GAME I WAS SEARCHING IN THE PLAYSTORE FOR A GAME LIKE THIS FOR A WEEK AND I GOT IT RIGHT NOW. I REALLY LOVED IT .. The game was amazing! I love murder mysteries. I find most murder mystery games boring, but this was the complete opposite. The murders made sense, were hard, but not too hard making it impossible to figure out. The only thing I don't like is that I have have to pay for more mysteries. I will not be buying them.. This game is beyond tedious. I have repeatedly tried to like the game, but it is boring. I enjoy the stimulation from) mystery games that require thinking, but there is nothing about this game to enjoy. I will be deleting it, after I have posted my review. As my mother would say, sticking a needle in my eye would provide more stimulation and enjoyment than is garnered from playing this game.. This is an amazing game! I have never played anything like it before. It is kind of like a choose your own adventure story, but not quite, it's more like you get to choose which direction you go to conduct your investigation, and its so fun. You are helping Sherlock Holmes and you have to solve mysteries. Then something special happens at the end of each mystery that makes it so worth it! It is so much fun and I can't put it down! I highly recommend this game to everyone..

It's ok, a little confusing to learn at first. I was thrown off when first loading a "free" game to see each part is $2.99 and up. But oh well I will do the 4 free ones and move on. Each part takes about 15 minutes so thats costly to play. I don't mind paying for a game but it's gotta be something more.. This game has been excellent fun! I tried the free version and enjoyed it so much I didn't hesitate to buy the bundle with the rest of the cases. Many hours of game play available, and even has a lovely voice actor reading the chapters. I would gladly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys detective stories, especially Sherlock Holmes.. Played the free case on Real Detective mode.. it's simply Amazing !! Hats off to the developer. Gives us a feel of being a real Assistant to Sherlock Holmes. The UI and everything is smooth and quite unique as well. A bit on the costlier side to purchase the bundle..but will consider buying if I equally enjoy the community cases as well. Cheers :). Amazing game where you actually get to solve cases instead of just following the story and pointing Ann's clicking. And a fantastically well written first case..

Terrible game. You have to listen to him yipping through the whole entire thing. They don't give you any clues. It's not like you go into a room and search for things and do fun things. I can't even believe that this game has as many stars as it does Friends of the developers, I'm assuming. Gotta say I do love this game so far as it's probably the only one that's a good mystery solving type game if that makes sense although I do wish for there to be some more mysteries that are free for people either way this game is really good I love the art and everything! Definitely recommend if you love solving cases!. Unexpectedly tedious and I had a very hard time keeping up with who's who and where to look for the next evidence. Uninstaller after a few days of hindrance.. Really enjoyable, challenging, and addictive! My only complaint is that there are several typos and at least some of them should've been caught by an editor or someone reading through. For instance, forgetting to use closing quotation marks, mistakenly putting things in past tense ("identified"), misspelling "quiet" as "quiete," etc. Otherwise, excellent game!.

Even though this is an excellent Detective/Mystery Game based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes books. I'm only giving it 3 stars because there were the odd spelling mistakes, and I think all the cases should be free. Edit: You can do that yourself. I'm not your proof reader lol.. I just want to know why most cases had to be hidden by a paywall. I'd rather not pay for Sherlock content, thank you. Great game no ads. I love the voice acting. The cases aren't too hard. I've done three cases so far I might have missed one or two convos I still got the main gist what happened. I will be purchasing to get all of them. Great job!. just did the free case and it was good. very detailed and easy to follow. considering purchasing the entire series but not sure I want to spend $10. overall I recommend to try it for free. you just might like it!.

Good game around some well written stories.. however, it's quite difficult to keep track in the longer stories with many leads to follow.. you'll need the Notes function a lot which can easily feel like actual (detective) work..a game definitely requiring focus and concentration, which isn't a bad thing. I'd definitely recommend it. I really liked the 1st case. Some minor misspellings here and there, but overall still consistent. I like the game mechanics as well. pretty solid sherlock-esque mystery game!. I really enjoy the details that are in each of these stories. I find them very akin to the original Sherlock Holmes mysteries and I think the creators have done a wonderful job. I'm excited to start my next case!. Absolutely wonderful game! The voice actor is on par. I finished all the free stories in under a week. I'll check back for more free stories at a later date. Keep up the great work!.

