NameWar of Omens
VersionVaries with device
ReleaseFifth Column Games

War of Omens – Cardboard game with addictive gameplay. Here is an excellent card strategy with addictive gameplay in which you have to take part in an exciting battle, after selecting one of four warring factions.

If you are ready for interesting gameplay, then download War of Omens and start playing. The game takes place in a dark fantasy world where you have to take on the role of a hero representing one of four unique factions. Each faction has its own special characters, as well as item cards. Characters, of course, are presented in the form of cards. At the initial stage, you will receive a handful of coins and resources. You will need all this to assemble the initial team with which you will complete tasks and fight.

The game has several modes. You can fight both with virtual opponents and with real players. Coins and resources are used to buy cards with items, characters, heroes, and abilities. Combat battles take place in turn-based mode. Each participant has a limited time per turn. During your turn, you can attack, defend, heal, and use magic. If you are ready for exciting battles, then download War of Omens for Android.

War of Omens MOD

A virtual TCG that actually stands out mechanically from other games in the genre, has 4 unique classes that each have different but fun approaches to their playstyle and unique economies. The cards are accessible for free-to-play, with an upgrade system rewarding players who put in extra time.. The game looks like it could be good . Starts off way too easy level after level . Easy, easy, easy, then BOOM... . Super mega hard level impossible to beat nomatter what i try and do with the pre selected cards the game gives you cus the enemy has 4x the ammount of cards flying out and keeps destroying all mine plus HUGE ammounts of damage losing 10 hearts in 1 go... then bang another 8 hearts gone the next go . Must be yet another google pay to win pay to play scam game . . Uninstalling. Great mechanics, seemingly lousy economy (1/10000 chance of getting epics which are quite necessary to advance) but so many chances to gain silver plus ability to eventually craft all commons and then all scarces make that problem disappear. Game is surprisingly balanced but no updates for awhile now make it decent solo game (until you reach level 28 with all 16 heroes after which not much to do). War of Omens is an enjoyable game that manages to stand out from the countless other online card games. It's got simple, effective rules, yet it has enough depth so that every time I play it it's a new and exciting experience. The only thing we're missing is a physical card game! Oh, and adds are pretty rare too. In app purchases are there, but certainly not required.. Fun game with an interesting campaign and nice progression if FTP. Only issue is that there isn't a comeback mechanic. Once you start winning the game is over..

War of Omens APK

Nice battle card game. Its not about the mass of card to collect but knowing the real function of the card in the meaning behind it. Its really fun to play. No annoying ads.. Matchmaking in multplayer takes way to long. This is the only thing that is holding this game back from reaching God Tier potential. Great game so far! There's still a lot of the campaign to come out but the gameplay is weighted well between the card family types. Looking forward to updates!. Amazing game really worth the try I wish more people would play it because it deserves so much more popularity.

War of Omens APK

Very fun, lots of daily rewards and multiple difficulties, fun when I want a challenge and when I just want to pass the time.. Great art and story, there is the perfect amount of cards to keep things interesting without giving you choice overload. I haven't been able to play online yet because there doesn't seem to be that many people on but there are 5 AI difficulty levels. I hope the devs finish the story for Listrata and maybe someday add stories for the other characters.. I do really enjoy this game, but it has a SERIOUS problem with crashing. An annoyance in a single player game, but when I'm on the last round of a campaign chapter? Infuriating. Gems and ingots are rather expensive, but I am completely able to enjoy the game as F2P.. Text and UI is small, hard to read on mobile (you gotta tap and hold for a few seconds to read the description). You can tell this was made for PC. Aside from that though, the experience is pretty much the same as PC (pretty good)..

War of Omens APK

Love this game. Glad to see this classic Flash Game on mobile. Im glad theres no forced adds. Would recommend to anyone who likes card-based strategy games.. Easy to learn play and master just really anoyying I have to watch. Ideos to get better card packs or pay 10 dollars to do so. AI players pick their own cards, and manipulate your deck so that your good cards either start out on the bottom ,or seem to never show up. As for people whining about ADs to get cards... Unless you're dropping a dollar to pay the developers for making a game you want to like, Get used to the ADs; That's what's paying them. Game Development is a job. They're not obligated to stay up all night,stressing out, making complicated games for free.. Great port of the original game. You can keep your collection across the different platforms. Nice audio and smooth gameplay. Unique game concept with some different playstyles available.

