Space Survivor is an exciting game with an original idea. If you are a fan of such a hit in the gaming industry as “Among Us” but want something fresh, then this toy is definitely what you are looking for!

Latest of Space Survivor Gift Codes


Customize your character’s appearance, choose a skin, edit your skill tree, or purchase a couple of boosts to help you during the game. After you press the “Play” button, a spaceship will appear in front of you. Inside will be you, other players, and a monster. It would be best if you must do everything the monster does not get into your room.

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To do this, build a reliable protection system! The winner is the player who lasted the longest without being hit by the monster’s paws. The game has a lot of characters from different universes—for example, Venom, Pokemon, Poppy Playtime, and others.

How to Redeem Code for Space Survivor

To redeem a gift code in Space Survivor, follow these steps:
1. Launch the game on your device.
2. Look for the "Settings" or "Options" menu.
3. Tap on "Redeem Gift Code".
4. Enter the gift code in the provided field.
5. Click on the "Redeem" button.
6. If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding rewards instantly.
7. Enjoy your new bonuses and use them to enhance your gameplay in Space Survivor!

List of Space Survivor Codes

1. CODE: SS8462GE - Receive a special spacesuit skin for your survivor, providing extra protection against cosmic radiation and alien attacks. Look stylish while exploring the vast reaches of outer space!

2. CODE: SS7321GA - Get a supply drop of high-tech gadgets to help you navigate through treacherous asteroids and mysterious alien ruins. From advanced scanners to graviton boots, these items will give you an edge in survival.

3. CODE: SS5894GB- Unlock a powerful energy weapon capable of vaporizing enemies with precision. Upgrade its modules to enhance its firepower and unleash devastation on any extraterrestrial threat.

4. CODE: SS1257GN- Claim a holographic companion AI, capable of providing valuable information and assisting you in critical situations. This smart companion will be your best friend in the desolate depths of space.

5. CODE: SS4168GR- Access a rare alien artifact that grants temporary abilities such as cloaking, enhanced speed, or telekinesis. Unleash your hidden potential and become a true space survivor.

6. CODE: SS9532GC- Obtain an exclusive spaceship blueprint to build and pilot your own spacecraft. Explore uncharted realms, engage in interstellar battles, and uncover the secrets of the universe.

7. CODE: SS2875GP- Acquire a advanced resource scanner that can detect valuable minerals and energy sources hidden within asteroids. Extract these resources to upgrade your equipment and survive in the harsh environment.

8. CODE: SS6724GT- Redeem a limited edition trading card featuring a legendary space explorer. Collect a set of these cards and trade them with fellow survivors to unlock hidden missions, rewards, and secrets.


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