NameWalking Dead: Road to Survival

Role-playing strategy number 1 from the world of “The Walking Dead”. Gather a team and destroy the zombies! Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a great game from the Scopely studio that will impress fans of zombie games. Feel the whole atmosphere of this game, experience and survive together with the heroes of the hit Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Throughout the game, the heroes will have to look for ways to escape and find a way out of those situations from which it seems that there is no way out at all. The player will be able to accept the survivors in his team and survive with them. Replenish the number of people in the Woodbury settlement. Put an end to the Governor’s power, because no one but you knows what this man can do.

It is worth noting that the game is extremely similar to the TV series and comics of the same name, but, of course, it was not without innovations that await players in the game The Walking Dead: Road to Life.

The graphics in the game are simply incredible, the twist of the storylines can shock even the most demanding players. The player’s decisions affect both the ending and the entire storyline, so think carefully before choosing an action. Collect all the legendary characters from your favorite comics and movies.

Among other things, the game has an online mode with the possibility of PVP battles with other players, and the user will be able to join other clans and teaming up with them, to defeat enemies. Build your impenetrable base.

Walking Dead: Road to Survival MOD

I want to Know why why every time an ad comes on I had to start the game all over from the beginning that's why I'm giving you one star and I'm going to this game is a minute less you'll tell me what's going I'm going to delete this game. I like the game but make us where we can restart all of our progress. Because I'm literally stuck and guys are too weak and I ain't paying for nothing but the grinding in this game takes forever, just make us where we can make NEW account please?. You know this game used to be great but now every time I end up hitting level five that unlocks the ascension statue and after I combine and evolve everything and get Maggie Hilltop it takes me to the home view then kicks me to the load page it says downloading and then makes me do the same thing all over again.. Can't even get it to play. It just loads & loads & loads on the dark grey screen w/ "loading" in the upper left corner.. I recently got a new phone that works perfectly and this game refuses to work for me and I have tried to contact the game developers using their website and email and nothing has been resolved, I have the battle pass and everything and every day I'm not on I'm losing time to collect rewards and such. This has been major let down and while I have played this game for a long time it's sad to see that it doesn't appear I will no longer be able to play this game till it gets fixed... 0/5.

Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

It's the game I play most often. It gets buggy when a new season starts which is frustrating but they are responsive to issues. Not always as quickly as one might want, but they do respond and the issues are addressed.. Got this game last night and I can't even play it, the game won't load at all, screen stays where it is. I've tried restarting my phone, restarting the game and nothing.. This game would be way more beneficial and actually okay if you had more than 1 builder for the whole series. I legit play every few months due to the fact that I can't build anything. Im not spending tons of money to speed up the process either. Just make it more effective, otherwise the player count will continue to drop.. could u make a wolfdog, named sabre or cheyene u dont have too, but it could be js a small update type but its a wolfdog not much of a thing, u dont have too scope!:).

Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

Awful Customer Service. I have been playing this game over 4 years. Thought it was the best yet I lost the whole game. I lost my google account and I cannot recover it to get my game progresd back. However when I tried to contact customer service and ask the help to get my twd rts account they asking me a screenshot of a purchase reciept. How in the hell can I get a google recipet from lost google account. No way. They cannot understand this.. Nice game but please get rid off like how can i say when new things unlock its a must to go there please get rid of that and therse a bug when monument opens when jou Acend youre men it kicks me out of game i cant play it please fix it as fast as possible then il rate 5. Um what's going on no level up tournament no arena fights what are you guys playing at we gonna get compensated for this huge inconvenience!!!???. Time to stop playing after 8yrs many changes some for better others for worse. Overall its the same old grindfest with the same old recycled events even most toons. Cant compete fairly at a high levels without getting stamped on by lower level P2W players with bigger CC's than you. Paywalls in place and pop ups directing you to payed offers. Scopley needs to find a good balance in the game for all to enjoy.. LoL and the typical copy paste response from Dev's Good Luck if you decide to play.

Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

Exceptional, but pay to play Survivors have the upper hand, saying that the gameplay is good now the bugs seem to be history. Not sure of all the rewards that were expected, if I got mine I didn't notice. Great Improvement Scopeley.. This game need to stop any LOADING words on my screen, it's stop the flow of gaming to much. Just taking events items then LOADING INFORMATION really pissing me off. My son & I play. Region my son is in York has toxic players harrasing region daily, when support was notified to address the issue. My son the victim was banned. Was a favorite game for over 6 yrs not i wouldnt recomend to anyone. The ban in my opinion is another tool by the toxic faction black panthers to further their agenda & support justified their action.. Game was fine until the recent update. I updated the game and now it just takes me to the play store saying to update again but having no update option..

