Age of World Wars is a strategic war game that allows players to take control of different countries and lead them to victory. The game features a wide range of military units, including infantry, tanks, and airplanes, that can be used to conquer enemy territories. Players must carefully manage resources, make tactical decisions, and engage in diplomatic negotiations to achieve dominance on the world stage.

Latest of Age of World Wars Codes


The Crown of Eternal Dominion: A legendary artifact that grants the power of ultimate control. Command mighty dragons, lead invincible armies, and master all six elements. Also includes a personal pocket dimension, a loyal army of immortal warriors, and a lifetime supply of ambrosia.

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Unlock the “Dragon’s Blessing” coupon and choose from epic rewards: a mythical weapon, enchanted armor, a powerful spellbook, or an army of loyal warriors to aid you in the Age of World Wars!

How to Redeem Code for Age of World Wars

To redeem a gift code in Age of World Wars, follow these steps:
1. Launch the game and navigate to the homepage.
2. Look for a button that says "Settings" or "Options" and click on it.
3. In the settings menu, find a button labeled "Gift Codes" or something similar.
4. Tap on it to open the gift code redemption screen.
5. Enter the gift code in the designated field and click "Redeem".
6. If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding reward in your game account. Enjoy!

List of Age of World Wars Codes

1. GIFT1AOWW: Get a free supply drop containing rare weapons, armor, and resources to boost your army's power in Age of World Wars.

2. CODEXWAR: Unlock a special code to gain access to exclusive historical documents and stories, providing you with valuable insights and tactics for conquering new territories in the game.

3. VICTORYBOOST: Activate this gift code to instantly increase your victory points, allowing you to rise through the ranks and become a renowned military strategist in Age of World Wars.

4. ALLIANCEBONUS: Join forces with other players by redeeming this gift code and receive a bonus resource pack to strengthen your alliances and dominate the battlefield together.

5. HEROFORGE: Use this code to unlock a legendary hero, capable of turning the tide of any battle with their unique abilities and leadership skills.

6. POWERUPBLITZ: Gain an advantage by activating this code and receive a time-limited power-up that speeds up resource production and troop training in Age of World Wars.

7. CONQUESTPOTION: Enhance your conquest efforts with this gift code, granting you a special potion that temporarily boosts your army's strength, speed, and morale.

8. STRATEGYGUIDE: Get a comprehensive strategy guide for Age of World Wars, filled with expert tips and tricks to help you build a formidable empire and crush your enemies on the battlefield.