NameTilez™ – Fun Family Game
CategoryNew Game
Size181 MB
ReleaseBeach Bum Ltd.

Tilez™ is an exciting and engaging family game that incorporates puzzle-solving, strategy, and creativity. The game revolves around arranging colorful tiles to create a beautiful mosaic. Players take turns placing tiles on a board and earn points based on the patterns they create.

The objective of Tilez™ is to create the most visually appealing patterns and score the highest points. Players must strategically decide which tile to place and where to place it in order to maximize their score. The game offers a wide range of tile shapes and colors, allowing players to unleash their creativity and design stunning patterns.

With its simple rules and engaging gameplay, Tilez™ is suitable for players of all ages. It offers a perfect opportunity for families to bond, have fun, and showcase their artistic skills. The game not only encourages critical thinking and problem-solving but also fosters creativity and spatial awareness.

Tilez™ comes with various game modes, including solo challenges, cooperative play, and competitive modes, making it adaptable to different gaming preferences. The game can be played in short sessions or longer gaming sessions, depending on the players’ availability and preferences.

Overall, Tilez™ is an enjoyable and educational game that combines artistry with strategy. It is a perfect choice for families looking for a fun and engaging game that everyone can enjoy.

Tilez™ – Fun Family Game MOD

Love the game, but those annoying pop-ups every time you open the game. Please get rid of them. The game also freezes up at least once a game.. I have uninstalled. Way to many ads. One ad after each hand and could not rematch because ad take too long.. Don't bother downloading unless you plan on spending money. This is just another game that keeps you down if you aren't wanting to spend money Three games in one day my balance was wiped withe not even getting a chance to draw a tile. While I understand it is a gambling game and that happens, three times in one day is not a coincidence. Horrible! I purchased some coins but I didn't even get to play any rounds. I would click on the 150,000 coin game and in the process of loading, it would say connection lost. But then it would take your coins anyway. I thought that maybe if I tried again that it would give me another chance without taking anymore coins but I was wrong. It pretty much drained my coins to the point of having to buy more in order to play. I'm pissed!! I'm uninstalling it. I tried contacting them with no luck also.. It is a really fun game but it keeps messing up. Please fix it so I can enjoy it even more..

Tilez – Fun Family Game APK

I'm uninstalling, You have to pay unless you want to play maybe(if you're lucky) 2 games a day. I caved and paid for some extra coins and lost them all in one game. I hate it because the game is actually fun.. This game is terrible, keeps disconnecting you or freezing. It's cost me 3x1000 games today, which I spent my own money on, not happy.. This is a frustrating game It tries to make you pay them to play by making you lose more than you can earn If you lose For example, you enter 1000 coin game then you lose 4x you lose 4000 coins, you rematch and win 4x you get 3800 coins ??? How is that possible? Okay, then let's say I win 8x and my balance is 1000 .. I only earn 2000 coins because i can't make more than my balance???? Why is that ??? Simply designed to make you lose more than you earn, and eventually you pay them to just play.. The game itself is really fun, but it's about to get uninstalled. First, you are assaulted with pop ups for in-game purchases before you can even start a game. Second, it costs so many coins to play that you always end up broke and getting bugged to make a purchase. The purchase options aren't cheap, either. It's a shame because, like I said, the actual game is fun..

Tilez – Fun Family Game APK

Do not download - steals your coins! On two occasions now, I have had over 30k in coins to then play one 250 coin game and they disappeared. And these are paid for coins too! Such a scam, DO NOT DOWNLOAD!. Every hand I play they game take more money if I bet 1000 it take 5000 ......why what's the point of playing. The scoring on this game is stupid. I play one game, lose and all my money disappears. I play a different time, same amount and only lose a bit. I hate this game.. Pissed! Waste of time and money. RIGGED! It's set up so that you will spend money on coins to play! You don't even get the chance to play before computer beats you and it takes double than what it cost to play the game if you loose! Wasted money and didn't even get to play my turns! Wack!.

Tilez – Fun Family Game APK

Great game very addicting if you like card games. Even though it ain't a card game it reminds me of some I played as a child. Very fun to go back in time and play.. It is a fun game but when people do not lay down untill they win it's not fun. I think they should get penalty for that. I am about to delete the game..

Download ( V2.27.602 )

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