NameTrainWorks | Train Simulator
CategoryNew Game
Size176 MB
ReleaseRahmani Technologies

TrainWorks is a popular Train Simulator game that offers a realistic and immersive experience for train enthusiasts. The game features different trains, routes, and scenarios, allowing players to operate trains in various settings around the world. TrainWorks offers a wide range of features, including realistic physics, detailed graphics, and accurate train controls. Players can choose from a variety of trains, from steam engines to modern high-speed trains, and traverse scenic landscapes or bustling urban environments. The game also includes a comprehensive editor that allows players to create their own routes and scenarios, adding to the game’s replayability. With its realistic gameplay and extensive content, TrainWorks provides a captivating gaming experience for train enthusiasts.

TrainWorks | Train Simulator MOD

In this update. In the engine SD 50, the fans upon it are flying. This looks non logical. Please fix it. And are you adding elecric trains in this? Although the game is excellent . You thinking what am thinking of you are my thoughts are of we have all the trains (except the steam and electric train) change their horn sounds if that's a good idea but it's optional but overall it's a good game. Overall, it's nice for what it's trying to achieve. A nice, free roam train Sim. The engine sounds are mostly Accurate. I wish the horns could be swapped or something like that because every engine has the same horn audio. (Except the steamer) also... Who gave a stream engine an E-bell? I would also be very pleased if some Alco diesel power was added in!. This game is great, but I don't like how the tracks end. Can you extend the tracks, have them connect, and loop back to the goods yard, please? Oh, and can you add more diesel trains and steam trains, please? Oh the train building custom thing is very nice, but can you have the cars connect to the steam engine's tender. The front cars are too close to the engine. Also, my train sometimes comes off the rails. Can you keep my trains on the tracks? Also, when is Carrier Mode coming?. I Like This Game This Game Can Beat Msts/Rail Work GameVery Cool Game If Anyone Reading try this Game why are you wanting go and enjoyOnly Needs More Tracks,Trains And Overtakes,City's,Railway Crossing,Train Smoke and more challenges Like Real-life trains And More Stations BTW Best Game Ever in my life best rail,track,engion sounds. Thanks For Made This Game.

TrainWorks | Train Simulator APK

I really like this game a lot, it's just perfect. But can you add some more stuff like Autoracks, Union Pacific Big Boy and Challenger, Horseshoe Curve route, and so on please?. It's fun but not enough steam engines and game is quite laggy derailing phisyaechs are funny and please make it to each engine has a different top speed. The game is so but it needs real life train first person opinion cab doors and cart and ad more stuff in the mai like citys and factoris and ad more skinse and ad passeger trains. Should have a few more features, like waypoints, to make sure that new drivers don't get lost during a service mission..

TrainWorks | Train Simulator APK

Best and relaxing train simulator. Please add smoke to steam engine train. And what the hell!!!! The cars start flying??no logic!! If it derail add an animation. I don't know why??Please fix this problem.i am not able to make videos for my channel at highest graphics.and also add custom graphics options. Please /////please add choose the station option in train build custom also ??????/////please add more trains to be in opposite direction so that I can make other type of engine to be double. This game my be poorly detailed but that doesn't matter for me. I mean the train horns are all the same but I think your gonna change them soon. A huge suggestion is for sd40-2 standard cab, can you add a k5la for that one (and not hybrid no hybrids please) 1st or 2nd generation would be nice.. Awsome game this game should get more love. However there are some flaws. 1 trees are in the middle of the track. 2 (this might just be me) But i don't see citys or towns that much. And 3 there are a little bit of bugs with the steam locomotive one time i spawed it and then the coal car was in one of the cars i added. And that's really it. The train models are cool.. I like it! A low poly simulator that still captures the details of a train without blowing up your processor. But I really wish that you could add as many engines as you wanted. I'd also be interested in seeing to EMD NW-2 (900 HP Switcher) and the EMD F-7s (A and B units. I also request the Southern Railway (US) paint schemes (black upper body, thin gold stripe, white lower band) and maybe a map. Don't feel overwhelmed though, implement as you see fit..

TrainWorks | Train Simulator APK

You should add a EMD F7 a coach from the high speed train and Amtrak trains:) and I forgot to say in build mode you can add your 2nd train 3rd train and 4th train select which train you want for these 2nd 3rd and 4th. Wow this is the best model train simulator app ever please add more routs and more trains please steam and Diesel and Famous trains from tv shows and moive like thomas the tank engine from thomas and friends and the polar express train from the polar express moive and the unstoppable trains as well from the moive unstoppable thanks and keep up good and allsome work. 1. Engine throttle & brake controls: the touch sensitive area is too small (should be twice as high), so instead of braking, you change a camera height... (There shoul be no camera action at all, where the controls are!) 2. No cab view point option (from the front of the train). 3. Too frequent full-screen adds (every 2-3 minutes), which interrupt the gameplay.. Game is super cool I would like to see a union Pacific scheme pls and thank you and have a good day or night or evening or morning.

THIS GAME IS AWESOME 100/10 It's very good!! Do you think you can make route builder and you can place train cars and locomotives too?. I hope you guys get this but I think it's an amazing game that paint schemes are absolutely amazing I just have a couple questions are you going to add more paint schemes and are you going to put more steam trains in there and one more thing can you please put in a Chesapeake and Ohio paint Scheme with a Chessie paint Scheme please thank you. And can you please add a option of Doble heading. I wish there was derail , also the steam engine is crazy when backing up it glitches to the ground , good game. Ok well I was driving backwards from the spawn area in the steam locomotive, and for some odd reason my train went off the rails and started going everywhere, I think this is a bug I was going around 50-55 on the stick, but other than but this game is literally awesome!.

I think this is the best train simulator I don't need to pay to when and I like that guys this is a really good game the lag is crazy please fix the in the newest update I barely can play the when some of my devices!!!. Has potentials, but please make it less laggier,but all in all a good game, just make it less laggy.

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