NameAge of World Wars
ReleaseZero Touch group

A 2D strategy game with simple graphics and interesting gameplay for skilled strategists.

Before you is an exciting strategy with two-dimensional design for Android, in which you have to take control of one of the civilizations and lead it through all time periods, simultaneously fighting other enemy civilizations.

In general, your task is to conquer the whole world. You need to bring your power to world domination, destroying or subjugating other states. Download Age of World Wars for Android and try to make your plans come true. You are waiting for many hours of large-scale battles, strategic planning, tactical offensive, development and so on.

The essence of the gameplay is very simple. Everything is done in the spirit of the classic strategy, where you need to develop your base and destroy the enemy, or, well, conquer them and subjugate them. To do this, you need to put together a powerful army so that the enemy trembles. For the destruction of enemies you will be given experience and money.

Money can be spent on upgrading the base, buying new soldiers, units, defense elements and other things. Thanks to experience points, you will move faster into the new temporary era. Each era has its own buns, technologies, items. Graphically, the game is made in a two-dimensional style. But if you don’t care about the graphics, you are an adherent of an interesting gameplay, then immediately download Age of World Wars for Android and conquer the worlds ahead.

Age of World Wars MOD

Can you add AI-Very Hard. AI very hard can unlock all upgrades this nation if you select Allies, Axis, USSR, Germany, USA, UK, Japan, France and Italy. Can Research Unit Upgrade and Special Abilities. Become smart because AI Hard or Easy stupid because Bombers can bomb fighter instead of Land and Sea Units. Also I Cannot play Multiplayer map with 300-4800 Population is unplayable. After end turn The AI turn is lag. Make sure is Playable. (To see edit history. Click triple dots beside raters). great game!can you make a game with modern wars and modern wars 2 with all the weapons from ww2 to modern era.Also can you add the Vietnam Map on modern wars 1. This Game Is Extremely Fun! Sadly I Can't Get My Old Account Back Because I Forgot My Username So Now I Had To Start All Over Again But It's Still A Very Fun And Good Game And This Game Keeps Updating Which Makes It Better!. As someone who has been playing for while it is about time I write a review about it. The game has an interesting gameplay that is somewhat unique which is what I look for in game. There some things I think could be changed in game in my opinion but other than that love the game hope to see it progress further.. The games fun but most things are locked behind a wall but the only way to get these items is playing the very difficult campaign.

Age of World Wars APK

Pretty cool game. I really like the units. And the mechanics on building. It's very different than most one thing that's kind of different. That I recommend is maybe putting resources in it. I don't know exactly how you do it, but. Having oil having steel Maybe even wood and. Food and hold that kind of stuff. make more variety in buildings. Make clearing out terrain actually profitable. Besides, you're clearing a spot for a building. Make it so you get resource from it or maybe more production. Its a great game but It is missing a few things like the fa61, the he160, the sdkfz 250 and the sdkfz 221. Best strategy game you guys have made by far, but through map editor is hard to use mobile that's my only issue. This game is very fun. The amount of factors is also really nice. I would highly recommend this. There is no ads, and a great community.

Age of World Wars APK

Tbh the game and its genre has greatly evolved. The unique features and strategies like making the mines VERY ANNOYING which I like. One of my favorite games I have ever played if you looking to install it please do it's a great game. The game is fun, the style is nice to look at and I like how you try to make the different factions unique from each other. What I would like is that the upgrades you haven't bought yet can be seen. My only problem with the game is that you can't see the upgrades until you bough the previous one, this means that you can waste your gold buying upgrades you didn't want because you dedicated yourself to the wrong upgrade tree. Please let us see the upgraded even if we hadn't bought them yet.. Could be 5star rating! 2 issues need to be FIXED! A) show ALL the upgrades so you don't waste time "searching". B) PLAYER should CONTROL ALL "so-called" allied forces, they only get in the way or send half of their forces to "protect" my territory well behind the enemy lines. On the plus side; not pay to play, challenging, good time killer. PLEASE fix these issues and I'll give a 10 star rating..