After a forced update, as in no choice but must be done. Many of my Faction mates and I are now locked out of the game. There is no way to get into the game what so ever! I'm hoping for an answer here. It is 3:30 am Detroit Michigan time, Monday, the 14th of August. Let's see how long it takes to fix this mess! Started as normal this afternoon , and after doing about half of the Negan road map, I got kicked back here to do the upgrade that's already done! Locked out again.. Hi, I updated the app 4 days ago (to the current version with new logo), it was working fine earlier today & during war, yet now when I try to go it I get hit with a prompt to "update the app now so I don't lose any progress". I've force checked for new updates & there isn't any. All apps on the phone are up to date, I've closed all windows & restarted the phone too. Nothing fixes it. Curious why it's asking that when it's up to date? EDIT: Got fixed for a few hours, now it's gone again.. The latest update broke the game When I tried to update it, it wouldn't update. Then I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it. And it's still saying I need to update. Hi scopely, just tried several times to log in to game and keep getting booted out and it won't load. All it is showing is that I need to update to continue to play BUT THERE IS NO UPDATE. Please fix your damned game..

You gotta be in it to understand it. It will start of slow if your a newcomer, and gradually pick up if you play with right people. I recommend watching YouTube videos Especially by LD. You could take the more premium route as not all characters are available for non paying players. Make your own decision on the game by playing, grinding and fighting some tough SOBs.. What's going on with this game it keeps telling me telling me to update the game when the game is already updated and I can't log on. Hi Developer , I try log in on 14 Aug 2023, box pop up said update latest version, bring me to play store, but walking dead rts do not have latest update. Yesterday was ok. Nd resolution. Cannot play game. As of 8-14-23 the game won't let me log in . It keeps saying to update the game but there is no option to update, just play or Uninstall.

After spending over 10k. You are always behind and can not under any circumstances stop spending or you will fall too far behind to be any good. They are always having bugs and when they "fix" them it just gets worse. The game wants me to update to the latest version and it only gives you the play option not anything anywhere to update it. Where the update button should be it just says play. It's like they want to be medical professionals out here performing stress test.. Says I need to update the game and then return to play but there is no update for the game. Game now will not start saying I need updated version I even Uninstalled and reinstalled it still not working and I am paying costumer to. Build your team test it out play with others fun game except it can be buggy and crashes a lot. Also wants you to spend money..

I updated the app on Aug 4 now it says to update again but there are no updates and it won't open at all. It just says to update. It's stuck in a loop on all devices. I trying to play this game, but it keep saying I need to update the latest game yesterday. The game has been updated since August 3rd!. Always some nonsense What are you guys doing!? Says to install new version. Uninstalled like it required, downloaded , allowed access, starts to load then says download new version!!!!!!!Perpetual circle of limbo Just friggin did it over 10 times now! Get it together already!! No accountability ever, disgusting If you're not ready, wait til your ready Common sense, come on!!!!. I have had to install this game so much. It's still fun but the bugs and I issues make it boring. Now I can't even play the game.

It doesn't let me update and it downloaded itself onto my other device I can't play unless I allow them to use my photo contact etc. It is telling me I need to update the game but there is no option to update and it wont load in. This is the only place I can report it. BECAUSE IT WON'T LET ME UPDATE.... Hey SCOPLEY: WHY am I Locked Out of My RTS Game!?! Upon opening it says I MUST update to continue playing. Yet when it directs Me here, to the Play Store, there's NO UPDATE available?!? Please Resolve for Me ASAP! I've played since it's 2015 RELEASE! Thank You Ahead of Time for Your Resolution!. The game is telling me to update to the latest version but then when I press okay on the game it takes me to the play store but there's no update to install just says play or uninstall like I've made so much progress on this game and I'd hate to lose it. Please do something about this and release a new update when it should be an actual update....

Cannot log into game after this last update go to select game it says download latest version which I have havent been able to login for 2 days.. Forced to update, but when you try, it's not available. So now I can't play. Till Scopeplay fixes this glitch.. Game currently won't load, it keeps telling me to update which I already have, really frustrating!!!! Been playing for a few years but the constant changes are destroying this game. Trying to play the game. But it needs an update. Yet it won't let me update the game. I don't want to sink more money in to something that won't work.

Scopely did an update last night and I'm still locked out of the game. It won't let me play until I download the update, but the Play store doesn't show an update option.. trying to update today and Google play is only giving me the options of uninstall or play, no update button. is there an issue. Trying to do the update but I have no option to do it just saying play but then says need to update I'm going round in circles.. Okay so I don't know if y'all were having the same problem it won't let me update and when I uninstalled and then reinstalled it still said must update so I don't know what the hell's up with this damn game.

