NameAir Support
Size123 MB
ReleaseSupersonic Studios LTD

Air Support is a fun game project that will allow you to defend your base. You will control a real aircraft equipped with the most modern weapons. Your primary mission will be that you will do everything possible to prevent the enemy from capturing your base. It will be hard and not easy, but we must cope with this task. To do this, you will have to maneuver your plane, shoot down enemy attacks, deprive him of support and come up with much more. Everything must be done so that your base is not captured. Destroy buildings, bridges, and more to prevent the enemy from moving forward. Undermine cars, gas tanks, and enemy troops and win in your missions.

Air Support MOD

WORST GAME EVER IT'S SCAM DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT I've spent 3 seconds in the game and faced ads, and it must have network to open the game. Fun game but after getting all the soldiers and getting your weapons maxed out there isn't a challenge anymore would be more fun if there were more enemy's to fight more maps to play on more special mission types. Game just froze and wouldn't restart. Had to Uninstall and reinstall. Game will not restore purchases... very disappointed. Will be surprised if this ever gets fixed. Happy New Year to me...( update, It is now January 7... no response from Developers since I posted this 2 weeks ago. You guys suck). This game is so farted and gugu ir lil nus nus white gugu blue gugu red gugu orange gugu yellow gugu. ad factory. what's the point of playing if all info is watch ads making the developer money they did not earn..

Air Support APK

It was a fun game. But recently it doesn't load and keeps showing ad after ad. Looks like Air Support needs some tech support. Uninstalled.. You can't play without watching advertisements every 30 sec. Even when you try to advance without watching ads (which allow to either get bonus upgrades or currency), it still forces you to watch 30 sec of ads for every 1 min of gameplay.. I have just started and so far I really like the game. You have to lead the enemy vehicles in order to hit it. And it seems to be fairly realistic.. Why do you make game so unplayable with so many ads there are more ad time than actually playing the game to bad I kinda liked the game.

Air Support APK

it passes the time but, be prepared for ADS, lots of them. I purchased the No Ads just to see if I liked the game. It appears that Ads purchase only removed a certain level of Ads. I will update this after I speak with them. this is my third case of tier Ads and no where does it mention this.. It's okay. Missle and machine gun. Cool concept, execution is decent, the levels are simplistic and short, and for every 30 seconds of screen time, you get an ad. I put my phone down, and it started playing an ad a few seconds later. Finish a wave? Ad. Started a game? Ad. Just watched an ad? Ad. It's fun for a short time, but it's a delete after a while because of the ad bombardment. Like most games are now a days. Sometimes, the ads are only 5 seconds. Sometimes, you have to restart the game.. enjoyable but why the he'll so many ads in between and the game is also so glitchy need to improve Now it's even worse I am firing a missle and it is not blowing up people are not dying by direct machine guns and missle hits and I am moving the scope it is so glitchy it is moving 5 seconds after the action . You need to improve. u might as well not even bother making a game and just make it entirely ads AND steal ur data.

Air Support APK

I could deal with it if there was an ad between missions, but the fact that you have to watch ads DURING the missions is ridiculous. Not a real game, just a vehicle for ads. It's about 10 seconds of gameplay and then about 30+ seconds of ads.. Ads before play ads during play! Was sick of ads by the end of the third mission so binned it.. The game tends to freeze up after playing for awhile or if there's too much activity on screen. The game is very entertaining but the level of difficulty eventually plateaus and it becomes way too easy to kill off enemies. Sometimes you only get 2-3 waves of enemies and the game is over in less than 20 seconds. An endless mode would've been beneficial in a game like this. 3.5/5!!. Good game and I wrote for it interesting first, but not anymore..theres alot of ads even when you do missions! Let the player to choose when to see ads for example get extra bonus. Its better..

I enjoy the game, but it crashed one day and I have been unable to launch it since. Not much of a game if you can't play it.. Good game but hard to control and no back to menu button or quit game so when i want to retry my level i need to quit the game and open it again or kill all my teamates.. At about level 108, when there was an escape mission, 2 of the 34 allies remained standing and did not run to the helicopter. Because of this it was impossible to finish the mission, and after restarting the app I see only an endless loading screen. Sad, it was a very addictive and satisfying game.. this game has way too many ads and less of actually playing the game. I think it would be better without so many ads.

