NameWannabe Challenge

As a simulation recreation, this recreation from Com2uS has half one million downloads, and people are raving about it. Who does not need when you may suddenly reside with four good-looking and lovely fashions in a single home? On this planet of Wannabe Challenge, you might be surrounded by four sweet Korean-speaking styles. Every one of them is charming in their very own approach, and they’re all attempting to draw you. Right here, you too can obtain messages, entry your social networks, and receive cellphone calls from housemates! Desires come true solely in fairy tales. There’s additionally a voguing contest known as Wannabe Problem. Can you turn out to be the winner and win the hearts of the boys?

Wannabe Challenge MOD

I really love this game.I played every day but now I can't play it on my phone cause of android version. Please return back to old version. I love this game so much it's been quite some time I've been playing this game but today I update this game and all the progress I've made this far all gone and game starts Right from the start I don't know what to do. I'm sad and disappointed.. Used to love this game, it's been abandoned by the developers. There are no new events or cards or items. The limited card draws are all available now to play. After a certain point you can't progress in the story. I've played this game for 2.5 years now, level 120. I'm stuck and can't progress, I've spent dumb money on this game. Don't waste your time or money download one that is still active.. This game is really reallyyy good the art is amazing you dont get bored because it contains many other things in it deserves more than five stars fr btw a little similar to tears of temis but its vibe and astethic are different and for some reason it has that fresh feeling to it everyone has to try it. Thumbs up to the gorgeous graphic design and pretty characters here. The storyline itself is good and nice, the vc are also doing a great job. Really loves how this game works. Although it's hard to level up but I enjoyed playing it.

Wannabe Challenge APK

This game is awesome with the characters very high graphics illustrations....and the female characters photos.... and about the great story...and dressup... every thing is fantastic I love it... I want you to add more chapters in story.... can you add them??? Can you made different frames of avatar ... for wannabe challenge profile in game and wannabe account in game ... with different poses of female characters. I start the game tomorrow but I don't know how to play this game I am in level when the girl character get the missed calls form the boys character can you tell me. how to play this game?. the game and the story are very nice, everything is fine and well designed, congratulations but lately the game is constantly having problems and I can't enter the game, please check some software. I'm STILL stuck in chapter 3 of all of the Dream stories, and I'm STILL stuck in chapter 16 of the main story. It's become *impossible* for me to even achieve one star for the main story, even with a maxed out camera and 3 SSR cards. It's literally been over a year, now. This is ridiculous. What's the point of playing and spending money if I can't progress and enjoy the story? Never thought my favorite game would get only 1 star from me, but here we are....

Wannabe Challenge APK

I've been playing this game since day one. Everything is good about this game and I know this game stopped updating but yet I want to request something - Please devs add Birthday Cards on Permanent Event lists, It'd be helpful if you add it, I don't have all Birthday cards and I want to have them and I can assure you I am not the only one out there who want to make it happen.. I really really loved this game but it always shows some error and it really brakes my heart whenever I wanna play it always shut down plz look in the errors in the game I don't wanna delete it . My favourite game only one small problem the touch of screen is very slow pls fix it thanks for making this game it made my day first I downloaded this app and I played this game again and again love it thanks and carefully fix it . Can't tell, because after downloading the resources I can't enter the game. Why is that? My internet connection was fine but it stucked in new loading for 3hours. I really want to play this game but I yhink the game don't want, so sad. update: still the same please notice my complain.

Wannabe Challenge APK

This game is the best roleplay game I've ever played! It has amazing voice actors, beautiful graphics and is incredibly easy and entertaining to play. After a certain point it became impossible to clear photoshoots and you had to wait forever to get and level up SSR cards. But I really wish the creators hadn't abandoned this game! The side quests and monthly events and this and that really kept us occupied. Please return! You cant give up! It's been 2 years with no updates! We miss the game!. Very cute game! The voice actors are very popular around the otome scene. It's slow at first game play wise, but that's the same with all games. Beautiful!!!. I was playing this a while back for many months then I changed phones and now it won't let me play. It kept saying error or being stuck in loading. Support won't respond to me either. so far so good... & by that means, I don't find it boring yet.. gonna rate again soon if something off happens.

