A large number of users from all over the world have preferred Truecaller – because it will help identify unknown incoming calls or block annoying SMS spammers. The program automatically filters calls and SMS from blocked subscribers and allows you to contact only those you need. Therefore, you must download Search and block spam from Truecaller for Android.

The application database already has a lot of numbers marked as “SPAM,” and their number is constantly increasing thanks to the support of users. This unique program will make your communications safe and secure. The application has a built-in intelligent SMS plug-in that allows you to recognize any message sender, block spam and advertising agencies, and block subscribers by name and number range. The application supports 2 SIM cards and will not forward your data to 3 people; indicating that you need to download Search and block spam from Truecaller.

Truecaller MOD

I really love using this app. Well done on the awesome new look. I really like the features you offer. And the yearly price is just right for me. Thank you.. The last update without the message button sucks!! To find a message you have to scroll one hour!. Bring back the message button.. Can you please disabled the annoying in app pop up notifications like "switch to fullscreen"? It's useless for me because call recording doesn't work and each time I agree to use the fullscreen feature by mistake I have to spend a lot of time to set back to phones default dialer. Now fo free mm nnm'nthe N K Naam ll mm will cf'jpn H.nng Hgo 'in V ki l Bb Bb all in All be . .c dejj mm. S C to bmbmmb C mmm Mm mm mm all The first see aa in aa aa aa aa g mm by mm by Mrs. Data collects and sent to the anti national groups. Please be aware of this true caller scam and Un - install immediately..

Truecaller APK

Very useful app. I was just about to change my number because of spam and scam calls and messages, then I came across this app and it is incredibly unbelievable. Thank you True Software Scandinavia AB for the great app!. unstable Internet connection issue. I couldn't even set it up properly it was good before the update, but now it's not working at all.

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