Zoidtrip APK Mod 1.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

Last update February 13, 2024

Size8.48 Mb
ReleaseTriple Trip Studio

Timekiller with simple gameplay and cute characters. Before you is a simple arcade game that copies the mechanics of Flappy Bird but with its characteristics. If you are ready to suffer, then download Zoidtrip and go.

After the start, you will take control of a strange creature resembling a jellyfish with three fins and legs. This animal falls endlessly, and the player must help him in this matter, using only one finger. One tap on the screen will make the animal turn to the right or left. The turn depends on where the main character is looking. On the way of the hero, obstacles will appear in the form of walls that cannot be crashed into, immediately leading to a loss.

As in the mentioned game, they were dodging at least a few obstacles will be pretty tricky. And with every second, the complexity will only increase. This is manifested in the increase in the speed of the ward and the number of obstacles. The gameplay is monotonous and lasts until the main character crashes into the wall. For a change, the developers added a background changer and the ability to change the main character’s appearance.

Zoidtrip MOD

I like that after every game color changes randomly, music is also very fun my favourit zoid is mustashe guy. OMG!! THIS IS SO CUTE!!! Im so addicted to this I almost completed the levels but I decided to install it again just to replay from the start cause I really love this!! make more please!! Maybe a puppy or cat version? teehee!!. I downloaded this game years ago when I was in high school and loved it even with its simple mechanics. I had to change my phone and somehow forgot it existed afterwards. I couldn't even remember the title, just the happy music and the c: face the squid made. I honestly can't believe I found it again today.. interesting idea. challenging. it takes a while to even figure out how to play it. nice ambient music. graphics are as basic as they get but i think thats the point. the game however is WAY too intrusive. it wants access to your calendar, contacts, body sensors, camera, basically everything. For that alone i highly don't recommend anyone donwloads this and any other game with similar install demands.. its the perfect game to play when you're bored, the characters are very cute aswell, but i got bored and deleted it very quick.

Zoidtrip APK

Cool Games, Nice Graphic, but the Gameplay Mechanic is so Bad, my H-Score is 80, because the Upper Platform goes to Right, and the Square moves to Left, and i cant reach it, How?!. Really nice looking, simple to control game that reminds me of the DSi game paper planes. Controls very well, yet hard to get a high score.. Maybe add darker shades of various colours, they are easier on the eyes. Or maybe just a 'colour choose' option?. I love the game but its very hard to play my highest score is 67 but I will try to score 100.

Zoidtrip APK

Well... if u think about what the guy looks like and what u r doing it's a little weird... but otherwise it's a great game. This game is a great challenge. My highest as of now is 122. I am always trying to beat my previous score. Great fun. Just 1-tap your way down a tunnel? No siree, but at least there are faces you can buy by playing the game.. Amazing game but it dose not let me download the game on my phone but I hade this game on my tablet it is great but please fix the game so I can finally download it on my phone.

Zoidtrip APK

It is ridiculously difficult to play. And once u make a little mistake u cannot correct it. Lost interest really fast. Nice graphics though.. Its a good game for past time. I suggest add colors and clothes for the zoid. It would be wonderful. Totally love it!. It's a cool game, I'm addicted this game, because it so cool. My highest score is 43. I can beat anyone but i can't do. I will do my best to beat all of you!.

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