I used to play this but then now i deleted it because of many reasons 1) it takes way too much personal info of the person,2)the app kept on freezing,3)it took too much data to download.the stars i will give is because of the story line and the characters i loved them but ihope others issues will be repaired.. Story and characters are awesome and well developed. Only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is that after a certain point, it can take MONTHS to get through checkpoints, and when you do, you quickly run into another roadblock that takes forever to get past. I want to finish the story, but we'll see if I have the stamina. I wish the developers hadn't abandoned it.. After I installed this game on my phone and opened it my phone became black and freezed with no buttons my entire phone turned black. I cannot even excess my phone. I don't know is this a bug in your app because my phone is brand new. I became traumatized when my phone turned black, in one second I thought that I lost my phone and I lost every thing but thank God it turned on again. I'm never gonna download this game ever.. I love this game so much .. the boys are so cute and everything about the game is good! And I love how there are voice actors for the boys!.

I CAN'T TELL I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS APP LIKE SERIOUSLY I NEVER THAT PLAYED THIS MUCH CUTE AND INTERESTING GAME LIKE SERIOUSLY LIKE OTHERS GAME ARE ALWAYS WANT YOU TO PAY ACTUAL MONEY BUT THIS GAME NOT AND THE STYLE AND STORY OF THIS GAME IS FABULOUS THEIR ANIME STYLE ALL THE THINGS ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL <3 EDIT-: INSTALLING THIS GAME ONCE AGAIN BECUZ THIER IS NO OTHER GAME OTHER THAN THIS!. I love this game and I play it daily. Simple, but engaging and fun. And the female lead is surprisingly likeable. This game has previously been free and easy. I just reached level 35, however, and suddenly it is incredibly difficult to continue any progress. Felt forced to spend money, and even after spending $9 I didn't pull any SR cards. Seems a bit expensive imo, but I did enjoy this game so I'm willing to spend a little.. I don't know why but it is bcs of my phone, I can't download all things needed after install it, it keeps showing error, my friend tried to download it also but unable to do it just like mine, this game is super fun i have played it before but need to uninstall because im a bit busy that time and now i want to play it again, so i really hope you can fix it, i have tried to download it everyday but still same outcome.. My phone freezes when I try to do a date, it stays at the wannabe Challenge loading page. First time playing it and kinda annoyed..

It's a really fun game. The story is also interesting but I dislike the fact that it takes a lot of time to download the new chapters. It feels like the story is not in continuation. I would like you to fix this and overall graphics and storyline and other stuff is amazing. A rich story and not money hungry. I wish there was a bit more customization to your character, but otherwise, no complaints . Is a really fun game. But when I uninstalled the game and installed again, all my work was gone. I was really sad as the game can take a while to plough through. I've been playing since 2021? I think...and I love this game, however I've been stuck in chapter 17 or 18 and there haven't been any new events, nor updates...I'm still waiting on Biho's Wlive 5 bc all the others have it, but not him... Please update the game, I keep going back hoping for change but nothing much happens....

I really love the graphic, storyline & characters. Unfortunately, i cannot download the next chapter (ch. 3) & call log, although i have enough space & good wifi connection, what happened!? Hopefully your team able to fix this thing so i can give a 5 stars. . I loved this game to be honest it's the best game I've ever came across and I still love this game my only disappointment is that I'm unable to open this game since last night it keeps saying there is a problem connecting with hiver smtg please fix it so I can continue this amazing game... I loved each and ever character please fix it soon. I love this game it has so many things to do. I actually started playing this the early days it came out.. I'm loving this game since I've downloaded it but for an update idea you guys can go to the evermore page and tap the piece icon and give us the access to actually delete the evermore pieces that we already have or maybe give us the chance to exchange them with new ones.... that's it!.

