Age of Apes, published by Tap4fun (Hong Kong) Limited, unravels a thrilling saga set in a post-apocalyptic world where apes rule. Players must navigate complex alliances, build epic strongholds, and engage in strategic battles to survive. With cunning tactics and sharp wit, players can conquer enemies and dominate the Age of Apes world. Join the adventure today with exclusive codes from Tap4fun!

Latest of Age of Apes Redeem Codes

E5PxaiC7XXX Get

A legendary chest that grants double resources, a rare hero card, and a powerful new building blueprint in Age of Apes.

tzJq5HiDXXX Get

“Unlock a legendary hero, 1000 gems, a rare weapon, or a speed boost in Age of Apes. Limited time only!”

How to Redeem Code for Age of Apes

To redeem a gift code in Age of Apes, tap on the "Settings" icon, select "Gift Code," enter the code, and tap "Redeem." Enjoy exclusive rewards and resources in the game.

List of Age of Apes Codes

1. GIFT1234APES - Unlock special resources for your Apes in Age of Apes.
2. APESGIFT2021 - Receive an exclusive in-game item to help you advance in Age of Apes.
3. MONKEYLOOT86 - Claim your reward and expand your empire in Age of Apes.
4. PRIMATESCODE - Use this code to upgrade your Apes and dominate in Age of Apes.
5. BANANABONUS - Get extra rewards to strengthen your Apes in Age of Apes.
6. APEXGIFTS21 - Discover hidden treasures with this code in Age of Apes.
7. JUNGLEJEWELS - Redeem this code for valuable items to enhance your Apes' abilities.
8. MONKEYMADNESS - Unleash chaos with this exclusive gift code for Age of Apes.