NameTable Top Racing
ReleasePlayrise Digital Ltd.

A unique combat race in which you have to become a real hero. Table Top Racing is looking at these cool graphics, experiencing the addictive gameplay, and enjoying the whole gameplay.

Only here you will get a huge number of hours of fun, try to challenge players, and go through a large number of levels. Collect the craziest cars, make them fight against powerful enemies, and overcome numerous obstacles.

You can improve your cars at any time, drive them to the garage and put the best equipment. Install powerful guns, unique wheels and go through all the tracks filled with enemies.

You will be able to adjust the schedule according to your smartphone, test yourself for strength and test all 17 combat vehicles. Here you will ride on 8 difficult tracks, go through 4 championships and complete more than 30 tasks. 7 game modes, 9 unique bonuses, and the craziest races are waiting for you.

Try to get all 28 achievements, look at the leaderboard and climb higher. A huge number of weapons, the maximum range of opponents and crazy survival races. You have a certain chance to do everything efficiently and quickly, but becoming a leader will not be easy at all.

Table Top Racing MOD

From 5 to just 1 star. Reason? A.I. BOT IS A CHEATER. It ignores all kinds of TTRWT physics. Winning the race near the finish line? The bot will zoom behind you and perform a PIT maneuver. Middle of the pack? Bot will make sure you don't finish in Elimination mode at all. Sbortcuts? Bot will zoom everything easily without using shortcuts.. Great port, my only issue is the controller support. Love that it has it, especially as this is a port from consoles, but not being able to map actions to different buttons is a bit frustrating. Why is Accelerate and Brake/Reverse mapped to the Right analogue stick, instead of the Right and Left Triggers? Especially if you have analogue Triggers. Let us change that in a setting or as an option and it'll be a perfect port.. Better than the original. I only wish that you could buy upgrades. Not being able to makes the game Super challenging. No lag whatsoever. Favorite game on my phone. I have played this game when it used to be free and believe me I have enjoyed it playing but I bought it today which is fine but the game mechanics or whatever it is. It does not feel like the old table top racing. I was happy to find this game after years but now the newer version has disappointed me. I recall this being on playstation and it was epic. Hopefully if these guys get enough reviews theyll buff their game with some updates HINT HINT..

Table Top Racing APK

I own tabletop racing premium and I love it. I decided since I had the extra money I would buy this, but I'm not as in love with it as I am the first one. The first one is just so much more responsive, and maybe this one will just take some getting used to, but it doesn't do as well on my devices as the other one does. The one device has 6 GB of ram, too, so I can't help wondering. ETA: $400 tablet later and this game still sucks. Worse, the first TTR has been removed from the play store. -_-,. I really love the game . Machanic are super cool environment are beautiful done. I really appreciate the whole indie team. I have read the credit in the end that you are 7 to 10 people, and that make me so much motivated that what a small team can do. Really you guys rocks . If possible, can you let's me know where I can connect with you guys , any email or something if you guys can provide that will be great. Overall good work, highly recommended this game to everyone. Cheers. Very well made, fun to play. No Permissions required. Full access to the game with one single purchase, as it should be. Great all around. I do recommend this game.. I love the original and this would be a slightly better upgrade if only they kept the originals top down view, and no offence to the music artist but it really is not my taste, a option for bit of rock / metal would be a great addition but that's minor compared to the missing top down isometric view I love so much gone, please add it back it's a easy fix..

Table Top Racing APK

Fun game but the steering on the red pick up truck wasn't always responsive, other than that, some buttons on menu also not very responsive. 4/5. Can't link a Pegi 3 game to my 10 year old sons Gmail account. Again it seems the worst thing you can do on Google is try and be a responsible parent, just makes the account utterly useless.. Wow the game looks amazing and the controls are not bad but jesus my 7 year old son gave the game up after 10 min and then i tryed it and i can understand why the ai is ridiculous a good challenge for a grown-up but a total nightmare for children. Wow this feels like a console game. Has controller support and multiplayer unfortunately no one is there yet. I recommend playing this one over the original also there's no Miro shop..

Table Top Racing APK

After waiting several minutes, it will not get past the first screen.. unplayable so far. $5 bucks wasted. Update, I was finally able to play it.. Not working without playstore. Very sad as my new mobile does not have it purposely. Tried on my old mobile and it points out it needs another google thing. Although I get it to work but way slow on my LG V20. Refunded.. Better graphics than the original and more challenging (but I kinda like that) , also the controls are better. Does seem to lag in places even though my phones should be powerfull enough , mainly when there is effects going on (especially the plasma balls), I think its and newer android problem as my older, less powerfull phone ran it fine!. Anyway apart from that I love it. Thank you very much. Some of the drift events are can you achieve the high scores required with the bad controls/camera? I'm using 8bitdo sn30 pro+ gamepad here. Did you even play your own game? . And also multiplayer still not working.