yoonha (korean voice pack) sounds exactly like Lee jongsuk I love itttttt but gotta say the protagonist face when she blushes is ugly AF like her mouth 'pouting' just makes me feel "ew girl stop that" it doesn't look cute or anything why she making that faceeee looks like she needs to go toilet do number 2. one problem i dont get to see my custom picked look in the story please make this happen i think its a bit lazy when you cant see your character look how you want in the story, im not a big fan of the default look the main character has . i want to have the short hair and stuff i picked to show up.. It took me forever to download the additional files like it's damn huge a 2gb The cards the cards i stuck because of my cards even tho they are high that makes the playing and make 3 stars hard But the rest is sooo beautiful the drawing and everything is just wow Edit:the game is just beautiful and the card you just need to evolve them to pass the chapters now i understand the game more lol Everything is just perfect hehe In love with yoohashi. i personally really love this game. I've been playing it almost since it first cane out, even though at one point i took a break from it. i came back almist a year ago, and I've been playing almost daily. it's really easy to get resources and cards. only UR cards are more difficult to obtain, however, it's not impossible. im at chapter 15,so i did encounter some harder level, but again, they aren't impossible. very fun game, and i love how you can play events that passed.

I just downloaded it yet I already experience a big problem and that's when I enter the game it will exit again. The loading is stuck at 480 only nevermind now its done well thank you love this game . Thank you for being respectful . It's done now . . I love this game a lot . I just wonder why the names when typed in English don't match the pronunciation. Like Ha yun being written as yooha ( might have spelled them wrong).. The game play, story and art are brilliant and the game has many features, my previous issues were also resolved so this is my updated review..

i am in love with this game also its story line characters everything is perfect thats why iam giving this game 5 stars . Look I have a brand New phone and an internet that runs everything perfectly. This game looks lovely, story seems interesting enough and it's visually so well done I would even spend some money on the game IF ONLY I WAS ABLE TO PLAY IT. The absurd amount of time it takes to load EVERY SINGLE ACTION really ruins the experience. Edit: I wrote the review and when I came back to the game all my saves were gone, so the 5 hours is spent trying to get to part 2 of the story is gone. Uninstalled.. the game is good. but the problem is THE PHOTOSHOOT IS TOO DIFFICULT HOW DO I GET A STAR PLS I JUST WANNA SEE TAEHEE aku kasih 5 bintang soalnya ada taehee di game ini . I love this game especially the character taewook and I would love if taewook got a chance to become a hero I want my ending with taewook is it possible.

It's so good! But winning the photoshoot is kinda hard without spending money on the game ( buy camera, diamond w/ real money).. I havent played this game for 2 years and just re-installed it , i LOVE this game i cant believe i forgot about it excited to play it again .. It is a good app but when we go upwards in the game it is very impossible dor me to beat the level and like that 1 month goes in it and I was really irritated with it so I stoped playing this game for many months and again here I am updating it because I really like this game.. the storyline and the character was so good but the reason I give it 3 stars because it's so hard to finish it and its make me almost giveup of the game so I hope you can look at it agaian and make it easier to people who don't have enough money for membership like me.

This was one of my top games for so long. The illustrations and voice acting are just so good I miss this game, I miss my boys please bring them back (). This game is the best plss i want you guys to make this as a k drama the song remeber is soo good i love this song pls make a k drama of this game. It's got some nice visuals, but that's all. I hate the fact that they have a special card for the bad guy when he's done some unforgivable things. Why are you romanticizing this creep? Also, the story tries to get you to end up with Taehee, so for people who don't like him, it's very hard to read through the main story. Even in some other guy's stories they talk about how being with them messes up your plans to date Taehee. The story would be good if you could choose who the main guy is.. This is my favorite game ever and it's best for the people who like kpop or kdrama and the characters are the definition of perfection. Loved it!! I'll be looking forward to any updates and cud you c if u cud have a dark mode for ppl wid sensitive eyes..? overall it's jus perfect.

I really like this game but the most irritating part is when I have to wait for it to load every time I open a story challenge to collect evolve materials. I really have no interest in seeing everybody's ranking in every single challenge.. I LOVE IT!!! It feels so real. The graphic and movement made it feel realistic. i love it so much. Plus there is no ticket or something to keep you waiting for a next episode or something. This game is perfect. I hope to find more games made from you guys because this is totally awesome.. I downloaded this game out of boredom and curiosity. Never expecting to become addicted after only a week playing. Dang! I love everything about this game!!!!!!! Especially the graphics and the storyline! *( )* I felt like i was inside a novel or a webtoon skskskhehehesh!! (3 ! . ^^. I just downloaded this game and it consumed 90% of my data and it was stuck at 88 % of loading data . The next day i tried again and again it is stuck on 88% .so annoying. Bruh .tired of waiting. Fix it..