When I open the app it keeps telling me to update and takes me to Google Play but there's no update. I've restarted,stopped, deleted cache, everything. Just fix it besides it laggs. A once exciting game that has lost its edge and descended into a tedious grind, rewards and prizes have become laughable while the range of things to buy has grown and grown. Could be great, but is more concerned with margins than player experience.. App says Update now, but the Play store shows no update. I updated 4 days ago. Closed the app, and I have uninstalled it as well. But it's still in this cycle. :(. The game tells me an update is necessary. Fine. I go to Google Play and it's not showing an update that I can download. I go back to the game, and I can't continue unless I download the update. The same update that Google Play won't let me download. This is the second time I have had this issue, and frankly I'm over it..

I lost my account with all the money I put in this game because they had an update and I lost my account I can't get it back I want all my money back now!!!! I want my REFUND. What the hell scopeley fix your game help me out i uninstalled then downloaded again it still says update your game. My game has the update why is it still saying this been a loyal player been playing awhile. Customer service all they did was give me a refernce number saying some1 will be with you shortly come on this is a joke spent money on this app and this is the service given what a joke hopefully this review gets a response at least with some 1 who can actually help me out. I love this game but when I update this it keeps telling me to update the latest version even though I updated it I try restarting my phone but it keeps telling me same thing.. major pay to win game, scopely constantly harrass you to make purchases in the shop with all the pop ups and the sheer amount of things you miss out on due to paywalls is absoloutely diabolical. The pay 2 win players have taken over and scopely just encourages it by putting so much stuff in the shop to buy for money. TOTALLY UNFAIR GAME. And as of today (14/8/23) i cant even load into the game.....says update but when i go to the play store it says there is no update....very poor performance..

I am unable to play the game since today's update. Keeps prompting me to download the latest version once opened, even after uninstalling and downloading numerous times it fails. Am I the only user experiencing this frustration? The glitches and errors are getting overbearing.. I cant download the update. It just goes in a loop from the game to playstore. It will Not let me update period. I have uninstalled and reinstalled what do I do!?. Can not log on to game now! I have deleted the game and redownloaded and still wont work. I have invested a lot of money in this game, please fix this. Is there a update because I can't go into the game it says there's a update but nothing is showing???.

Private for developer only; I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times now and it keeps sending me back for an update.. Guess it's time to uninstall as this new update does not give me the option to update despite telling me it will work on my device I can play which doesn't work or uninstall only options,. Loaded into the game, gave me a notification box to update the game for better experience. No update option in the game and when sent to google store it just says "Play". Soft locks me in the load menu with this notification, which means I'm soft locked from playing until something happens.. My app won't start after the latest upgrade. It keeps on prompting me to upgrade to latest version which I have already done..

I have been playing this game for 7 years. It has been both fun and frustrating. Currently, I am being blocked from playing due to a required update. Auto updates were enabled, and no update option is found in store. Searching for solutions is useless. These problems are usually sorted in due time, but after 7 years of issues, I am not sure I could recommend this game to anyone. If you're OK with grinding to stay afloat, and are patient enough to eat a pile of bugs, by all means play.. I think the most recent update broke the game :-( the game won't open it says update needed but the play store only has option to uninstall or play. Lots of glitches this last war.I've been playing for many years and like this game ftp is possible if you do the daily and are happy not being in the very top. I hope they fix it because I have a ton of grinding roadmaps to complete lol BluF91 Android 11. Hello, this game gives an update message, but no store has given an update. Android Mobile is 13. What is the reason?. This was a really good game early on, but as they try to make it better the game has gone sloppy with way too many mistakes and glitches. The Money players can't be too happy. Hopefully Scopely can bring this game back to good...

I like this game I have been playing it for a while. But now all the sudden it will not let me play says I need to update it.. Just installed the game again and now it won't let me play ony Android. Keeps telling me to update but when I go to Play store it tells me I have the latest update.. The reviews are wrong this game is very fun. Pay to win for sure but either way it's still fun. Too complex. Glitches when starting a new game. Resets when ascension tutorial runs. Pay to play ruins game for free to play fans. Now the game is asking to update and sending me to a page with no update. This is getting ridiculous. Scopely, you used to have a handle on this game, but it is spiraling out of control. I have played for years now, and this is the worst the game has been as it is relates to a stable running platform. You all should be ashamed mof the product you are putting out.

I love this game I've been playing it for years but its clear its failing. They give high spenders a huge advantage but leave free to play players with nothing.. I lost my account thus I messaged support but they said they couldn't recover my account. Almost 2 years worth of progress lost. I used to play this game everyday. Now not anymore. pay money too. especially during wars..

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