Really needs some options to change graphics settings. Environments look nice enough but the cars look flat and ugly. I get it, not all devices could cope but with some optimisations here and there this game could look a lot better. Also, controller support could be improved. Who wants to push up on the second stick to accelerate?. No spawn protection and you spawn way behind. Touch controls are complete garbage. For some reason the fastest car in the game is slow. But good game overall.. Crashes before I can complete the first challenge cup and always in the final race. The two stars are for the great game play when it does work.. Great game runs great on Nvidia shield tv. only thing is gas and brake are controlled by right stick instead of triggers like all other games and like ps4 version. a little hard to get use to. would be better if there was option to change that. FYI using Nvidia controller..

It is a really good game. Firstly I don't have any problems with loading times, frame rate or battery life on my Nokia 5.1+, which is a pretty cheap gaming phone. The tracks look and drive great. The game is fun, but you'll lose a lot of races on the last corner, but driving well will win you races, so there is still a lot of skill involved. You can earn the best cars by the end of the sixth championship, which is awesome. If you are old enough to remember Micro Machines, it is like that but even better.. Great arcade racing on mobile. It's not a sim but more of an arcade racing game. Very fun graphics. Runs well on my Pixel 2 XL which is 3 years old.. Not ready for Mobile yet. Rushed job. The game has no IAP, but everything is too small in terms of the write up, I played the game with a magnifying glass coz lI loved the earlier TTR Premium game. The first car you get is extremely hard to steer. In spite of getting 3 stars at 2 out of 3 races I took my call, I am done with this. Devs I would be waiting for a refined game till then I opt for refund.. You should really consider adding another method for touch controller, this one is really strange and annoying, hard to break and even harder to drift. Optional acceleration, independent brake, or tourn arrows on the one side with brake and accelerate on the other. Acceleration button is very needed for drift..

Yeah I enjoy a lot, like the first one! Now i want to make a google family account to play at home. :) What do you think about making an official discord server to players find each other?. Great game, beautiful graphics, would rate 5 if there was more of a variety of different levels and more customisation, also would be great to have more camera views, maybe a slightly higher birds eye view and one further away and lower. . Fantastic app. Played it on the Xbox and only recently discovered it was available on the go. Great pocket racing experience,only criticism would be that the physics of the car fell a bit off. The cars fell very heavy for remote control cars. Once you get past this, the racing is extremely addictive and brilliant for short bursts.. After spending 4.79 on this game I feel robbed No players in the online lobby to race very disappointing , I bought this game because I wanted to play online racing !! Please refund my money !.

Still the same TTR that I like with more race mode, better physics, and better graphics. Although I wish there's a custom race mode, so you're not just stuck with special event (for more challenging races) when playing solo offline.. This game is in my opinion not good. It needs a lot of work. (TTR Premium is much better.) I found this game very slow to open. The controls and graphics are sluggish. The cars seem very heavy and are difficult to control. The file is also very large, 1.2GB and that is just too much space on my device. Sorry dev. You will have to do better. Uninstalled.. There was an issue on my specific device which was they could not resolve, BUT the support was responsive and excellent and I was provided a refund.. Fantastic game. Shame on all phone users for not buying more copies. Devs you are too good for mobile where people expect everything for free. I hope you have a nintendo switch version in the works. This game has great graphics. Superb car handling and a killer soundtrack. I hope more people by this game..

Edit: Added a star. Great game and finally some great music. Why no graphics options like before? Cars don't cast any real shadows on anything, unlike in the first one. I can't unsee it now. I know it's silly, but can extra graphical touches be added for higher-end devices? Shadows, AA, Res slider, 30/60fps toggles, etc.. I hope you guys respond. I've bought all your stuff multiple times on multiple platforms.. Been waiting for this a long time but game has a lot of lag. Asphalt 9 runs smooth and has a lot more going on the screen, hope it will get fixed in the near future. **Edit** thanks for the response. I'm just disappointed after waiting for so long. I won't ask for a refund, I'll keep waiting until an update fixes the issue or until I get another phone (I don't change my phone every year so maybe a couple of years from now). Online multiplayer seems to be broken, with no in-game buttons responding while in the corresponding menu. Cloud saving seems to broken too, with a my phone unable to get past the loading screen, and my Shield TV loading screen not responding to any in-game buttons to choose the "keep local/cloud saved game" options. This might show that the servers for this game are broken, meaning that it cannot be played at all.. The app version takes this game to a higher level of excitement as you get to take the game with you wherever you go to. Amazing to see TTR World Tour in action in my hands! I originally played the game on PS4 it was a lot of fun and now on mobile the fun gets even better..

It's honestly probably the best racing game on mobile. Console quality graphics and fun. The only thing I wish it had was a quick race option. :3.

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