Atlas Empires is an augmented reality (AR) game that allows players to build and expand their virtual empires in real-world locations. Players can use their smartphones to interact with the game’s AR features and construct buildings, gather resources, and recruit armies. They can also form alliances, participate in battles, and conquer territories. With its unique blend of strategy and location-based gameplay, Atlas Empires offers an immersive and engaging experience for mobile gamers.

Latest of Atlas Empires – Build an AR Empire Codes Wiki


Embark on a fantastical journey with Atlas Empires! Randomly uncover the mythical Gift Box and gain rare treasures like enchanted dragons, impenetrable fortresses, magical artifacts, and unparalleled wisdom. Enhance your empire like never before and conquer the augmented reality world!


“Unleash your imagination! Use this fantasy coupon in Atlas Empires to unlock a mythical creature as your companion, gain extra resources, and discover hidden treasures in your AR empire!”

How to Redeem Code for Atlas Empires - Build an AR Em

To redeem a gift code in Atlas Empires - Build an AR Empire, open the game and tap on the menu button. Go to the "Settings" tab and select "Redeem Gift Code." Enter the code in the provided field and tap "Redeem." If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding rewards instantly. Make sure to double-check the code for any typos and ensure you are connected to the internet for the redemption process. Enjoy your rewards and have fun building your AR empire in Atlas Empires!

List of Atlas Empires - Build an AR Em Codes


1. Code: AE2021GIFT01 - Get a rare AR artifact for your empire! Unleash its power and conquer the virtual world like never before.

2. Code: AE2021GIFT02 - Enhance your empire's defenses with a special shield generator. Protect your resources and fend off enemy attacks with ease.

3. Code: AE2021GIFT03 - Summon a legendary AR creature to fight by your side! Command its devastating abilities and dominate the battlefield.

4. Code: AE2021GIFT04 - Unlock a secret AR technology blueprint. Construct powerful structures and expand your empire's influence beyond imagination.

5. Code: AE2021GIFT05 - Multiply your resources instantly with a rare supply drop. Replenish your stockpiles and elevate your empire to new heights.

6. Code: AE2021GIFT06 - Discover a hidden treasure trove scattered within the AR world. Open it and claim valuable rewards that will boost your empire's prosperity.

7. Code: AE2021GIFT07 - Obtain a unique avatar customization pack. Stand out from the crowd with exclusive skins, outfits, and accessories for your AR character.

8. Code: AE2021GIFT08 - Unleash the power of a powerful AR weapon. Dominate the battlefield with unrivaled firepower and establish yourself as a true conqueror.

Note: These codes can be redeemed in Atlas Empires - Build an AR Empire for exclusive in-game rewards. Use them wisely and strengthen your empire!


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