NameToo Many Dangers
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An interesting action game developed by the famous Ketchapp studio. This story will tell us about a simple guy who was kidnapped by aliens and thrown with the help of a time machine into the distant Stone Age.

This, of course, is unpleasant for our hero, but now he will have to spend a lot of time here. Here you really need to survive and your legs will help you with this. In this terrible world, there are terrible dinosaurs, cunning plants, other no less dangerous animals, and various other obstacles.

First, you need to download Too Many Dangers for Android, only after that, you will feel like in the stone age. The project will have different weather conditions, tornadoes, earthquakes, meteor showers, and much more. Whether you can live here and for how long, it is quite understandable that it will not be easy, but you will have to try very hard.

Beautiful graphics, a wide variety of colors, and a great cartoon style, all this is offered to you by the developers of this project. This gameplay will consist entirely of endless running, as well as the passage of various tasks. Don’t despair if you don’t succeed right away. Over time, you will learn to survive in this stone world and will feel at home.

Too Many Dangers MOD

I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! Please please please make better games in the future even if I don't tell you to make it you have to make it. And you can reply that you made a game or you got my comment. (PEACE OUT) (-: :-). And I am going to give you five stars . Still don't like it then how about ten stars! ().. I can't post my high scores in my facebook !!!!! It shows as "operation failed" and in twitter, I can't post my high score with an image/screenshots (just text) in my tweet !!! Plz fix the bug and let me know when u got a new update !!!. It seems so cool to me except one thing. its difficulty level is not in so much standard position. Otherwise it's graphics overall seems much interesting to me.. STUPIDLY HARD AND EXCEEDINGLY UNFORGIVING! YOU CANT CHANGE LANES WHILE JUMPING! JUMPING OFF THE END OF THE PATH OFTEN HAS YOU HITTING SOMETHING AS SOON AS YOU LAND! SO MANY OBSTACLES BARELY ANY COINS IN COMPARRISON! THIS GAME IS NOT FUN!. The game is a little bit unforgivable.. I mean,, you can't change line when you jump.. Lol,, that is a bit harder.. Also the coins are hard to earn.. It's not that this game sucks in a way but i think player should consider this an hard arcade...

Too Many Dangers APK

Amazing game i have ever seen Ultimate game ,super graphics.God of all Games .Amazing levels . Thank you very much.,. Idk about this game sometimes it alright but most of the time I love it and its like my mom Lol .

Download ( V1.0.0 )

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