Age of World Wars APK

Overall it's a good game but there are some questionable things like the addition of babies as a "unit" map editor is amazing and multiplayer is good as well. It's great. It's lengthy and really large variety of things you can do in game. Different nations, technologies and weapons. Truly a modern game.. THIS GAME MAKE ME LOSE. when I was playing for like 21 days, game crashed. And after I joined that server, GAME MAKE ME LOSE FOR NO REASON. IS THAT A BUG? FIX THE BUG. I WAS ALMOST WIN. IF YOU DON'T FIX IT I'LL REPORT.. Reply to Daniel: fair enough mate but can I suggest it either be a setting or just scrap it because its annoying but It can be good in campaign.

Ok, so the research menu is kinda bad. I would like to see them categorize the menu. UI is kinda bad cant build whilst troops are in the building. Otherwise, it's a very great game. Its actuallt the best strategy based game ive ever played the only reason i gave it a 4 star is because it randomly crashes but the game is saved soo yeah i recomend you to play this game its the best strategy ww2 based game. Best RTS game many ww2 units with fun maps historical and comstum campaigns check out him age of rts, Hunting the Ratte, Landfall, operation sealoin, ww2,and anything you wanna with ww2 units like Panthers tanks! and come mak3 your own like me!. Many option to choose from in terms of units and each nation's units having different stats is fantastic. Some having more attack or movement, not just a copy and past. Altho it would be nice to see what upgrades are available before having to purchase the one before..

It's a fun game to pass the time, though having to get enough gold to unlock everthing does take some time.. This is a game you would never expect to be free. The quality and gameplay are unlike any on the play store app. 5 stars .. the idea is fairly good, but the game is too hard, you can't even win the tutorial edit: nevermind, hard difficulty was chosen by default on the first tutorial and that's the reason. This is a good game to have the time pass by, it's really fun and very enjoyable. It isn't like other strategy games where most the mechanics are either glitchy or don't matter in the grand scheme of the game, it does have some bugs don't get me wrong, but they are very insignificant and will most likely never bother you. 10/10 would recommend.

Played all of the "Age Of" strategy games you have and love them all. Keep up the good work developers. Best game on Google play for sure, and it's free whats not to like. Good game I really like the historical aspect and lots of units some campaigns have problems like operation alpha there is no human player available so you just watch the computer play each other the French lose pretty quickly and it's you've lost no stars or gold. There's a lot of money hungry games out there under the "strategy" catagory that are more cash grab than strategy. This is beautiful little gem of a strategy game that does what it should be. The controls be a bit wonky but it's easy to get used to.. To be honest i really love this game and i really love the textures on the map and pixels on the map and units and this game,i support it, i really support this game because im a fan of world war history and when i see this game i download it and really enjoyed playing it and i suggest that you keep updating this because i really love it and im giving this 5 star cause i love it and i have a request on your next update can please add hellicopters to all the different units please.

Its a amazing game but i dont know how to change the ai difficulty. and its hard to know if i used my attack or if i didnt use it. other wise amazing game.. An amazing game honestly it is so expensive! No need for adds every two milliseconds or after every battle ! So many real life units . Easy ways to get gems in game and even if you lower the difficulty you just get one gold lower! I'm a fanatic when it comes to WW2 and this game put tears in my eyes on the building navy land forces and even the air force!. The moment I see that the guy replying to the reviews isn't some asinine AI response, I give 5 stars straight away, cuz I know it will be good. Very nice games, i only face one problem when i play the bigger maps Like playing nazi germany 1943 my game loading freezes after 7+ rounds I have enough ram on my phone for this game. The solution i ask would be to update the game in its speed and ram.

Re doing my review on this game. All the games that you guys have been making and updating on are great. Hope to see more maps and more units when they come out. Hope to also see other nations as well put in the game.. An amazing game with an amazing staff. This game is a must play. I found 90% of the controls to be very intuitive and easy to figure out. The other 10% wasn't too difficult, it feels more like accessing the "pro strats" territory. This game gets right what every other game tries to skip. I love how they know where to get complex and where to keep it simple. This is one of the last true blue turn-based strategy games available on here. This game is one of the good ones. I cannot recommend enough.. I just love it I love the updates,But I have a idea to make this game more focused on tanks then infantry and trucks like maybe a tank recovery or a mobile engineer unit to help aid tanks that's really it.

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