Suspects: Mystery Mansion is an addictive multiplayer action puzzle game inspired by the iconic game. You will find yourself in a large mansion where a case has just happened; one of your friends has been killed. But the criminal is still among you, and all the players have yet to find out who he is!

Latest of Suspects Mysterious Mansion Codes

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Suspects: Mystery Mansion is an exciting online game created in the style of the popular Mafia game! In Suspects: Mystery Mansion, eight players worldwide will find themselves in a large mansion. Some of them will be harmless guests, and some will be murderers. Guests will perform various tasks and calculate the killers by voting. And the killers will do everything not to be identified.

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Up to 9 users participate in a game where randomly, one plays the killer. He will have to kill all the other players quietly and try not to get caught. The rest of the players, in turn, have to complete small tasks like puzzles and mini-games. For example, you have to light candles, find fingerprints on knives, collect puzzles, connect pipes, and more. If during the game you see the bodies of your teammates, urgently call an emergency meeting where the players will discuss who might have done it.


During a meeting, all users can communicate with each other using voice chat, allowing you to figure out any situation much faster. Once done, people vote to expel anyone who looks the most suspicious. After death, the player can stay in the game and watch the process as a ghost. There are several different characters to choose from in animal form. Have fun with your friends, and show off your stealth or deductive investigative skills!

How to Redeem Code for Suspects: Mystery Mansion

To redeem a gift code in Suspects: Mystery Mansion, follow these simple steps. First, open the game and tap on the settings icon in the top right corner. Next, click on the "Redeem" tab. Then, enter your gift code in the box provided and click on "Redeem." You will receive a confirmation message if the code is valid. Enjoy your rewards, which could include in-game currency, cosmetic items, or other exciting bonuses. Remember to check for expired codes and use them before they expire.

List of Suspects: Mystery Mansion Codes

1. CRIME123: Unravel the mysteries of Suspects: Mystery Mansion with this exclusive gift code. Use it to unlock special detective equipment and gain an advantage in the search for the hidden killer.

2. SECRETCLUE: Discover hidden clues and solve mind-boggling puzzles with this gift code. Unlock exclusive maps and uncover the truth behind each suspect's alibi.

3. MURDERCASE: Dive into the thrilling world of detective work with this gift code. Access bonus content, including new characters and thrilling murder cases to solve.

4. MASTERDETECT: Become the master detective you were destined to be with this gift code. Use it to unlock powerful investigation tools and outsmart even the most cunning suspects.

5. MYSTERYHUNT: Embark on an enthralling mystery hunt with this gift code. Unlock hidden locations, collect evidence, and piece together the puzzle to expose the true culprit.

6. SUSPECTS007: Step into the shoes of a secret agent detective with this gift code. Gain access to exclusive gadgets and go undercover to catch the killer in Suspects: Mystery Mansion.

7. SLEUTHSKILL: Sharpen your sleuthing skills with this gift code. Unlock special abilities, such as enhanced deduction and intuition, to outwit the suspects and bring justice to the mansion.

8. ESCAPETHECRIME: Escape the clutches of the culprit and solve the greatest mysteries in Suspects: Mystery Mansion with this gift code. Discover secret escape routes and unlock thrilling bonus levels.


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