Wow this game would be so better if you were not forced to watch a 2 min add after every cycle, I'm deleting. This is a game about watching ads, but you get to play a neat little plane game between the ads.. So many ads. Game is super unstable to boot, crashes half the time and when it does work it's a laggy mess.. this game is good! what really makes me qant this is because you can play it OFFLINE which is really good.

It's fun. But really really bad aiming, most the time no moving responses. And placing the firing button are wrong, the firing button must be placing at left side (consider we play with 2 thumb left and right). Too many ads.. Even in the middle of the game. I don't mind ads when they help you progress but not as many as as this game. Breaks the flow and becomes tidious.. This is a great, dumb little game. The new weapons and upgrades are nice. Update: they fixed the money counting bug, so I'm adding one star back. Unfortunately, I also paid for the "no ads" experience. However, it still wants to show me ads for the special missions and some other stuff. So I'm taking off 3 stars for every dollar I wasted on that. I still like the game. "No Ads" should mean NO F*ING ADS, tho.. This is a fun game, but quite glitchy. The absolute worst part of the game is all of the advertisements. You spend more time watching ads then you do actually playing the game. It completely ruins the game. In the extract missions I noticed their is always one blue guy that doesn't go to the helicopter and it freezes the game since their is no reset button or round select..

Like so many ad ad..yes the games are free but there is way too many ads!! Years ago when games first came out for mobiles it was nothing like it is now......the whole of mobile gaming has been ruined. This game is good but you spend more time looking at ads than game play.... After every level, the game stops to advertise more games! Horrible play experience. I paid to remove the ads! I want a refund!!!!. Has the potential to be a good game but hampered by excessive ads which totally spoil the gameplay.....the more you play play the more ads....getting one mid level is taking the pee.... seriously stop being so damn greedy! You have a good game but totally ruined by excessive ads .. UPDATE.... Game now doesn't even open...just stuck on black "loading" screen. However ads keep playing! Unbelievable.. Despite emailing the team, I have received no reply. The game is unusable and is stuck on the 'Loading' screen. I am disappointed as I have invested in the game, which WAS good fun. Samsung S21+.

Too many ads. Literally play a round for 10 seconds and then every time you have a 30 second ad that you can't skip. I like playing this game. It get to a certain level and it doesn't load. It shows a black page, that says loading. I have Uninstaller and reinstalled at a certain level It does the same thing again. Please fix. I enjoy playing this game.. Junk game! After every level you must watch an ad! If you like ads rather than gaming then this is for you! Extremely pathetic!!!. Seems like a good idea. Controls are bad and aiming is off. Blue guys run right out to the enemy and get shot. Real army wouldn't do that with gunship in the air..

I would give this game FIVE STARS BUT! I play some of the levels and the screen is uncontrollable, There is time while I'm attacking enemy's and my Cross Hair moves! WAY OFF SCREEN! As The complaints about the Ads! People, just simply turn off your WiFi, And Turn ON AIRPLANE MODE!. 2-2-23 Ads to long. Had a lot of fun until I hit whatever level. 4,000,000 pts. Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading. Game quits working. 2-10-23 uninstalled & reinstalled . Worked good for a while. When the silly ads show up at the bottom of the screen just uninstall & never come back. JUNK. 2-23-23 Gave it another chance reinstall. Fun game until the ads shut you down around 3 - 4 million points. Uninstalled for good . Loosers. I'm on level 227. If you pay for no ads then it's a fun game, I hardly get any ads because you can play it without the score multiplier. It took me a while to figure out the people that you win are added to the team on the ground. When you get the robots the ground team does not need you any more. I live games that are easy to learn, unlike some that turns into a job to figure them out then it cost more and more to keep playing.. Wow I came here after reinstalling it and guess what? Y'all still ad heavy. What the literal hell? You could keep me if you'd stop punishing me for winning. Bye bye now. "I refuse to play a game that shows an ad after every stage inside of a level good god what the hell.? It's 15 seconds game, 30 seconds ad. Life is too short.".

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