Sky Aces APK Mod 1.31 (Free Shopping)

Last update February 21, 2024

NameSky Aces
ReleaseGame Dev Team

Arcade action with airplanes and in horizontal orientation. Sky Aces is a dynamic action game with planes in the horizontal direction, in which you will participate in epic battles of the Second World War.

Before going into battle, you must choose a side of the conflict. It should be borne in mind that each side has its individual tasks and aircraft. After that, you will start completing tasks. They are mainly related to destroying enemy aircraft, but sometimes you must destroy a base or ground vehicles with fortifications.

In any case, everything here is tied to military operations; most of the time, you will be at war with numerous enemies. The player has many different aircraft at his disposal, including fighters, attack aircraft, and many other vehicles from the Second World War. Naturally, each plane has its distinctive technical characteristics. Each aircraft is equipped with modules. In total, you can put three pieces. They help to increase the effectiveness of the aircraft in combat.

Sky Aces MOD

Excellent game. Good 4short breaks. Challenging. Reviewers sayin iz too Hard, I agree Unless you have the skillz, patience, ability, practice defense & play lts. Skip past hard missions Until you upgrade plane. I now have: 6 planes, beaten ll missionz with wins at 1, 2, & 3 stars difficulty: ~except mission #27 only 2 stars. Can't beat #27 @ 3 stars: Refit Balloonz Stop Coming): It'z a Very gd old scol arcade game! [TY2Devz] You never truly Fail unless you Choose Too Stop trying~K-Lr(;). Best game. Very hard, I finished all level but failed to purchased last plane. There no takeoff and landing options.. This game is amazing it's incredibly fun and it's one of those games I can spend an hour playing on and not get bored sometimes it might get stressful but in the end I've had a good time 10 out of 10. The worst game of this sort in existence. Lame controls, design for children. Don't waste time with this stupid game.. Wow is this game great and its one of the first i ever played. Its simple looking game style is deiciveing as its very good at making the player think "i should go for this then i should destroy that and run off to do that" it would be five stars if it wasn't for difficulty spikes but its entertaining overall.

Sky Aces APK

Good concept, but impossible. I love everything about the game except that there needs to be more support for the player, as levels 20 onward are impossible.. It's a really cool game but they spawn in the airplanes like crazy and they kill me a lot creater can you please slow down the spawn of the enemy aircraft and plus make the levels a little bit easier in front of the enemy base is really bigger than mine why can't I get help I only got help in one of the levels so cool game but really hard levels I'm not mad just telling you. . Hi developer I was thinking that you could upgrade the planes a little because its super hard to defeat the Zeppelin can you please you know me to update on upgraded the plane the World War 1 planes thank you can you buy friends and upgrade them please. Oh also I would like you to some upgraded bombs I really really love this game but Zeppelin is really hard.. Stupid game. Level 22 is the last level in the game. I don't know why the level is made so dificult. Also you are vulnerable while flying rightwards. Enemy plane and you could perfectly cicle about a common center and meanwhile other enemy planes can attack you. There is no defense mechanism and in the 22nd level you are basically flying the plane in enemy's bullets..

Sky Aces APK

It has some stuf that the real game dosent but if you can rix that then i will play more and add a playbox modes. Some of the levels are outright impossible to beat with 3 stars due to the amount of planes not being enough to reach the score. The levels near the end are hard as hell becuse you only get limited supplies, the amount and level of planes are massive, and the plane you are using to that point is just useless.. It's a nice simple concept, I like the graphics and strategic setups. I just don't like that the control buttons are a bit too small. I hate the zeppelin level,I die every time,I try to bomb the engines,the sopwith fighters ALWAYS SHOOT ME DOWN!! I quit the game,its so bad.

Sky Aces APK

Fun, changeling and great game play. Controls take a bit to get use to but once you get the hang of it piece of cake. Would be nice to be able to have more bombs. . Its a cool game. Not super easy n not real hard.a great way to pass the time. Me like e. I'm right-handed in the controls are on the left side. If I can fly by tilting the phone, I'm sure I would have more fun. Hy Kid no 95! Concentrate... Very excellent game play, I really appreciate it and it desrve 5* as it has its on cahrm.

Very nice game. By the way, I am pro at this game, because I finished all levels in just a few days! And I am only 10 yrs old!. World War One side scroller plane combat which plays as a quick time waster. Simple controls involving pitching up or down (relative to your plane, not the ground). Some levels with a set number of enemies are difficult or nigh impossible to score a perfect 3 star on but other than that the game works perfectly offline with varied challenges between levels. Also to note going left to right you can bomb but going right to left you will be unable to due to being unable to roll the bombs under. it would be 5 starts if not for the difficulty of getting full bonuses in certain levels and upgrade to a new plane. level 22 is insanely difficult.. QUIT SAYING COMING SOON!!!! A YEAR OR2 ISN'T SOON. newest promise is assault for multiplayer. This is a 3 day game that actually costs money. Love it but come on now! SERIOUSLY ALREADY, get a decent crew, or sell app to someone who makes this app somewhat relevant, NEW LEVELS, MORE MULTIPLAYER, MORE ANYTHING!!!! At least yearly... Damn ...

Was 5 stars but now 3 because the game looses balance at mission 22. Even with junker it's too hard and takes the fun away.. I can't seem to find the in-app purchase hub in the game... And a heros part two would be awsome! . I did try the free version first,I liked it so I bought the Full game. Definitely worth the price!. Game is completely amazing, but mission 22 is the hardest, they is no flying crates to refill my health or bombs.

A game which is challenging but never unfair, lovely ships and combat. Shame there isn't a levelling system or money system to upgrade the ships.. doesn't explain how the mission bonus is earned. Points are gained from each enemy unit or building destroyed, but at the end of each level, that score is added to a mission bonus which is different every time so its not a set amount awarded for mission completion... I don't know What determines the bonus. Its important because your total score determines whether you get 1, 2, or 3 medals. And at certain incremental amounts of medals, you get a new plane. I'll email the devs and report back here.... I want more levels! Expand this game please! I'll glady pay more $ for more levels and Planes!! Maybe add some cheats in the in app purchases!?? Maybe the ability to build extra guard towers or really anything to customize the great game experience... Tons of potential here!! Anyways, EVERYONE, THIS GAME LOOKS LIKE IT COULD BE CHEESY AT FIRST LOOK BUT ITS REAL FUN AND I RECOMEND THIS GAME TO ALL WHO ARE LOOKING FOR A GAME TO SIMPLY RELAX AND HOURS OF GREAT FUN! PERFECT 5! Oh yeah, and try the newest game, part 2! Its even better!. This Game is very simple but very challenging. Wasted many hours playing this. Would be nice if there was Multi player online. Only multi player is fritz and some other guy. Which is computer generated..

Beautiful reproduction of the old Atari game! Used to enjoy playing it on the Atari as a kid. Enjoy playing it just as much, if not more on the mobile platform! How do the level bonuses work though? Not really catching on to how to maximise it! Seems dumb luck to get max. :- Anyhow, keep up the good work!. Ahhhh I'm addicted to this game! I love it!!!!! Occasionally closes in the middle of the game on both my HTC AMAZE and my VL Prestige tablet. Hasn't crashed on my wife's HTC sensation. Hope that bug is fixed soon. Still my fav game right now and still worth the 1 buck!!!! Buy it!.

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