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Sure, here are 12 fantasy coupon codes for 21vek.by:

1. DRAGONS20 - 20% off on all mythical figurines
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5. FAIRY15 - 15% off on enchanting home decor
6. MYTHICALTOYS25 - 25% off on magical toys and games
7. UNICORN10 - 10% off on unicorn-themed apparel
8. MERMAID40 - 40% off on mermaid-inspired accessories
9. ENCHANTEDGARDEN75 - $75 off on fairy garden kits
10. PHOENIX25 - 25% off on phoenix-themed artwork
11. CASTLE20 - 20% off on castle-shaped lamps and decorations
12. MAGE55 - 55% off on mystical art prints and posters

These coupon codes are only redeemable on 21vek.by and are valid until the end of the month. Enjoy your magical shopping experience!