Great game but it has a few problems. First and most important is that a disconnect freezes the victory screen. Second is the stagnating campaign story. There have been no updates for it for to long. Fix these things and I'll upgrade to 5 stars.. I'm a big CCG player and just found this one yesterday. The concept is really unique and I'm digging it so far, but they really need to fix card aquisition or I dont see the game succeeding. You buy cards 1 at a time, out of a choice of 3 randoms. To be able to spend more silver on better packs you first need to upgrade all commons which would take forever without spending real money, OR watch a 30 second ad each time you want to spend even more silver on buying a better pack. This is ridic.. Pretty fun .. the a.i is pretty interesting... Also it's pretty cool how one card can change up a battle real quick. It's a really fun, simple game and the tutorial isn't to long either. Some aspects of it are under development still though like the campaign which only has about 15 chapters out of about 23/25. It even has instructional tutorials for each of the four factions although the Metris and Endazu factions don't have theirs yet as it is in progress..

It's definitely one of the better deck building games. But it does lack updates. This could be amazing but needs some love. It's really unique game. But we have to accept the fact that market competition is really hard on card games. Games will dying. Salute to people who making this.. Excellent game. I've been playing for years now (since Kongregate times). Not only is fun, perfectly balanced and diverse... card draws and quotes are really good an inspiring. I highly recommend it.. Edit to 3* because the devs havent touched the game in over a year. Which sucks because this game is amazing, and the deck balance is other worldly. Its a shame..

This game have potential, but the fact that there are less players in this game is kinda hurts, and the VFX is kinda lacking. I hope in the future this could be a great CCG.. Really intelligent CCG with some original mechanics. Engrossing, well written and challenging storyline. All wrapped up with some nice graphics. I don't understand why more people haven't downloaded it.. Disappointed that only one characters campaign is available? I thought more would be available by now. Other than that i really like the game. More campaign options and it would be 4*. Been playing TCG's since the 90's (Magic, pokemon, Digimon, ajd Yugioh) This game went over all my expectations. Very well Design, easy to learn, different from the rest, just unique! I wish they made a real world card collection game, not only Mobile. Great Work team!.

Show game makers we dont want loot boxes of any kind. give em 1 star. Dont bother. Its an ok game. But they have ALL the usual loot box stuff. And ALL the usual overpriced "currency" to detatch you from how much your really spending for a VIRTUAL ITEM, that takes no extra effort to duplicate. There are other games out there just as good, if not better without the hassle.. Game is dead. And if you do manage to get a match, it may or may not award you the win. Which you need for rewards. Finally given up on this game.. Good game, but keeps refusing to load rewards at end of matches, freezing at rewards screen without awarding anything, including quest progress for wins. If you fix the issue, will raise to 5 star. Last few days havent been able to get any rewards win or lose to update, at all. Dont want to have to remove game because it keeps bugging, but will if issue remains wholly unsolved. Restarting phone did not fix issue, and no new updates that may be conflicting with game since this started daysago. deserves 5 stars, beautiful game that i've loved since it was put up on kongregate. Developers actually care and respond to issues.

Blatant ptw sections in the campaign and paywalls on buying better card packs tl:dr these guys are actual scumbags. Love the game, been playing since the beginning. Unfortunately can't access my Kong account since Flash is gone so my account, I guess, is gone.... Definitely fun. It could use a multipack open function, perhaps an option to open 5 or 10 at time, giving you random cards for choosing those options, but I can not deny how fun this game is.. I played this a long time ago on the computer. Love to see this as an app now n fun strategies. Only wish it would let me mix the decks.

A great style of gameplay and great balance between classes. The multiplayer part is somewhat lacking, but that's due to lack of participation.. Been playing this game since its release on Kong. Now i run into a small issue. The go back area in the store after you buy packs is positioned right above the gem pack. I press the go back and it will go back to tbe store but also tends to spend my gems i am saving up. It has happened multiple times. A good fix to this would be to ask if someone really wants to spend a gem on a pack Or just making the X on it work like the go back button. If you fix this will rate 5, i want my gems back man:(. It's one of my favorite card games. You don't have to grind as much as you do on the PC as well.. I WANT to love this game, but the store has immediately turned me off. You must earn the currency to purchase cards, but unless you want to waste it on the lowest tier packs, you have to watch a video for the privilege to open ONE. PACK. 3 quests and an advertisement later, you get to choose *one* of the three cards you're shown. Its built from the ground up to waste your time and entice you to keep signing up. Not a fan Yea alright I've put some time in and I enjoy it.

A CCG that doesn't work on all phones? Ok.. :( (It's a fun game, but it needs an excellent fone to work, I can't even get into battles). Really well made ccg. Feels well balanced between grind and progression so I haven't felt pushed to buy items to advance. Has an interesting story campaign and good rewards that don't push you to check back in every few hours (more leisurely). Has stability issues for low ram phones, but since upgrading my phone I haven't had any issues. All in all is fun, challenging, but not frustrating.. I'd describe it as a mix of Dominion and Hearthstone, but very unique from both of those. Free to play friendly, but sadly with a small user base that hampers PvP play.. Flawless Victory! This game is absolutely amazing. Highly underrated. Excellent execution of the traditional deck building but with enough twist to keep you hooked. Well done to the devs! This game is similar to: Star Realms (mobile app) Dominion (board game) Marvel Legendary.

