NameYeastken Bakery Puzzle
CategoryNew Game
Size140 MB

Yeastken Bakery Puzzle is a game that revolves around running a bakery and solving puzzles. The objective is to help a baker named Yeastken bake delicious pastries by arranging puzzle pieces to match shapes and create a perfect fit. The game offers various challenges and levels where players must strategically think and plan their moves to complete each level successfully. As the game progresses, players unlock new recipes, ingredients, and decorations to enhance their bakery. Yeastken Bakery Puzzle provides a fun and addictive gameplay experience for puzzle enthusiasts and bakery lovers alike.

Yeastken Bakery Puzzle MOD

Fun game good fun Y east Ken. The game is very cute and relaxing but the monetiztion is a bit horrible, I hope I can buy an ad-less version of the game via in game store. I dont mind the ads on getting extra hearts,power ups and continues. Also there is no saving progress so you have to keep it in mind and hope they put save progress in the future. Waiting for the improvements in time as I am really enjoying this game much. Will update review if improvements are made. Cute Puppy Bakery Puzzle! .

Download ( V2.1 )

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