NameTap Blast Friends
CategoryNew Game
Size118 MB
ReleaseLianyu Games

Tap Blast Friends is a game that revolves around tapping on colored blocks to clear levels and earn points. The objective is to tap on groups of two or more blocks of the same color to remove them from the board. With each successful tap, more blocks fall from the top, creating new opportunities for matches. The game also features power-ups and bonuses that help players clear levels more efficiently. In addition to the single-player mode, Tap Blast Friends allows players to compete with their friends by comparing scores and challenging them to beat their high scores. It offers a fun and addictive gameplay experience for both casual and competitive gamers.

Tap Blast Friends MOD

Greetings to you and the wonderful update and amazing development that will be carried out by a truly wonderful and distinguished work team in development. I hope in future updates that this feature will be available to restore previous stages. I will be happy and thankful. Greetings to you and continued success Progress and increase followers. This tap blast friends game is absolutely amazing the graphics are super amazing the game Play is fantastic this game is so addictive I can't stop playing it. Was enjoying this game but challenges are impossible to pass without spending money? I want a game that is fun, achievable without having to pay? Thanks. I was enjoying the game until you guys changed the The animation of how the blocks smash! I can't put my finger on it but something is different and I don't like it anymore . (aka:testerzero) (tmi: I basically h8 these 'games' (re genre) but this one looked promising) . It, like all the others, has a 'pig' (h8), 'bubbles' (h8), and etc... But tdb (the deal breaker) is 'no replay' (h8)... I came, I played, I quit... [ed] I, imnsho, think/know that my remark re "no replay" was/is quite specific and remarkable... If y'all need some kinda xltn (translation) lmk (let me know)... Most OCDs 'MUST' get 3* on 'ALL' levels - (tmi: I'm little (ie: 'no') dif than n e of them!)...

Tap Blast Friends APK

Fantastic game. I love all the little challenges along the way, especially the Volcano feature. It's fun collecting either rockets or red cubes and the rewards are reasonable and useful. The drones are unpredictable but incredibly powerful. I think there should be gold awarded for multi day tournaments in addition to the items and timed unlimited life. Beautiful colours and animations.. I like so far I accidentally tapped the wrong thing and got rid of my game so I'm hoping this is the one I'm going to get it back I like to. If I go that far to the top of the game that I were harder to get beaten down to the place as qualified. This is a really cute game ... so far, the kennels have been easy enough to pass and I think that's very important in Gabe's like these. Players don't want to be stressed when playing games, we wanna play for FUN and this is it!!!.

Tap Blast Friends APK

I'm POOR and CAN'T AFFORD to pay to play it would be REALLY NICE if we could WIN the things we need to get through the game without having to be penalized for not being RICH it's NOT FAIR to penalize people just because they're POOR, I hope you guys will try to figure out something to HELP EVERYONE get through the game PLEASE, I'm BEGGING PLEASE, try to figure out something, Thanks for listening I Really APPRECIATE it . Like this game. the Issues I have is that it cost too many coins for more moves and boosters. You do get good rewards. Like the spinner booster. but, can quickly lose them if you run out of moves. Why charge so much for booster? Probably will have to Uninstall the game. I think it starts to get harder on level 7 but it gives you that challenge to keep going and finish it it's just not a game to willy-nilly excuse you something to think about before you press the box so so far it's keeping my infants making me challenge the game. Love the game. I have PTSD and MDD. And it keeps me busy and calm. Thank you for making a game that helps me so much..

Tap Blast Friends APK

Yes it is so wonderful and amazing way for me to play on Tap Blast Friends and it is so beautiful game and I wish this game come out with PIGGY BANK or put it on our savings account. Very nice game, no adds, simple and fun, only started playing 2 days ago, so I'll see, but so far ,,,killer fun.. So far, I think this is a pretty good game without any ads popping up. Keep up the great work Thank you.

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