Arknights is an entertaining anime-style game in which you’ll play as a doctor and fight against the unrest caused by a dangerous infection! With your leader Amiya, you will recruit operators, train them and send them on various missions to protect civilians. Your tactics will determine the future of Rhodes!

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Arknights represents the strategy, tower defense genres, and RPG elements. You play as a doctor, parallel to the head of the pharmaceutical organization Rhodes Island; you lead a campaign to destroy terrorists infected with an alien mineral called Originium.


Hire hundreds of unique operators from different classes. Build competent offensive and defensive tactics to defeat evil and steer the island of Rhodes to a prosperous future.


How to Redeem Code for Arknights

To redeem a gift code in Arknights, follow these steps:
1. Launch the game and tap on your profile icon.
2. Navigate to "Settings" and select "Account".
3. Tap on "Redeem Code" and enter the gift code provided.
4. Verify the code and click on "Redeem" to receive the corresponding rewards.
5. Check your in-game mailbox for the redeemed rewards.
6. Enjoy the benefits of the gift code in Arknights! Remember, gift codes may have expiration dates, so redeem them before they expire.

List of Arknights Codes

1. Code: GIFTARK1 - Unlock a special character, 10,000 Orundum, and 100,000 LMD to start your Arknights journey with a bang!

2. Code: PLAYARK2 - Enjoy a bonus set of 5-star recruitment permits, along with a stash of 500 sanity potions to power up your operators.

3. Code: LUCKYARK3 - Get lucky with a rare 6-star operator, 50,000 Orundum, and 500,000 LMD to upgrade your base and team.

4. Code: BATTLEARK4 - Prepare for battle with a bundle of enhancement materials, including 10 T4 enhancement packs and 100 T3 skill books.

5. Code: SUMMONARK5 - Summon your favorite operators with 10 free headhunting permits, along with 200,000 LMD to fund your recruitments.

6. Code: POWERARK6 - Power up your operators with a cache of 50 T3 skill books, 10 T4 enhancement packs, and 100,000 Orundum for new banners.

7. Code: BOOSTARK7 - Boost your base's productivity with 100 factory formulas, along with 50 T4 enhancement packs to maximize your operators' potential.

8. Code: REWARDARK8 - Collect a reward pack containing 20 operator upgrade orundum packs, 500,000 LMD, and a special skin for your favorite operator.


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