NameThe Reporteur: Utopia

A scary adventure for brave players. In this story The Reporteur: Utopia is somewhere very close. You will have to collect all the evidence and try to figure out the killer among ordinary people. This will be the most dangerous and vital report of your life, but it could also be your last.

An anti-utopian game project in which you will take on the role of a simple reporter. He is just starting his career, not quite experienced, but quite a brave guy. Our hero has long been tired of gossip and yellow news, and he became a clear witness to a series of terrible murders. Try to uncover all the secrets, find evidence, and then still become a professional reporter. Great sounds, great graphics, a gorgeously crafted storyline, and everything that will not leave you indifferent. You are waiting for dozens of interesting tasks, searching for clues, the calculation of killers, as well as a variety of puzzles throughout the game.

The Reporteur: Utopia MOD

Wow . It felt like it actually had major potential. Then after it reloaded the energy It stopped working. Weird bug. The art is good. But the voice acting is bad. And the dialogue is also a bit lengthy. Wish there could be a skip button for the dialogue so I don't have to wait for them to finish talking.. This game story is good, i don't worry waiting for long update of story if the story is great but i would recommend to add skip dialogues and improve the character voices, because the character voices is feel like unreal, improve the intonation of character voices for real experience. Interesting graphics. The story hasn't been fully released yet, so can't judge the story well. The English translation could be improved and there are ads between every scene change.. Best experience about this game.. is one of the most mystery adventures game and it's a very good to play...

The Reporteur: Utopia APK

I wish i can skip the conversation because it was too long and boring. I got bored and deleted it a few minutes after playing the games. This game is a work in progress, so the score reflects the fact that only a small portion of the storyline is available. The artwork is reminiscent of Broken Sword, but gameplay (so far) is very linear, with little choice in what to do or say. It is very dialogue-heavy, with no obvious way to skip or speed up conversations. This might be useful to implement later in development. Since no murders have happened yet, I assume there is a lot more to come. I look forward to seeing where it goes.. audio was buzzing out or whatever its called. not a big fan of the voice acting and the gameplay but it has it's potential. I can see some potential in the game but it definitely needs some work. The art is really good, but the dialogues need improvement. The voiceovers are too stiff, it feels very scripted, some of the subtitles don't match the voiceovers. The english could also use some work, the accent is fine but misspellings and grammar mistakes make the story hard to understand. Maybe add a "skip dialogue" option and an "objective" feature, so players will remember what to search for. Game looksreallypromising!.

The Reporteur: Utopia APK

This app is best to play when you are no thing u want to do or when do u get bored the story is great too! U need to make a survey for a player to get more idea. The game has a lot of potential. The art style and music are the best, but the narration and the storyline isn't clear. There are also grammar issues that I found were personally hard to ignore, because it affects the interpretation of the storyline. I should be able to tap to skip to the next narration, if I read faster than they talk. An NFSW mode should be available to disable cuss words in the story. But overall, good.. I love the smoothness of the game. The amazing graphics and voice sound. I would like the game to be more engaging and interesting. Putting more dialogs? Random item or event actions? Overall, 8/10 for now.. The same seem good, but i can't with the voice :'). Sorry. Also i hope there are skip button so we could skip it. I can't wait them talking until it's end. Sorry.

The Reporteur: Utopia APK

I beat all the available chapters. However I found some problems. The English subtitles has some errors here and there also I really wish the voice actors did a better job. A lot of times it felt like the same voice actor was speaking to each other in different accents. Hopefully they fix all this in the upcoming chapters and make this great. It's really too early too judge the game from a story perspective since there aren't a lot of chapters and nothing has happened yet.. Nice Game Play Grafics Is Very Good .. Wow This Is Story Mode Game Play .. One Reporter Boy Is Going To Search A Cash ( Murder ).. Watch Full Game Play On My Gaming YouTube Channel : PeriDo Gaming.

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