Football Rumble Stars – an exciting football game with bright cartoon graphics in which the participants are various animals with great charisma and incredible enthusiasm to win on the football field! Gather a group of them and participate in exciting matches with other players.

Latest of Rumble Stars Codes

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Rumble Stars is an addictive multiplayer soccer game with crazy physics! Gather your epic team of stars and take part in online football matches! Develop strategic combinations to defeat opponents and achieve goals! Upgrade your team and move up the rankings.

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Distribute your “rumble” around the field as efficiently as possible to eventually outwit the opposing team and get the ball into the net! Unlock new characters, and learn new tricks. Win, move from tournament to tournament, and enjoy exciting gameplay full of positive and bright emotions.

How to Redeem Code for Rumble Stars Football

To redeem a gift code in Rumble Stars Football, follow these steps. Open the game and tap on the "Settings" button. Scroll down and find the "Redeem Code" option. Tap on it and enter the gift code in the provided field. Once you have entered the code, tap on the "Redeem" button. If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding reward. Enjoy your new items and upgrades in Rumble Stars Football!

List of Rumble Stars Football Codes

1. Code: RSF1GFT - Unlock a mysterious rarity card that will give your team a powerful advantage on the field. Use it wisely and dominate your opponents in Rumble Stars Football!

2. Code: STRK123 - Get a special edition striker player with enhanced skills and abilities. Watch as they score incredible goals and lead your team to victory in every match.

3. Code: GOALX25 - Enjoy 25 free goal packs, containing a variety of items to boost your team's performance. From energy refills to powerful cards, this gift code will give you the resources you need to reign supreme in Rumble Stars Football.

4. Code: POWRUP99 - Instantly power up all your players, increasing their stats and making them virtually unstoppable on the field. Prepare for an onslaught of goals and victories with this exclusive gift code.

5. Code: LUCKY777 - Test your luck with this code and receive a special surprise gift box. Inside, you'll find rare items, exclusive cards, and even a chance to unlock a legendary player for your team.

6. Code: STRATG50 - Upgrade your strategic skills with 50 free tactic cards. These cards will help you devise unique game plans and outsmart your opponents in every match.

7. Code: SUPERSTRIKE - Unleash the power of super strikes with this gift code. Your strikers will have access to a special move that guarantees a goal every time they use it. Watch as your opponents scramble to defend against these unstoppable shots.

8. Code: MEGAUPG18 - Give your entire team a mega upgrade with this gift code. All players will receive a massive boost to their abilities, making them unbeatable on the field. Prepare for a legendary winning streak in Rumble Stars Football with this exclusive code.


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