NameTower Breaker

Tower Breaker – Hack & Slash is an addictive game about a demonic warrior; with the player’s help, the player must pass all the floors of a tall tower to climb to the top. However, on each floor, many enemies are waiting, which must be systematically destroyed. Start the right thing from the bottom and gradually climb up. A mod that earns a lot of money will make the game brighter and more colorful. You must improve equipment and weapons and pump your blood to defeat everyone in your way.

The knights must learn to skillfully use their swords and receive valuable loot, which will help to overcome all tower floors. This includes armor, weapons, and other valuable things. Also, do not forget that a dangerous boss awaits the hero, who needs to be dealt with. Tower Breaker – Hack & Slash has many levels, each with many enemies. In this game, the player sided with the evil forces. And the demon knight is ready to destroy and destroy everything around to get many trophies and summon powerful demons. The game has easy control with three buttons. The first button is needed to get close to the enemy in just a few seconds. The second is necessary to deal with a crowd of opponents, throwing them away. The third button is needed for the expected attack. In this game, you will become a thunderstorm for the inhabitants of the tower, who will not be saved.

Tower Breaker MOD

Simply phenomenal, the only mobile game that I'm thinking of spending money. Actually, it's not that fun idk why I have 20+ hours on it. Fun but broke. Would be great if the ads caused a black screen after that you can't excape out of or fast forward. Garbage greedy devs making a shltty experience out of a good game. Changing to one star bc im really Tired of games like this. Great game, good graphics, and decent enough to distract me for hours. Two problems for me is that you can't get anymore keys other than buying them using real money (or I think so, I don't know if there's another way to get keys) after finishing all 5 towers and after finishing all 5 towers there's just nothing else to do.. EDIT: AD HELL, literally unplayable I would stay up till 8am without sleep playing this, and I think it just needs balancing improvements. the game's difficulty significantly spikes a few times to the point that the game is literally unplayable without watching the ads off cooldown for boosts and paying real money. you can't reach higher towers in the game without claws with spirit claws ability, or any spirit ability in general. the other abilities don't kill bosses quickly enough for the timer. yo what is upppp p2w here and only reason for 2 stars is that buying red souls is literally just a scam, I've bought the 10 package a while aho and the 1 package recently to see if they are useful and havent recieved any ever. other than that the game is awesome though..

Tower Breaker APK

Super enjoyable. But the Shield/Block Button is super frustrating. If you are one Pixel from your enemie away the Block wont work and you if this Happen twice or 3 times in a row your gutantee lose a life.. I had it before and I lost my phone and I was sad but now I found it a so I'm happy. fun game but I don't like the fact that there is to do with the devil and god I'm a christian. I try it again an I did it all to get all epic wepon and get a God weapon I got the sword because gives more benefit I wished that there was more game play and endings ..

Tower Breaker APK

was kinda fun until I spent $10 on the second tower's boss chest upon completing it just to get a weapon with a bugged skill. Thanks. It's so awful. I had to use a blue sword after buying it to actually do anything. Please fix asap.. I did give this game 5 stars but i had to change it since i cant realistically play it. Everything should reset at 12am... but it doesnt, and ive been forced to pay the 2500 skulls to play every PvP game every day which is such a monumental disadvantage. Fix this problem, get 5 stars . This is my favourite mobile game I have played. It's so fun and intertaining also a time killer. The levels are fun and challenging which I like. The mechanics are basic but the weapons, abilities, and armour are really unique. 5 stars definitely recommend.. It's okay you just press buttons but it can be kinda fun but you mostly do the same thing until you win.

Tower Breaker APK

Great game! I'm having a lot of fun playing!I have been playing this game for about 3 days, there are just a few bugs that I'd like to report: 1. The daily missions don't reset 2. The pvp entrance fee doesn't reset 3. If you tap the chest button on the main menue, the icons don't disappear. (happens if you tap it before the character falls to the ground when coming back from the map or a level). 4. You can sometimes still tap the one time offers from clearing bosses even when entering the map.. Literally the most satisfying game. It's fun and the animations are great. Though if i say for improvements more types of weapons and enemies would be great. the game can't even load , it just stuck at the loading screen no matter what i did, i tried to close it and open it again but still , it didn't work at all. Fun leveler game but daily missions are bugged, saving and loading in options will fix but I doubt it's working as intended..

I found this game addicting and fun but you do need to grind alot but i dont really care since i grind games anyway.. Could you please update this game I really wanna see new things and I promise if you do this game will be viral and famous. It's a very fun game, but the fourth boss doesn't have the tutorial for the attacks like the other bosses, and the machine spear ability doesn't work. I love this. It's a great time consumer. One issue. The tree lady's spear doesn't work anymore. The ability stopped working, and I can't get it to. I've reset the game and re-download it. It sucks cause I've pumped all of my upgrades into it..

I'd rate 5 star if daily quests reset and daily pvp cost reset gets fixed. Love the game but those are pretty bad bugs that should be fixed asap. And a big criticism: get rid of random upgrades for keys. That is such a hate-able feature in games these days. Just let me pick what I upgrade ffs. Reviewed after finishing the game (3600 PVP, All towers, 2/5 Epic weapons) In general game is very fun (as expexted of 111%). Simple yet sharp controls. Progression is nice, even without use of IAP. MTX are well designed. You can reset quests and PvP cost by cloud save/loading There are some issues: Progression gets really slow by 4th tower Defend on spears can fail if you don't dash beforehand. The key farming pet is locked behind a paywall, without whom it's very hard to progress later.. Would be more fun if holding to attack was viable. Needing to continuously tap a small icon as fast as possible for decent DPS ruins it. Otherwise seems like a good game.. Game is fun but I encountered a bug where my days don't get reset. Pvp buy in is never lovering and daily quests don't get reset. Some other people are complaining about this too so please fix this. I will change my review if it gets fiex soon..