The app is well designed, and the first (free) case that I have played is well written and engaging. As a bonus, the audio readings of the chapters are well acted and add a great deal to the fun. This is the first game I have found that is truly like solving a case with Holmes!. I would say that this game is greatly enhance my brain capability of solving cases. I would like to see more cases from the developers.... Love the game, unfortunately I have payment issues. Payment for the first of the red river cases failed with unhelpful error message even though money was taken from my account. Multiple attempts with different methods failed.. I love them. But reading and playing is two different, if one want to play and then he gave to wait and watch like reading, it will be terrible. Although things are cool and have investigations, directories and interactions. Story time is real boring like lecture, it should be shorten and interactive inbetween. Like when in story we move we move first on map, when we investigate, stunt read but give interactions and choose questions and order them extra ....

This is a fantastic game, I didn't realize it's based on a board game. Much better in app format! I'm giving it 4 stars for the same reason as Vero- it would def be 5 stars if it wasn't for the very tedious process of having to go back and search for the chapter you were in and finding your place in it each time when adding new people/locations/chapters. A simple back button would be fantastic. But it's still totally worth it, I've played all the free ones and I will purchase the paid ones.. I really enjoyed this game, very cool. Definitely for adults, I like how certain places and people are part of a new chapter.. Great game. Done first story only. Unfortunately download of additional stories are available by Wi Fi only. I got unlimited mobile date and no Wi Fi at all. I can't see any option to change it. That's why 3 * instead of 5 * Update: Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately it doesn't work. My 'data saver' is off. I even activated 'mobile data only apps' giving your app permission and it doesn't work neither. When downloading it says 'waiting for wifi'. With other apps no problem.. Really great experience though not though it really grinds my gear. Something I have been craving for so long. Love mysteries and this game really satisfy that. I love that some of them are pretty tough and threw curves enough that you are force to think. The solutions are there and even if you don't get it right, the feel of taking notes and deliberating the truth is satisfying. The small downfall is the replayability. Kudos for the writers and developers hope you guys make more games like this.

Interesting game inspired by the great detective himself. Sof far have played the beginner case and I love the approach of this game. Not to mention the intriguing storyline and smooth narrations.. Amazing! It really makes you think. Please release more stories. Also, ot would be great if there were more "red herrings" in the story, so that it would be even harder.. I love how the story is plotted. It really is challenging. The clues are neither that obvious nor too vague. I love it how one can just highlight a text from the story and have options to add it in their Notes or Search in Directory.. I have contacted their tech support sent a screen shot about how they said I lost a consecutive day when I played every night. I was told it was being looked into. By the 3rd time when it said I lost a day, I uninstalled this game..

Awesome game! I'm extremely impressed with the game unfortunately there are only 4 chapters hopefully you'll add more soon. I won't unistall the game i will wait for it to update and play more chapters. Sherlock Mysteries is a must-have game for subscribers of Arthur Conan Doyle's greatest fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. Playing this game reminisces that of the author's original works. Hands-up to the game developers.. I've only done one chapter and love it. I'm not great but still enjoyed. I'll continue to play. I need to write better notes as I don't get to play for long and sometimes forget what I learned from my previous play before my breaks.. Very much like the books. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to create a game like this. Good job.

Geared towards adults not for kids parents be aware. This is what I've been looking for, no commercials to interrupt you, easy to be sucked in, a keeper game that's worth supporting although free to play, you don't need to pay to win. There are stories to buy for 2 bucks and I enjoy supporting developers if the game is worth it and this is. The app is easy to use and it's like an audio book. Logic and reasoning no silly hidden objects to find, it delivers what it promises. Love it!. Well, this is interesting. I have about 80 GB worth open space in my memory, but the game is telling me to "clear some space". Same applies for the case 'Behind closed doors'. You expect me to buy new cases when the old ones don't open? Not happening.. I stumbled into this hidden gem while looking for Sherlock Holmes games, and I was surprised to find such a well made series of interactive cases! Only played the beginner's case so far, but exploring the directory for people and places mentioned in every new chapter was fun, and the solution felt logical (I ended up doing two mistakes despite unlocking all chapters of the case, but it was mostly an oversight on my side). The voice acting, art and menu music are also great. Highly recommended!. Very good game and I love it. All other games are just about finding objects and there's not even investigation, but this game is different.

I love this game. u can just sit & listen to the story & then work on the clues. I already solved the first case!!!. The Best Mystery Game I've played on Android! I am a Holmes and Mystery fan, this game is definitely a "Stand Out" from the rest! I hope that the game will continue with more Awesome Mysteries.. One of the only games I've ever played that has some semblance of actual investigation. An absolute gem - checking for new mysteries to be added every day.. This game is so good the effort they put in this game is outstanding it's just marvellous. No ads, can use while offline, has a lot to offer for free, worth buying the other cases and I don't see any bugs. This is the honestly the best detective game out there..

