NameTrippy Goat
Size73.58 Mb
ReleaseHomunculus Games

Great puzzle platformer. Trippy Goat, in this game project, you can help the main character break away from the persecution of aliens.

This will be quite a difficult task, since the alien race is much more intelligent than us and it will be challenging to get out of the traps. Even so, you will have to think through your plan of action and deceive them all. Your main character will be an ordinary goat, wholly harmless and small. It is he who, at some point, is abducted by terrible aliens. As soon as he woke up, he realized that he was in an entirely confusing labyrinth, and he had to get out of it somehow. Try to apply all your best qualities, think carefully with your head to get out of this maze.

To achieve this goal, you will have to collect food through the labyrinth and do it efficiently at each level. A variety of obstacles, traps and much more will interfere with you. Do not forget about alien creatures that are entirely unwilling to part with their prey. You will have to act quickly, dodge aliens, move forward and look around all the time. Do everything right to get out to freedom eventually.

Trippy Goat MOD

The uber sensitive controls, the weird artwork, speedy bots etc all add upto a unique gameplay. However, level 9 of part two (center one) seems impossible and a glitch. Been stuck for ages. Can someone confirm to have cleared it?. It's a nice game, still kinda glitchy. I totally miss the fact that you can kill the enemies, I just found out for one comment here.. hit box is ridiculous? specially for spring.. I think this game is great but its a little hard to controll and this game is very hard witch is a good thing. La creta, ese chivo ta malo. A great game to pass the time. Tons of fun..

Trippy Goat APK

Fun game, but when I got to level 3, the game for some reason just started slowing down. Now it's so slow that I can't even play. Fix soon.. It is a fun game to pass the time but the controls of the game are really buggy and sometimes I cannot even go backwards.. It has the it that will keep you or your kids at it for some time before you move on. Simple puzzle levels, with a nice increase in difficulty and simple controls.. Horrible controls. They are far too sensitive and freeze up constantly.. I really like this game it is challenging but still fun. Also had a problem with the payment but the developer got back to me very quickly and resolved the issue..

Trippy Goat APK

Awesome for my daughter. Thank you twitt!!. It's a decent game, with some fun gameplay, but there are some things I just don't like... First, I missed the fact that you could fall on top of the little brown things to kill them. Therefore, I spent forever trying to intricately dodge (and failing) before I realized it. Second, you really have to get used to each level and do things in just the right order, or the only solution is to restart..

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