The game is ok but unless you spend real money chests will give you trash. I saw someone with a sword from tower 2 and the tier 4 armor+shield on pvp but I'm on tower 4 and all I get is tier 1 or 2 :/ Matchmaking completely sucks, it will send you with people thay bought all 5 pets ($9.99 each) and you can still get a reach over 20 if know how to pvp but sometimes there's no chance. Huge grinding unless $$$ Pvp is pretty p2w IAP are too expensive I mean $10 for a pet that gives you one heart??. Good game but why wasnt offline game? You developers said it is an offline game can pls fix this issue i will like to play this in offline mode. Used to be great, but devs seem to have abandoned their project. PVP doesn't reset at 00h anymore, watching ads won't double/triple your skull amount, you have to save and load your game if you wanna reset pvp... Too many bugs for a simple game. Great job guys, way to ruin a good game by being super greedy, forced ads that stay more than 30 seconds, which might have even required actually clicking the ads to get rid of them. If you are fine watching forced ads 1 minute long, then this game is for you..

Great game and all, but theres no more fun to it . There needs to be updates and more tower's but overall, it's a great game.. Optional and after losing for a boost? Doesn't matter because you're getting an ad anyway. Every single time you lose. And this is a game all about getting as far as you can before losing, you're losing a lot. Forced ads are a no.. So it's a pretty good game, but I encountered a pretty major bug pretty much upon download, my days don't get reset? The daily quest just remains forever completed and the PvP cost doesn't reset, hurt my experience quite a bit, I just want to be clear though I do enjoy the game, just a bit upsetting I am losing out on a lot of rewards due to this bug Update: upon deletion and reinstalling, it seems like the bug has been fixed for that day only, the bug still persists. The game is great but I hate the fact I always have to online to load, sure it just a simple task but what you do graind where it will be problem. Other than that the gameplay is great to enjoy.

It is a very good game i love the idea of it. But there are just some little things that let it down. How the one the first tower u are able to climb through it but the boss at the top is very hard. How it's very hard yo get Sheila's and helmets etc you only mostly get weapons. And maybe just idk something to add to it for more to do. Oh and my daily quest broke. . Maybe if you had another zone to free fight in. Or like something else. I just needs alittle touch.. I like it ,so far only had it for a month or 2 and it's a good daily game on the toilet lol but also for the makers I have notes. Could u fix the bug when u click a icon of any sort the same screen will lay over it.. Too buggy to really be enjoyed long term. The mechanics are fun and simple but what I assumed were my missed button presses were actually the game just not responding to my taps, costing me many many many many rounds. If elements like that can be refined I'd be investing a lot more time in it.. Really fun I'm fine with the ads and the weapons are scaled to the enemy's and it is the exact game I'm looking for.

I love this game. Very good design. Love the gameplay. Only thing that bothers me is that my daily challenges and PvP cost don't reset at midnight. Probably fixed with an update. Otherwise, love this game.. Unplayable. Not only the constant ads, but cant even push the buttons its telling you to push as it's covered by other items on the screen. The bug fixes made the game buggier. Example 1: The game gets soft locked when the timer runs out while fighting a boss. Example 2: The boost button stops the player from attacking for a few seconds. (It didn't before the update.) Example 3: In multiplayer, if the player gets hit, can't use the attack button until the block button is hit, resulting in a loss. I like the game a lot, but it's a bit more infuriating to play now. Can you please fix these bugs?. the buttons you have to press to attack/block/sprint constantly bug out and get "stuck" making the game basically unplayable and killing you just about every time it happens.

Simple fun game ruined by the game mechanics not working properly. Shield button won't do anything and needs to recharge. 3x auto attack randomly stops working even with time left. Etc... fix it. The game's good combat can get repetitive or tiring at times and it's hard to get enough skulls to do anything but I don't have too much to complain about there is one major problem though progressions the first tower can be challenging at times but it's easy the second one is a good bit harder but you still can get through it with a little grinding but the third one dier god the third one it's like getting covered in pitch lit on fire then thrown in the grand canyon. Enjoyable and fun however riddled with bugs. Daily quests are not refreshing, PvP cost is not refreshing. It's also painfully simple, there is not enough content.. I can get in and the game keep loading and loading without give any problem. I try to use another device to play but the same problem that i can solve it. But the game is nice hope fix it..

The game is certainly good but there is a multipal bugs in the game like (1.the daily prizes gets cleared by playing 1 lvl and all the prizes are 500 normal Skull and doesn't get refreshed alike the PvP 2.PvP player mode's cost doesnt reseat so the cost keep going to be 2500 but you can save and load to reseat it but this delet your win strike 3.the game restarted when you click on an ad and this make the reward disappear which mean player have to rewatch it again.) There others but out of words. Is this even an offline game if its so then why am i stuck at the beginning the game won't let me open its just stuck there endless, but if i turn on my wifi the game instantly opens like bruh fix this the game is good, a bit of pay to win but still good. Just fix that issue please its sucks when i play outside where theres no internet i could relly on this game to not get boared.. The game is great I don't have alot of problems the only thing that erks me is the timer for the end boss of each tower just why would you add a timer.. The item drop is good,there is Abit ptp but it's good the only thing is the pvp sometimes gets unfair and gives u a stronger opponents.

This game is VERY buggy. Sometimes the buttons refuse to work which is game breaking. I couldn't even get past the 30th floor cause of that.. It's a quite nice game but there is so many bugs hope the dev can fix it in the near future. Especially the daily task.

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