AFK Cats is an idle game where players collect and upgrade a variety of cat heroes to battle against waves of enemies. Players can unlock new cats, equip them with powerful weapons and armor, and strategically place them on a battlefield to defend their base. The game also features a guild system where players can team up, participate in guild wars, and climb the leaderboard.

Latest of AFK Cats – Idle arena with cat heroes Promo Codes


Fantasy Gift: Enter the mystical realm of AFK Cats and unlock the Celestial Chest! Receive a rare hero, boundless gold, magical elixirs, and a celestial artifact. Indulge in the luxurious VIP treatment with exclusive perks, custom skins, and the chance to join the developers’ table for future update discussions.


“Magical Mystery Coupon: Redeem for a chance to unlock rare cat heroes, exclusive gear, double XP boosts, endless gold, and a special wish granting cat companion! Limited time offer, meow!”

How to Redeem Code for AFK Cats: Epic Idle Dungeon RP

To redeem a gift code in AFK Cats: Epic Idle Dungeon RP, follow these steps. Open the game and locate the "Settings" option. Tap on it and find the "Gift Code" button. Click on it to open the gift code input screen. Enter the gift code provided to you and press the "Redeem" button. If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding rewards in your account. Enjoy your rewards and continue your epic adventure in AFK Cats: Epic Idle Dungeon RP.

List of AFK Cats: Epic Idle Dungeon RP Codes

1. T2E5X7C9 - Unlock a rare treasure chest full of valuable items and resources to level up your AFK Cats and dominate the dungeon.

2. R4K9M3U2 - Receive a special character skin that will make your favorite AFK Cat stand out from the rest as you progress through the epic dungeon adventure.

3. G7H6B1D4 - Gain access to an exclusive VIP dungeon, filled with powerful enemies and rare treasures that are only available to the most dedicated players.

4. L8N2T6V4 - Double your experience points for a limited time, allowing your AFK Cat heroes to level up faster and become even stronger in the ultimate dungeon battle.

5. S3U4P1R8 - Unlock a legendary weapon that is rumored to be the most powerful in the entire dungeon, giving your AFK Cat the advantage they need to conquer all enemies.

6. E2P7I9C1 - Obtain a special potion that instantly restores all health and energy to your AFK Cats, ensuring they are always ready for the next intense dungeon encounter.

7. K6C1A8T4 - Claim a treasure map that leads you to a hidden dungeon with even more epic loot and powerful enemies, providing an extra challenge for your AFK Cat team.

8. H4R9O2L3 - Enjoy a temporary boost in gold and resources, allowing you to upgrade your AFK Cats and their gear for a rapid advancement in the dungeon realms.