NameUS Sniper Elite: Shooting Game
CategoryNew Game
Size101 MB
ReleaseXeon Games Inc.

Sniper Elite is a shooting game that takes place in the United States. It offers players the opportunity to assume the role of a sniper and embark on various missions in different locations across the country. The game focuses on precision shooting and strategic thinking, challenging players to eliminate enemies from a distance while considering factors such as wind direction and bullet physics. Sniper Elite’s gameplay also incorporates realistic features such as bullet penetration and X-ray kill cameras, allowing players to see the devastating impact of their shots in slow-motion. With a strong emphasis on stealth and tactical decision-making, Sniper Elite offers an engaging and immersive experience for players looking for a challenging shooting game set in the US.

US Sniper Elite: Shooting Game MOD

Fun but routine and repetitive. I hate 3rd person games, in the real world, you don't see yourself running with a gun, you only see your weapon and the enemy, that's it, it's more realistic and that's why all the best shooter games are 1st person, it takes you to the fight as close as you want to get, any more real, you'd be on the real Battlefield... Ko Zaw Myo Htwe. This game is rubbish you can't even move forward. Had to watch 2 ads before I even started playing, no thank you it sucks!!!!!. This game is the definition of the word trash, if you wanna waste your data download it.

US Sniper Elite: Shooting Game APK

Ko Zaw Myo Htwe.

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