I've enjoyed playing this game so much! It's so unique and carefully crafted. Stories itself, sound design and gameplay are really nice. It's also very sweet that game has no ads, I will definitely buy paid cases to support developers and just to keep solving . Great game. Wish there were more levels! I loved the way it was played almost like a choose your own adventure book. Nice job devs!! Make more!!. I'll go with 4 stars for now, because it definitely needs some work (namely a way to add peoplelocations from the directory without leaving the chapter you're in), but I really wanted to give this 5 stars just for existing. I'd describe it as an interactive audio book experience. There really should be so many more games like this.. Really interesting concept. Enjoyable read and fun to be able to investigate in the order of your choosing. it'd be cool to do follow-up questions with people after gaining further information for other suspects, but very cool game so far..

So much fun! I love the interactive nature of this game. great narrator who goes in and out of character between different characters. It is very very well done. mentally stimulating!. definitely one of the most fun games I've ever played! However, the writing is certainly not in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, it's obvious it was written by an American and one with little to no knowledge of Victorian era England or proper UK English. the accents are terrible, the pronunciation is atrocious, much too much modern slang is used, the recordings are poorly edited. all that being said, I love the way the game is set up let me know if you'd like a new contributing writer.. Pretty good. Good level of difficulty without being impossible. 'Continue' option is not very intuitive to find, being 1 step back from the 'new case' screen. It leads you to believe you need to start again if you accidentally hit the back button. Language is often a little modern for the era and London as portrayed is a little inaccurate. For example, the station is Liverpool Street, not Liverpool which is a city some 200 miles north!. Way too much reading and not enough play to really enjoy the game. Maybe incorporate interactive mystery videos to watch instead..

very good game. it's more like real detective experience than most games. can't wait to play again. just finished first case. glad to see the developers are adding new cases. would gladly pay for such a game. there aren't any ads so I don't know how they make any money.. The greatest disappointment with this game is that there are only four mysteries. Eight or ten would have be welcome. The cases are very well done and thought out. Each mystery can easily take two or three hours if you go slow and make notes. Sadly, without have new mysteries being added, there isn't any replay value. Massive kudos to the creators. A great one time run through game. No ads, in-ap-buys or any other unneeded or intrusive features.. I should be able to highlight sentences in story , and you should have login form(same themed as game), so i could continue the game on other devices and never lose progress. The game is much more than expected, thank you so much, keep going and making similar games much love to the creator . As a mystery fan and a fan of Sherlock Holmes, this app is incredible. I've never encountered an app like this before. On all problem-solving games I downloaded, this one is definitely my favorite. I have problems with notes though, I can't right anything. Just that one. But everything in this app is incredible, highly recommended! I hope you'll put new cases because you can count on my word that I'll be waiting for the next update!.

Excellent case story plot & script, combination of elements to arrive at the conclusion, freedom to investigate any element in any order, outstanding feel of being in a novel, and no ads The best detective app on google play.. Finally a better mystery solving game. Most we find in playstore are hidden objects finding garbage. This is definitely way more better and creative at that. Sadly it has only 4 chapters. Also, I think sometimes it gets a little distracted towards at the end. Maybe include a path or a tree where you can navigate locations and suspects. That would be better to consolidate our thoughts and deductions before giving our answers.. This is the most amazing game. I agree with everything everyone else is saying! Hope for more cases soon. Well done. this is one of the best detective games i've come across here you get to be one of Sherlock's irregulars and after a day of detective work, finding clues and a little deduction you get to sit back with Sherlock to see if your methods are as good as his -the best game i can ask for just need more mysteries to be available.

This game app is ridiculously beyond belief! The plots and twists are life-like and representative of the original stories of Sherlock Holmes. The theme colors and graphics design are in a class of its own: they romantically bring the late 19th century atmosphere and ambience. And the option of verbal narration tops it all off, making this game a glorious experience for "wannabe" detectives. I blazed through all the four cases in less than a week. So I'm now a lonely detective without a case . The game is extremely good, I really had to make my own deductions, please add more cases. Thank you. The voice acting is phenomenal and I haven't noticed any bugs at all.. Brillant!!! This has got to be the best app on Google play. Instead of mine numbing match game this game stimlulates deductve reasoning and is thought prevoking. Love it. Are there any more cases?. An interesting style of story puzzle. Collect all the available evidence and draw your own conclusion. There is an opportunity to check your theory against the answer using a quiz before the concluding chapter is given and the correct answers revealed.

It is brilliant. I can't collect my words to appreciate it..its the best detective game ever played. But it would be much better if there were some more mystery cases to solve... I really love this game and it is so unique. I am trying to find a game like this but I can't find any game that is similar to this. The narration is nice too and the narrator's voice is so cool. The cases seems real to me. I want more.. It's tricky enough to keep you thinking and it's great to keep you entertained for a good few hours working out how everything fits together.

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