This has a beautiful graphics, voices and music. I just downloaded this yesterday but I didn't played it yet because it keeps crashing.. I love this game very much. It's bcs it has a pretty characters and the storyline are quite interesting. But this game need a strong internet connection to play it and if our internet connection was slow, the game will lag and always keep loading. So, I'm a little disappointed with it. Overall, I think it was a good game.. We can give this game 5 star but this game has some problems like loading tish is we gave too much time but it's not open this game is really looking so bautyful but i can't play this is so bad for me please fix this problems . Great game, great story but I'm so sad that we didn't get Taehee's birthday event 2022, or at least bring back his old birthday evenmores. Maybe put them in 'we meet again'. I'm also waiting for Biho and Taehee's Wannabe Kindergarten evenmores and other events . Are there great things coming or did you guys give up on the game?.

It is definitely my fav game i've been playing it since a long time and i truly enjoy this ..the graphics , voiceover and the storyline is amazing however the only thing is that sometimes it's really hard to envolve the cards and earn gems/hearts i wish we can earn more gems in packages or missions. I really like this game but for free players is a really difficult to play like the evermore evolution you need a lot of material and is to even difficult to finish the first stage to get the material.I also have a complain for new player the really get nothing to start playing the game the don't even get tiket which will make it easy for them for chapter 3 till 20.I really hope you you are able to fix it this issue to make it easier for new and old to enjoy the story. It was a very nice game, which I enjoyed and still do. Unfortunately it has been abandoned for almost a year now. I am now replaying old events which I couldn't manage to play at the time they were released and when I am done with them, I will be done with this game. Such a shame it was abandoned as it has nice graphics, characters and stories.. I used to love this game but the devs seem to have abandoned it without any notice. Please start working on the game again or at least be honest about not continuing it..

I love this.... This game catch my heart... I think I'm obsessed with this game [ In a good way] ..... I love it already even if I just play this a day ago... one of my fav game! great work really appreciate it... Game was amazing i love story and graphics i love to use daily basis but it was hard to level up but can u make some easy to reach level .. Excellent story. But there is one thing that's bothering me. Why don't you make ssr evermore more available. I spent so many diamonds on it. But I never got an SSR. Moreover those dream levels are very tough. I'm losing interest in game because you designed dream so tough. Please make it easy. Otherwise I'm going to uninstall it.. This game is amazing. The characters and the story are so compelling and the visuals are just beautiful (and so are the characters *cough* *cough*).

So far so great! I'm only a beginner, but I already cried at the end of chapter 1. The story telling is one of the best and the illustration is really pretty. It's not hard to level up, but not that easy either. I would've given 5 stars if the app lets me download the voice after chap. 1. Even after I tapped "download", it won't load anything. I tried logging out and log in after that, still doesnt work. Italso happened for the download in the beginning. I really like their voices, pls fix this. SO GOOD!!! i can't stop playing it, it is so fun and have a lot of things to do and events, thank you for your hardworking!. don't get me wrong I love this game a lot, but I wish there were events again, and for less of a paywall. Also some of the card materials are hard to obtain if you haven't reached the certain photoshoot needed and the player may not be able to due to the sheer lack of card power from not being able to level up their cards properly . Since the start of the year, this game has had very little updates. No new artwork. Suddenly all of the events ended. I heard the main artist was let go? I don't know. What I do know is I spent so much time and money on this game for it to just fizzle out. Please developers, get it together. Your game is special. Don't just abandon it. I think we deserve more than that..

I have played this game for over a yr n tbh no games lasts for me even for a it was great but l had to uninstall cuz of storage and also even by upgrading my ssr it was not possible to continue as n f2p...But again the story graphic n voice acting is super amazing n l miss it veryyy much.

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