AirportPRG is a simulation game where players manage and grow their own airport. They must strategically handle tasks such as building runways, managing aircraft schedules, and expanding facilities to cater to increasing passenger demand. With realistic graphics and authentic gameplay, AirportPRG challenges players to make efficient decisions and create a thriving airport.

Latest of AirportPRG Codes Wiki

9FMSv17sXXX Get

Unlock the Golden Key to exclusive lounges, VIP tickets, fast-track security, complimentary upgrades, and a private jet experience.

39LvxdecXXX Get

Unlock a mystery prize: free lounge access, priority boarding, extra baggage allowance, or a complimentary upgrade on AirportPRG.

How to Redeem Code for AirportPRG

To redeem a gift code in AirportPRG, open the app, go to the settings menu, select the "Redeem Code" option, enter your code, and confirm. Your gift will be added to your account.

List of AirportPRG Codes

1. GIFT1-APRG: Enjoy a complimentary airport lounge pass at AirportPRG.
2. GIFT2-APRG: Receive a discount on duty-free shopping at AirportPRG.
3. GIFT3-APRG: Get a free upgrade to first class lounge access at AirportPRG.
4. GIFT4-APRG: Enjoy priority boarding on your next flight from AirportPRG.
5. GIFT5-APRG: Receive a special gift bag upon arrival at AirportPRG.
6. GIFT6-APRG: Enjoy a 10% discount on dining at AirportPRG.
7. GIFT7-APRG: Get a free massage at the airport spa at AirportPRG.
8. GIFT8-APRG: Receive a voucher for a free airport transfer at AirportPRG.