Aqua Romance: Mermaid Otome is a popular simulation game where players can experience an underwater love story with mermaids. The game offers codes that can provide players with in-game rewards such as extra coins, gems, or exclusive items to enhance their gaming experience. These codes are often shared on the game’s official social media channels or through events within the game.

Latest of Aqua Romance: Mermaid OtomeNew•Simulation4.7star Codes


Unlock a magical mermaid tail, a secret underwater kingdom visit, and a romantic underwater dance with your mermaid prince.

vFmVxQn7XXX Get

Unlock 20 pearls, a romantic sunset scene, a charming mermaid companion, and a bonus underwater adventure in Aqua Romance.

How to Redeem Code for Aqua Romance: Mermaid Otome

To redeem a gift code in Aqua Romance: Mermaid Otome, navigate to the game's settings menu, locate the "Redeem Code" option, enter the provided gift code accurately, and confirm to receive the rewards.

List of Aqua Romance: Mermaid Otome Codes

1. Code: ARMO1-MER4-LOVE1
Gift: Exclusive underwater date with a mermaid
2. Code: OTO3-SEA2-KISS5
Gift: Virtual tour of a magical mermaid kingdom
3. Code: ROM7-ARI9-WAVE6
Gift: Personalized love letter from a mermaid
4. Code: MER3-OCE7-DATE8
Gift: Virtual mermaid makeover experience
5. Code: AQU6-LOVE8-SIREN2
Gift: Romantic sunset cruise with mermaids
6. Code: OTOM4-MEET5-DIVE7
Gift: Mermaid-inspired jewelry collection
7. Code: ROMA2-INTO1-SEA6
Gift: Private serenade by a mermaid
8. Code: MER6-LOVE3-TAIL9
Gift: Customized mermaid-themed gift basket


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