NameTrapped Terrors: A Story for Two
ReleaseGenius Inc

A real horror story for two players. A crazy adventure awaits you and your friend in Trapped Terrors: A Story for Two. Here you need to play only two to fully experience the horror of the moments that are happening.

A real horror story will capture any player, show all their best moments, and be able to be fascinating for a long time. You will immediately plunge into this exciting world with your friend. Get real experiences, and discuss further actions with a friend so as not to be in a difficult situation. Complete interesting missions, immerse yourself in this scary story with your head, and feel all the fear of adventure. Become a real witness to the most unexpected endings in which you or your friend will participate. Choose your main character, go on a scary adventure and try to survive in this abandoned hospital.

Trapped Terrors: A Story for Two MOD

The story telling is amazing, and the art style is even more amazing, the overall style of the game is great, but the only thing that I have trouble with is the cost of the premium decisions other than that it's amazing!. playing with a partner but we are stuck on a different screens my screen just stays on "waiting for partner to catch up" and never loads. please fix this thanks. This app is really good but if there isn't a time limit to refill tickets then I can't possibly continue the story with my relative.. They do have option for single player at beginning, but reaching the ending they still require you play with your teammate, otherwire you just can't get to the true ending! And you can't earn free points by watching ads... Totally frustrating!! I love the arts though, what a pity.. Would be great have werewolf love story Or scary story. Well, it's a pretty good game and I hope you make more in the future, but I would like it to be like the other genuis inc games where we wait for the tickets instead of buying..

Trapped Terrors: A Story for Two APK

Game really stinks. Uninstalling.. Couldn't play there should be a option for single player. I played this with my sister and it was pretty fun :). I can't host a session or put in a code to join one. S10-Unable to type or paste code to join, keyboard does not show up. Nice idea, too bad its dead on arrival. Partner has same issue with different Samsung phone..

Trapped Terrors: A Story for Two APK

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