Very addictive game, kind of disliked it at first, but the more I play the more I really enjoy it. Would give it 5 stars, but it ALMOST CONSTANTLY crashes and has server connection issues, extremely frustrating and maddening when it ruins a tournament winning streak and when I have spent in-game AND real life money to play for a continuous win. If you are able to constantly remind yourself (and truly believe) that "it is just a game" when such happens... *grrr*... it is strategy CCG at its best.. I LOVED this game back on Kongregate, and I'm quite sad I only now discovered it on mobile. It's just as fun as I remember, but it seems no one is playing. I tried to do matchmaking, and it said there were fewer than 5 other players online. It's a real shame, this CCG is amazing, and deserves a much bigger player-base.. I am adoring this lush, detailed Renaissance-ish card strategy game. (Devs worked with me on some crashing on Android 11, and my new addiction continues.) I enjoy the unique, opulent artwork, the atmospheric character quotes, and the challenge of learning the strengths and strategies of the different cards and factions. They put a lot of thought into this game experience.. Personally I'm poor and broke af shouldn't spend on game but I did... Didn't receive my silver for my $10 tho... All I wanted was the ability to buy the other packs... I'd rate it higher if not for that but seeing how in feel robbed y'all get 1 star and should feel lucky you get that... Don't email me to fix this use your game to communicate somehow or just fix it... Won't play till you do and if not fixed in a week its bye bye war of omens and any other game I happen to play by the same people.

Love the game!!! Know that first, the game just crashes at the most inappropriate times lol but I'm still gona try awhile longer. _-_ UPDATE now I'm furious! It crashed and I lost all my new cards x3!!!! I'm not uninstalling. A unique fantasy world with interesting characters and a well-written plot underpins a CCG that stands out for its varied and strategic play. In the past I might have rated this lower, but the devs listened to various reviews and added the features that I and other players felt were missing. I believe that this game will continue to get even better, and I look forward to future updates.. Game is good and I wanted to go ahead and support it, only to find that basic faction packs are 35$! Good game with fun gameplay, but the monetization is ridiculous. The prices could easily be 1/5th of what they are now.. 1. Multiple modes. Campaign (unfinished, but with different difficulties and even bonuses for eating the chapters in certain ways), tournament (which requires tickets, but you can get free 1-3/day, max 10. by doing quests), and multi-player. 2. 6 years... and I still haven't upgraded every card yet. I'm done with tiers 1-3, but need 4, H, and the coins. Still a lot of game left to play. 5/5, the game I recommend to my fellow cryptozoic/legendary/ascension, but also tcg player friends.

I used to play this game back at 2014 on Kongregate. I love it. To bad I got to start all over again since the server over in Kongregate won't work. I still like it, though.. Hit paywall on 2nd day. Also doesn't let you have as much control of game management like sequence and target selection and how many of which cards are in your deck. A good idea that hasn't been implemented well enough to really play :-(. Complexity and slick production values distract from iffy core gameplay. This is a deckbuilder similar to Dominion. Story, dialog, art, and production values are top notch. Gameplay is okay, and it seems like under a pile of extremely complex card effects, the game just comes down to using the strongest cards. Tracking the flurry of card effects is a headache, and the more I play the more I suspect the details of that flurry don't matter. I wish developers would focus more on core strategy.. As someone who is a bit bored of the ccg/tcg genre, but who loves deckbuilding but also wants something to spice up deckbuilding, this game really hits the spot for me. Took a little while to get into it but now that I know how to play (but far from mastering), I enjoy it. Has all the things I like about deckbuilding with ccg elements in it. The games atmosphere I find is unique as it is not generic fantasy. Very well done..

Finally! A truly free to play deck builder that doooesnt suck. Its a fun game, seems to be a good balance as far as I can tell. Lots of potential if more people end up playing.. So I finally beat 1:10 and the next chapter and that was the game. Well damn. People say they have been playing for years but there is nothing to do on the game to keep you playing for years. They story line is more incomplete than complete. I want to keep playing but I don't know what I'm holding on for. Are there going to be updates?. Very well done. Appreciated the opening story. I just wasn't in the mood for the learning curve, casual that I am. Balance your game, I find it interesting that chapter 10 the walls of chroma is not winnable even after trying close to 20 times. Would give zero stars for this blatent and unnecessary difficulty spike that comes out of no where..

Personally a unique and exciting ccg I have ever tried out, the storyline and art you can immerse yourself in this creative card game. However, it is tiring having to constantly wait for new content, more storyline and cards. What seems to be the problem? Whats slowing you guys down?. This is the second time for me I was disappointed on how long it took to add content. I truly like how this game plays I just wanted more of the story. For the other cards..

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