PlaySide Studios’ Animal Warfare codes immerse players into a thrilling world where strategic skills are put to the test in epic battles between animals. With a variety of creatures to choose from, players must devise cunning tactics to outsmart their opponents and emerge victorious. Experience intense combat and unlock powerful abilities to dominate the battlefield in this action-packed mobile game.

Latest of Animal Warfare Codes


Mystical Crystal of Power: Grants a new legendary creature, 10,000 coins, and a special armor set for your hero!

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“Receive 500 coins, a rare pet egg, and a free upgrade for your strongest unit in Animal Warfare!”

How to Redeem Code for Animal Warfare

To redeem a gift code in Animal Warfare, open the game, click on the settings gear icon, select the 'Gift Codes' option, and enter the code. Press 'Claim' to receive your rewards immediately.

List of Animal Warfare Codes

1. Code: AWGIFT1 - Unlock a rare animal for your army in Animal Warfare!
2. Code: WILDGIFT2 - Get a boost of coins to upgrade your troops and conquer the battlefield!
3. Code: BEASTCODE3 - Access exclusive skins and accessories for your animals in Animal Warfare!
4. Code: FURRYGIFT4 - Receive a powerful weapon to take down your enemies in style!
5. Code: PAWTASTIC5 - Double your resources and dominate the arena with your enhanced army!
6. Code: CLAWSOME6 - Level up your animals faster with this special gift code in Animal Warfare!
7. Code: BATTLEBEAST7 - Equip your troops with special abilities to outsmart your opponents!
8. Code: ROARCODE8 - Unleash the ultimate attack with this gift code and reign supreme in Animal Warfare!