Wayward Souls is a challenging action role-playing game where players explore procedurally generated dungeons, fighting hordes of enemies and powerful bosses. With six unique character classes, each with their own abilities and playstyles, players can choose their favored playstyle of close combat, ranged attacks, or spellcasting. With permadeath and a wide variety of weapons, armor, and artifacts to collect, Wayward Souls offers endless hours of intense gameplay and replayability.

Latest of Wayward Souls Gift Codes


The Enchanted Chest of Wonders: Unlock 4 unique rewards in Wayward Souls! Discover a powerful staff, a majestic mount, a mysterious companion, and rare crafting materials. Embrace your inner hero with this mythical gift and conquer the realm! May luck be on your side.

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“Unlock the Mystical Coupon of Wayward Souls! Redeem for rare loot, increased experience gains, secret areas, pet companions, character customization options, and even a chance to summon a legendary boss!”

How to Redeem Code for Wayward Souls

To redeem a gift code for Wayward Souls, open the game on your device and go to the main menu. Locate the "Options" button and tap on it. In the options menu, look for the "Redeem Gift" button and select it. A new screen will appear, prompting you to enter your gift code. Type in the code carefully, making sure to include any dashes or spaces. Once the code is entered, tap on the "Redeem" button, and the gift associated with the code will be added to your game. Enjoy!

List of Wayward Souls Codes

1. GFTWD001: Unleash your wayward spirit with this code, granting you access to exclusive in-game items and powers. Explore the depths of dungeons and conquer your enemies as you embark on a thrilling adventure.

2. GFTWD002: Immerse yourself in the world of Wayward Souls with this unique code. Unlock new character classes, discover hidden secrets, and unravel the mysteries that lie within the realm.

3. GFTWD003: Use this gift code to enhance your Wayward Souls experience. Gain special abilities, upgrade your weapons, and become an unstoppable force against the evil that plagues the land.

4. GFTWD004: Unleash your inner hero with this code, granting you mighty artifacts and legendary gear. Forge alliances, master powerful skills, and vanquish the darkness that threatens to consume the Wayward Souls.

5. GFTWD005: Embark on an epic journey with this code, unlocking secret passageways, rare treasures, and epic boss battles. Conquer the Wayward Souls universe and prove your worth as a true hero.

6. GFTWD006: Enter the enchanted world of Wayward Souls with this code, granting you access to exclusive cosmetic items, character customization options, and unique pets to accompany you on your quest.

7. GFTWD007: Uncover the secrets of Wayward Souls with this exclusive code. Gain access to hidden areas, powerful spells, and ancient artifacts that will aid you on your perilous journey.

8. GFTWD008: Unleash your inner warrior with this code, unlocking an arsenal of devastating weapons and armor. Face off against hordes of enemies and emerge victorious in the battle for the Wayward Souls.