NameWoodcutter: Idle Clicker
CategoryNew Game
Size83 MB

Woodcutter: Idle Clicker is a game where players take on the role of a woodcutter and try to grow their own forest empire. The game revolves around clicking on trees to cut them down and gather wood, which can then be used to upgrade equipment and unlock new areas.

Players start with a simple axe and slowly progress to more advanced chainsaws and automated machinery, enabling them to cut down trees at a faster rate. The wood obtained can be sold for profit or used to craft various items. The game also introduces elements like contracts and quests, which provide additional challenges and rewards.

As players progress, they can unlock different locations, each with its unique types of trees and resources to collect. These new areas bring in more varied gameplay experiences and opportunities for expansion.

Woodcutter: Idle Clicker incorporates idle mechanics, which means players can continue to earn resources even when they are not actively playing the game. This makes it possible for players to accumulate wood and money over longer periods, encouraging strategic planning and resource management.

Overall, Woodcutter: Idle Clicker offers a casual and addictive experience for gamers who enjoy incremental gameplay and want to dive into the world of woodcutting and forestry.

Woodcutter: Idle Clicker MOD

Fun, but no end game after you get the 4 equipment. Could be a really fun game if there was any reason to play it after that.. Fun game, only issue, and its tiny im already used to it from other games, but you seemingly have to save manually every time you close the app, it doesn't just save when u close it. Otherwise good progression jumps. Just remember to save manually!. Pretty decent clicker game. The only issue I have is the quests. I don't like the idea that some of them require massive amounts of luck. I've been trying to get an enhanced lightening strike for over a day now and I've had the game running nonstop. Sounds easy but when you have a 0.4% chance of this then it's almost impossible to progress. Game kills battery. Even when not in use, the game will DRAIN your battery. Even while charging, % will still go down.. Id give it 5 stars but I think the challenges need a bit more of an explanation behind them. Ive been stuck on treasure hunt1 and I have no idea how to complete it other than "can be obtained through golden tree/hunt/infinite.

Woodcutter: Idle Clicker APK

Everything great until I reached 201 and the game crashed. I play again from the manual save, from level 100 and currently at stage 1200+. The game quite good. Need auto cloud save and google play achievements. Also need expansions and social features. I already maxed the rate upgrades, got 4 treasures, etc. It's quite repetitive on my current stage.. Alot of fun! It's so easy to spend alot of time in this game just chop chop chop. My only concern is why I cant do the +5 and +10 grade challenges? I have gems but the options are greyed out...?. Seems ok but not sure why it has idle in the title, if you idle you dont progress, at all.. Giving it three stars for now because I don't quite know what's the use of weapon merging. Plus, maybe you can add some offline earnings..

Woodcutter: Idle Clicker APK

The auto and critical button work but the power button is not working and the challenge I'm doing at the bottom of the screen says I need to buy one but it won't even work.. Not a bad little game. I like these kind of mindless games as time killers. Usually, they are completely unplayable because of the amount of ads. So far, all the ads have been optional for rewards. Not bad at all.. Really disappointed. I played for awhile yesterday (great game, very well balanced) and then had to go run errands. I open the game today and there's no save data and I'm starting from scratch again. I logged into Google games but I guess the progress wasn't saved.. In app purchases 500 gem and get 500 gems deal cost more than advertised by $2.50 and didn't recieve gems.......says $3.99 but is $6.49 and doesn't equal taxes.

Woodcutter: Idle Clicker APK

Seems fun, no ads and cheap store prices. I didn't mind buying the beginners pack and honestly thinking about buying the big $10 pack now.. I give it 4 star because I wish there were like leaderboards for a challenge and like prestiges or rebirths for multiplier and idk if that's what you were planning on but weapon damage is useless now and critical and slash crit and mult crit is all I need we might need a weapon buff or something but don't get me wrong this game is good. Awesome game just wondering what is max star I'm 1800 would be nice to have prestige system with prestige boost and upgrade . I was only able to experience a small bit of the game because it would not tell me where I needed to go to upgrade the tree, I checked for it in every menu including settings and I could not find it..

Ya,it's a great game as an idle clicker ..but somethings can be improved 1)the animation of the character hitting the tree 2)A tutorial so i will give this game 5 our of 4 stars. SHAME, dev-team remove rank system. It makes boring because there's no challenging pride ranking system with others. Many many all games has ranking system, but this Dev-team don't care & don't understand..

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