NameSkibydi Survival: Toilet Party
CategoryNew Game
Size99 MB
ReleaseABI Global Publishing

Skibydi Survival: Toilet Party is a game with a unique and unusual concept. The game revolves around surviving in a post-apocalyptic world where the only source of food is toilets. Players are tasked with exploring different areas and finding toilets to gather food resources. They must avoid various obstacles and enemies while collecting items and managing their hunger and health. The game features a humorous tone and quirky characters, providing an entertaining and lighthearted experience. Skibydi Survival: Toilet Party offers a different take on survival games, combining humor and unusual gameplay mechanics to create a fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

Skibydi Survival: Toilet Party MOD

Terrible game, taking stuff from Squid Game and skibibi toilets into this cash grab. Plus, how does this have 100k downloads and only 39 reviews? I hope Google helps with getting rid of these ripoffs. (-_-).

Download ( V1.3 )

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