NameShuriken Master
Size55.89 Mb
ReleaseAthena FZE

Quite a dynamic arcade game that we offer you to play. Shuriken Master to gain strength to play for our main character and fight off a wide variety of food.

Moreover, this food will not be simple at all, but very angry,y and it will try to devour you. Our hero will be a boy named Tafo, who has a small grocery store. Everything seemed fine, and he received a reasonable profit for sale, but something terrible happened.

Some dark forces decided to annoy him and turned his food into the most dangerous monster on the planet. You must destroy them, deal with all the monsters and apply your skills as a real ninja.

Try to throw shurikens at the food, do not let it get close. Otherwise, your company will start from the very beginning. Your hero must survive such a terrible confrontation, defeat any monster and cope withmanyf tasks.

Show incredible skill, accuracy, and speed in your reaction. Go through many levels, apply unique tricks, and destroy food. It sounds strange, but if you were attacked by food, you would do the same. Your future and the whole world will depend only on your skills.

Shuriken Master MOD

This game is really fun. It's time consuming and easy to play. Just one problem. I'm reaching the global high score and it glitches. When I kill things they stay as solid objects and are at 0. The score doesn't move and it keeps my old score. Please fix this. If you need a photo I'll email you.. Originally found this game on my Galaxy s9 got a score of 20k then got a new phone and found out apparently this game does not utilize cloud storage, add to that more ads now and I'll be uninstalling this once great game.. Cool game but no update in months? And i think points need a multiplyer bonus some how takes to long to rack up a good score. I love the game! It's simple and can easily past the time with this game. When it comes to the reward boxes after the game, there are too many boxes to open. I wish they would combine the reward amounts of the boxes so that I wouldn't need to open 36 boxes of rewards just to play again. Had played game before. Came back after several updates. Game loads, but upon starting a "match" my screen gets dark and the game freezes..

Shuriken Master APK

the energy thing is COMPLETELY UNESSCESSARY and it would be better if it was removed because I would like to enjoy one game where I don't have to worry about how much energy I have or BUYING it. Revert the last update. After dying the screen stops responding to touch. This also happens in the upgrade screen after tapping the X to close the window. The quests screen appears empty, and also appears to cause the screen to stop responding to touch. I love the game, but frankly this is making it a chore to play. [Update] Issue appears to be fixed in the last update! Now I can finally go back to playing again.. Honestly this game needs to be seriously fixed. Its unplayable. Uninstalled until they fix the numerous bugs in this game. this game was good at the start now i can play one round and it locks up stupid stupid stupid.

Shuriken Master APK

good game but has a few bugs. For instance the game worked fine for a week and now is crashing after every game.... please fix this bug.. would be better if the recent update didnt break the pause, upgrades, and level end. now the app freezes everytime I get to one of those screens.. kijkuyfyft7 has not yet confirmed that she was in charge until a trial is set up in a case where a man has a right and wrong in his life for a trial of a man convicted 9for in 9but prison for murder charges and the 9murder was arrested on a 99charge robbery case filed for his family after a federal court judge in a lawsuit against his father was released on a court hearing Wednesday on the charges that were released by his attorney and a lawyer who said that his wife and her daughter had not hea. game was great until the update. the ads were a little much, but tolerable. now the game will not get past the loading screen. so in the end, it was a bust. a lot of wasted time and effort put into a game that no longer works..

Shuriken Master APK

RATING CHANGE!!! 5 STARS TO 1 STAR I, like other users, had been enjoying this game for quite some time until my game would no longer load. I follwed a suggestion to delete Ap Cache and Data which the developers gave another user and have lost all my progress. I am extremely disappointed and hope the developers will do something to rectify the error many players are experiencing. I will be moving onto another game.. I have been enjoying the game, but it will no longer load for me. I unistalled the game and reinstalled, but the game will still not load to the main menu.. Great fun, highly addictive. However this game sucks battery up faster than any app I've ever run. Would be 5 stars if I could have it open for more than 15 minutes without killing my phone.. Game is fun but since the update i haven't been able to open the game. It stays on the loading screen. I've restarted the app, my phone, uninstall and reinstall, nothing works.

The game currently does not load any video ads, hasn't been for 4 days. So I can't use the continue button or get the free coins. Please fix. YES! The devs are listening. Coins are now a little easier to accumulate through quests. I will continue to stick with this game and see how it turns out.. Cool concept but not enough variation. Having to watch an ad just to get to the main menu is incredibly annoying too. That's what drive me to stop playing. Core mechanics are pretty good but the controls are terrible and make the game virtually unplayable without a serious time commitment for adjusting to the incredibly awkward virtual joystick..

Coins are practically impossible to collect easily and the progression is like trying to do a backflip for the first time.. It's just a simple money grabber... If you want to buy anything expect to grind for forever as getting a score of 90 only grants you a couple of coins at a time and higher scores aren't much better. The art is nice, but that's about all I can say in this game's favor. The controls are awkward, gameplay has no feeling of accomplishment or progression to it, and the rate at which you acquire currency is painfully slow and an obvious verify to hide the pay wall between you and all of the unlockable items. Unless you just really want to see your time and wallet waste away, don't even bother with this.. So fun I played rihh when I got it but it needs to be every enemy you hit you get a token.

A genuinely fun game. Too bad it forces you watch ads to get any decent amount of money. You'll get around 5 gold in each game and the cheapest upgrade is 100.. It's so hilarious having a little bird just battling against food with his shuriken and it's so addictive whenever I have time I play it till I can't anymore but you guys should add some more ways to get coins because it's really hard but other than that I love it.. Ads almost each round end. Coins gathered extremely slow with little rewards when upgrading. Geared towards ads and microtransactions to upgrade unless you grind for hours and hours to unlock the next star that has barely any power/speed vs original. Promising but needs fine tuning and balancing.

Download ( V1.1.29 )

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