NameAddition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction – An interesting application in the world of education. Math sum and subtraction will help you to have fun, to visit the world of education and where you can learn a lot. Subtraction game where you will pass a large number of interesting levels. To begin with, you should choose a difficulty level for yourself, and then start the game.

At any level, you can find a variety of games. This is where your child will learn to add, subtract and learn everything quickly. When children click on a certain number, it will turn red when the answer is wrong. When green, then everything is correct and you can continue on. Everything here is designed so that the child can quickly add up, click on the correct numbers and get only satisfaction. Ultimately, such a colorful adventure Sum and subtraction math will help your children learn a lot of new things in this vast world.

Addition and Subtraction MOD

This game is very good for my 6 year old girl. I think it's a good app for children of her age.. This app had such promise but it's rubbish. The numbers are so stylised I don't think my son even realised they are numbers. The advert is frustrating because if it gets touched the app effectively closes and you start again. The sums are always the same and in the same order. You can't start from where you left off you just have to do the same sums again. You can't choose levels of difficulty. You never know where the end is so there's no reward for the child for finishing a set of sums.. I love this game i know 8 + 8 =16 it's very fun and i guess this game have a + or or but it's still fun i rate this app becues is so great. Very nice app. It's an advanced math for my preschool. Think it will be more helpful to kids if there's also an illustration to it like fading/popping up of objects when adding/subtracting..or like three are slashed of the five objects under "5 - 3"...well, thanks!. But this game is so slow and bord and I know the small children need this app ok and do this game better bye and don't forget to make it better bye.

Addition and Subtraction APK

My kid follows the pattern in your multiple choice answers. I thought she was making great progress but she was learning your not-so-random mult-choice options. I covered the potential answers and she was back to finger counting.. This game is lovely but in this game some levels are difficult for children it is appropriate for ages 5toadult. I am looking for a maths game for my little chap with ASD. I like this game so far, looking forward to letting him try it.. This app was fantastic for my little boy who has just turned 4 and has a knack and a love for adding and subtracting numbers however I have had to stop him from playing it once my husband noticed the practically NAKED ladies advert at the bottom of the screen!!!!!! Absolutely disgusting and what need is there to have an advert like that on a young children's game or any children's game for that matter!.

Addition and Subtraction APK

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